Susannah Savill 1832 - 1860

1832. Susannah Savill. Baptised. 9/10/1832 in G.D. to William Savill & Susannah Morrell, father a farmer

1841C Susannah Savill, aged 7, ,living with her parents, 6 siblings & great-aunt Mary Rolfe in Onslow Green, almost certainly Aptonfields


1843. Her father dies, leaving her £50 for when she becomes 21 in 1853. .

1854 Susanna Savill married Henry Joyce Mar 1854 G.D.

1855 .William Henry Joyce was born Mar 1855 Dunmow..

1857 Ernest Alfred Joyce was born Dunmow Dec 1857.

1860 Susanna Joyce died Jun 1860 Dunmow.

1861C Her 2 children were living with their stated grandmother, Maria Barker, 68, schoolmistress in New Street, G.D. I can not determine what relation exactly Maria Barker can be! [thought maybe a Maria Joyce had been widowed & remarried a Barker, but, Henry's parents, Charles & Ann Joyce were together in 1841 & 1871 censuses!] - but certainly Harriet Joyce is their aunt- from 1841C.


Their father, Henry Joyce, 30, widower, born Dunmow, was a painter & glazier, lodger in Pancras & their paternal grandfather, Charles Joyce, 53, married, bootmaker, was a Visitor in Aldham


1861-4. Firstborn William H Joyce could die Dec 1861, Jun 1863 / Jun1864 Dunmow.

1864. Her husband, Henry Joyce, could die Jun 1864 Pancras

1865. Her mother, Susannah Savill, made a Will. This told me that Susannah, daughter, had married Henry Joyce, had died and had one surviving son!. This son, Ernest Alfred Joyce, stood to inherit from the Will.

1871C Ernest Joyce, 13, living with his paternal grandfather, Charles Joyce, 64, shoemaker & wife Ann Joyce 66, in New Street, quite near his maternal grandmother Susannah Savill.


1875. Charles Joyce, 69, dies Dec 1875 Dunmow. So Ernest Joyce, now 17, might not only be an orphan, but has at the most just 1 grandparent living - Ann Joyce - but cannot locate her

1881C. Cannot find this Ernest Joyce. Nor in 1891C, 1901C nor 1911C Nor in Canada nor USA. Their is one Ernest Joyce, 35, in 1891 candian Census, married & born England, but no marriage England 1873-1889. Where did he flee with his wealth??

He could have fought in the Boer War : but his age, of 43 by 1900, argues against this!

Name: JOYCE, Ernest Alfred  
Rank:  Private
Soldier number:  7505
36 Company (West Kent) 11 battalion Imperial Yeomanry
  The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Transvaal, South Africa 1901


Extra Information :

1841C. The Joyce family is in Dunmow. Henry Joyce growing up and maybe going to school with Susannah - but probably too early then for girls to attend a school!




Children of William Savill

William Savil 1782, her father