Frances Savill 1836 - 1912


1836. Frances Savill. Baptised 13/11/1836 in G.D. Parents William Savill & Susannah Morrell , father a farmer

1841C. Frances Savill, aged 3, living with her parents, 6 siblings & greataunt Mary Rolfe in Onslow Green, almost certainly Aptonfields


1843. Her father dies, leaving the family well-off, and her mother moves the family back to New Street G.D. sometime between 1843 & 1861 . But likely there was always a residence in G.D itself as well as Aptonfields.

1858. Frances Savill received a legacy of £100 from her great-aunt, Mary Rolfe, which she would have received on her 21st birthday, 1857, alongside a £50 bequest from her father's Will.

1861C Cannot find her in 1861C unmarried. Likely a servant, mistranscribed, around Islington.

1862. Frances Savill married George Barrett 14/4/1862, in Myddleton Square St. Mark Islington. Witnesses George & Emma Osborne: this an elder sister, Emma 1834. George Barrett maybe a Warehouseman? He ~18years older.


Children Thomas Barrett 1863 & Roland Barrett Mar Lambeth 1869 - no London baptisms. .

1871C . Frances Barrett, 33, living at 15 Princes Street, Lambeth, with husband George Barrett, 51, Master Carman, employing 3 men & 1 boy, Thomas Barrett 8 & Roland Barrett 2.


1880 George Barrett 24/6/1880, carman, is referred to as of 15 Princes Street, Stamford Street, Blackfriars in the Will of his mother-in-law, Susannah Savill

1881C. Frances Barrett, 43,born Barnston, still living at 15 Princes Street, with husband George Barrett 61, carman, employing 1 man & 1 boy, Thomas 18, Roland 12, Frances Sarah 9 & Wilson 11mths. [born Jun 1880 Lambeth - no baptism]


1886. Son Roland Barrett seems to die, aged 17, Jun Edmonton

1891C. Florence!! Barrett, 54, with husband George Barrett, 71, living on Own Means, and son Wilson Barrett 10 - the family having moved out to Hammond Street, Cheshunt, Herts.


1901C. Frances Barrett, 64, George Barrett 80 & Wilson Barrett 20, all 3 living on their Own Means at 158 Crossbroke Dr, Cheshunt.


1911C. Frances Barrett 73, married 48 years, 6 children, 3 died, George Barrett 91, Private Means, William Barrett 30, incapacitated & Frances Barrett 39, single, clerk. Living in 5 rooms at 3 Dansmore St., 2 Richmond Road Putney .


1912. Frances Barrett probably dies, age 76, Dec 1912 Wandworth.

1916. George Barrett probably dies Jun 1916 Wandsworth, aged 96 . No obvious probate for Frances or George Barrett - seems odd.

Do not know what happened to the incapacitated Wilson Barrett b.1880



So, no Savill descendants from William & Susanna's children other than from any of the 5 sons of Thomas Rolfe Savill, shown on tree.


William Savil 1782