Thomas Rolfe Savill 1842 - 1888

1842 Thomas Rolfe Savill. Last child of his parents, William Savill & Susannah Morrell born Dec 1842 Dunmow 12.70. Baptised 1/1/1843 in G. D to William & Susanna, he a farmer, abode Dunmow

1843. His father, William Savill, dies when he is only 1. He stands to benefit from the Will 1. Slightly when he comes of age & 2. Substantially when his mother dies.

1861C. A tailor, aged 18, living with his widowed mother Susannah, in 1861C in New Street, GD.


1864.Thomas Rolfe Savill marries Mary Ann MacKenzie on 19/8/1864 in St. Mary's Paddington. His father William Savill is given as farmer and does not say deceased, although he has long been so. She is described as a minor, father John Mackenzie a tallow chandler. Both given as of St.Marys parish. Cannot find this Mary Ann Mackenzie in 1861C. Witnesses seem to be A. Osborne & Jane Collis- George & Emma Osborne were witnesses on the 1862 mc of his sister Frances!, Emma Savill having married George Osborne in 1858


Thomas & Mary Ann Savill have 6 children in Dunmow, so obviously go back to Dunmow after their necessary marriage.

1871C. Thomas Savill living in North Street, G.D., aged 27, tailor, Mary Ann Savill 24, 4 oldest children and a servant: Thomas would have received~£50 in 1863 from the Will of his greataunt, Mary Rolfe. His married sister, Elizabeth - now Mead - just a few doors away at the Wheatsheaf.


1874. Thomas Savill is shown in the P.O.Trade Directory at the Angel & Harp, Church End, Dunmow- surprisingly not listed as a tailor!.[Also a Frederick Savill harness maker & John William Savill printer in this directory]

angel-harp .angel-harp-now

1909 photo from a Dunmow library book of old postcards: pub is mentioned in 1756. The Angel & Harp still exists in 2011: we ate there on 31/7/2011!

1875 & 1876. Thomas Rolfe Saville, GD, house & appurtenances, Angel & Harp, from Q/RPr 2/18 & 21 Electoral register. No entry in 1872-4 & 1877 registers

1878 His wife Mary Ann Savill dies Mar 1878 aged 31 implying aged ~16 on marriage.

1880. He is the executor of his mother's [ Susannah Savill] Will,1880. He should have stood to gain considerably from this: see William Savill 1843 Will . But she seems to have almost written a new Will that voids that of her husband! I am unsure as to whether there is still any property for him to inherit

1881C. Thomas Savill living in Rosemary Lane, near Dunmow Downs, Dunmow, aged 36, widower, tailor, with his 4 youngest sons. No longer has a servant.


1884. 31/10/1884 gets Administration of his sister's, Sarah Ann Savill's, estate. He stated as a tailor.

1888. Listed in 1888 Electoral Register for G.D. as Thomas Rolfe Saville, cottage, New Street, G.D. Has he moved into the house his mother died in, in 1880?

1888. He died . Sep 1888 Savill Thomas Rolph 45 Dunmow 4a 268 . No obvious will in Seax & none on Nat.probate Reg., Ancestry: this odd! as he should have had money & land from his parents.

. . . .Children of Thomas Rolfe Savill.

1. . . . . .Adelaide Louisa Savill ,1864. . .1881C: aged 17, is a Cook in a doctor's house in Marylebone, London. 1891C, ~27?, living with her brother, Charles. No London marriage up to 1920. 3 possible BMD marriages 1891-1925

2. . . . .John Thomas Savill,1866, - no obvious trace [no death Dunmow 1881-1899] -not looked for mistranscriptions- in 1881C. Does not seem to die 1871-1881.

3.. . . . . Charles James Savill, 1868, marries Annie King, 3/11/1889, St. Marys Newington . . he now a Grocer, having been a grocer's lad in 1881C. His younger brother, Frederick William Savill, a witness.


. . . .1891C, Charles James Savill, with sister Adelaide Savill, is in London. He, 22, in Battersea, grocers assistant, married to Annie, b.Camberwell , daughter Mabel Savill 8mths

. . ..1901C, he is in Fulham, still an assistant ,with children Mabel Savill 10, Elsie Lilian Savill 9, & Reginald W Savill 4.

. . . .1918 Electoral Roll Dunmow . A Charles James & Emma Savill at Parsonage Downs[Also Frank & Amy Maud Savill Pleasant Terrace, Leubert George & Clarinda Savill Market Place, John & Eliza Savill Church End]

. . . .no obvious death for him, Charles James Savill, - no age within ~4 years of his.

. . . Reginald W.Savill ,1897 son of Charles James Savill, probably dies Colchester in 1964, aged 67. No obvious marriage.

4. . . George Barron Savill, 1870. No obvious trace [no deaths Dunmow 1881-1899] -not looked for mistranscriptions- in 1891C.

. . . .1894. George Baron Savill marries Fanny Parsons in Wandsworth Jun 1894. Not on Ancestry London Marriages.

. . . . .1901C. George Saville 30, brewers labourer, wife Fanny 42, Ellen 3, George 1 are living in Chelsea.

. . . . .1911C. George Baron Savill, 40, foreman cellarman at a brewers, living in Fullham, with wife Fanny 42, b. Warwickshire, married 16 years, & 5 children, Ellen Fanny 13[ born 29/10/1897, baptised ChristChurch Chelsea], George William 11[], Ann 9 [ Anne Savile baptised 11/6/1902 ChristChurch Chelsea], Adelaide 7 [baptised 16/4/1904 Worlds End St. John, Kens.& Chelsea] & Henry 4,[ Harry Rolfe Savill baptised Worlds End St. John, Kens.& Chelsea, born 4/5/1906] ,all born Chelsea.

.. . . . .1924. George B Savill dies aged 54, Dec 1924 Fulham

. . . . . 1955. His son, George W. Savill, 1900 dies 1955

. . . . . 1977. His son, Harry Rolfe Savill, 1906, dies 1977, Grimsby. A Harry R Savill married Violet Blake Fulham Jun 1928 , producing just 1 child: Maureen D Savill Sep 1935 Fulham. Another Harry R Savill married Elizabeth C Fiander Romford Jun 1928, producing just 1 child, Audrey Savill, Jun 1930 Willesden

5. . .Frederick William Savill 1872 . He marries Mary Ann Borington 5/4/1896 Holy Trinity Kilburn. He 23, provisions assistant


Their 2 children, Harry W Savill, & Violet Victoria Savill, Sep Camberwell 1897, [ baptism exists] living, aged 4 & 2, with an aunt, Martha Jane Shoot, in 1901C

. . . . 1901C. Frederick Savill, b.G.D, 29, cheesemonger worker, widower, living Battersea. Cannot find a death for his wife 1898-1901 . Cannot find him or his children in 1911C. He could die 1918, London Regiment, but probably too old for the War.

No seeming marriages for Harry W Savill from 1917-1939. No obvious medal card

6. . .Harry Rolfe Saville 1874. No obvious trace [no deaths Dunmow 1881-1899] -not looked for mistranscriptions- in 1891C.

I feel he emigrated, probably by 1891. I can not find him in Canada or the USA??, 1891 onwards. Australia??


Searched Ancestry Family trees in August 2011: no matches other than a Carter tree that had rubbish concerning Thomas Rolfe Savill on it!



So, no known descendants from William & Susanna's children other than from any of the 5 sons of Thomas Rolfe Savill, shown on tree.

A Mabel Savill was living 38 Hurden(?) Road, Ilford, Essex in 1924 : postcard from a Jack exists - held by a 'collector' Paul , details in emails


William Savil 1782, their father