John Savill 1824-1889

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John Savill. 1824 -1889 . Born before the 17/12/1824 marriage of his parents William Savill & Susannah Morrell, but baptised on the same day as their marriage :

17/12/1824 . G.D.Baptisms: 'John son of Susan Morrell ,illegitimate by William Saville, abode Dunmow, farmer' written for the baptism record.


1841C. John Savill, aged 15, living in Onslow Green, Great Dunmow- actually at Aptonfields Farm - with his parents, 6 younger siblings and his great-aunt, Mary Rolfe

1843. His father dies.

1845.On his 21st birthday, he would have received £50 from his father's Will.

1848 John Savill marries Charlotte Turnidge Sep 1848. Children Ann Turnidge Jun 1848, Fanny Dec 1849, John Dec 1851, Sarah Sep 1856, Emily Sep 1859 & Susannah Dec 1862.

1850. He would have received ~£50 after the death of his greataunt, Mary Rolfe, in 1849

1861C, not transcribed correctly in Findmypast or Ancestry, looks like Saull, but not indexed as such on Ancestry, in Ounslow Green, John Savill ag. lab.33, Charlotte 35, both down as born Highwater, children Ann 12, Fanny 10, John 8, Sarah 4 and Emily 2, all born Barnston. All the childrens' ages too low, presumably to hide the first 1848 illegitimate birth!

1865. His wife Charlotte Savill dies in 1865 and is buried in Barnston, aged 43, on 13/4/1865.

1868 John Savill remarries Eliza Hammond, a widow, born Eliza Wright, in Chelmsford [ covers Gt. Waltham] Sep 1868. Daughter Alice Saville born Dec 1869.

1871C, John Savill, 47, ag.lab., Eliza, 45, and daughters Fanny 20, Emily 10, Susannah 8, and Alice 1, all born Barnston. In the same household are son- in - laws, Charles Hammond 30, David 28, Joseph 20, Reuben 10 and Thomas 6, all born Great Waltham . They are actually step-sons. Back in 1861C, living in Great Waltham, James Hammond 55 ag.lab, wife Eliza 38 b. L.Leighs, George 24, Charles 18, Joseph 10, John 8 , Lucy 4, Reuben 8mths all born Gt. Waltham. James Hammond dies, aged 62, in 1866, having married Eliza Wright in 1851 - so he must have been married before, in fact prior to Sep 1837. . Son, John Savill 1851 is a farm servant, aged 19, at Absol Park Farm, Great Waltham, farmer William Oswald Newma

1878 His, seemingly, only son, John Saville, of Ounslow Green, was buried 12/7/1878, aged 24, in Barnston - image 20.. He had not married 1871-1877 in Dunmow or Chelmsford districts.

1880. After his mother's death in 1880, John Savill should have received the lands in Great Waltham bequeathed to him in his father's 1843 Will. Also some money from his mother's Will.

1881C. John Savill, aged 56, ag. lab, with wife Eliza, 55, b. Little Leighs and daughter Alice 11, b. Barnston, living Onslow Green Road, Barnston and either side the address is Shoulder Hall!

1889 John Savill dies and is buried 3/8/1889, Barnston, stated age 66 [probably should be 65 but he could have been born before 1824]. His address given as Ounslow Green, Barnston. No probate.

1891C. Eliza Sawille - mistranscribed - 63, is housekeeper at Ounslow Green Road Barnston for Thomas Lewin, widower, ag. labourer and his 3 children. Her son, Joseph Hammond, is living nearby.

1901C. Eliza Savill, 77, widow, housekeeper, still for Thomas Lewin, living Onslow Green Road Barnston.

1905. Eliza Savill, of Shoulder Hall, aged 80, was buried in Barnston ..

What happened to the money & lands that John Savill inherited from his father, mother and great aunt?


So, no known descendants from William & Susanna's children other than from any of the 5 sons of Thomas Rolfe Savill, shown on tree.


William Savil 1782, their father