Children of David Sullivan 1805.


Joseph. Born. 26-4-1826. Baptised 21-5-1826 in St. George's R.C. Church, Joseph Sullivan son of David & Ann Sullivan (nee Welsh) God parents Michael Stack & Anastasia Egan.  Rev. D. McDonnell Ref. 2228 . Have searched 1841C for these godparents - no luck But in 1851C, a Michael Stack, 39, tanner, b. Ireland.. And in 1861C, born Ireland, Mackpool- or maybe Blackpool? -, Cty Cork. Seems to have died by 1871C. Blackpool a suburb of Cork City

1841C Aged 15 at [] Princes Road, Lambeth.

1850. 'Mar' marries Emma Smither in St. George, Southwark 4 447. Almost certainly a catholic marriage, probably in St. George's R.C. Church. . Does Wendy Bergensson have this cert?

1850. Son Joseph born. Birth Mar 1851 Sullivan - Joseph Pious Nicholas. St Geo Southk. 4. 542. Born 25-12-1850, baptised 2-9-1851 Joseph Pious Nicholas Sullivan son of Joseph & Emma Sullivan (Smither) God parent Ann Teresa Sullivan.  Rev. J. Cotter.  Ref. 78-1851 St. George's R.C. Church. I cannot work out who Ann Teresa Sullivan was!

1851C . Living in Alfred Place, Southwark, aged 25, modeler and plasterer, with wife, Emma, son Joseph, 3mths, and sister, Kate,12 . 14 Alfred Place is where my ancestor, John Sullivan, son of David 1828, was born in 1854.

1852. Birth of his second child. Dec 1852 Sullivan - Arthur James M*n Clerkenwell 1b 407. Born 14-9-1852 baptised 21-11-1852 Arthur James Melbourne Sullivan son of Joseph & Emma Sullivan (Smither) God parents. Jeremiah Cotter & Ellen Sullivan.  [Jeremiah Cotter, 39, b. Ireland, is to be found in the 1851C, living St. Georges Chapel Catholic, Southwark, R.C. priest & he was the priest who baptised Joseph in 1850. Not found in 1861C but a priest, aged 60 & 70, in Woolwich in 1871C & 1881C. Maybe dies, aged 77, in Barton Regis, Glocs. in 1889]. Rev. J. Danell  Ref. 191 - 1852. St. George's R.C. Church

"Joseph Sullivan came to Melbourne Victoria Australia in April 1857 they came out on the ship Sabrina, from Southampton, with Emma 28, Joseph 5, Arthur 4 and lived in Victoria. This was on an assisted emigration scheme. Joseph's sister, Kate, was not on the ship. Neither was Joseph father [ my research] - just Emma,28, and 2 sons, ,; says( engaged by) husband , Bourke Street - no further details. Emma is given as Housekeeper, from Middlesex, on another manifest found without ages.
Their son Joseph died on the trip out to Australia- but is entered on the manifest .
Fredrick David born 1858 Richmond reg10833- died age 15 month in 1859 Victoria reg 7473
George born 1862 Melbourne reg 3602
Charles Felix 1863 Melbourne reg 16134 died age 21 m reg no 4923
Elizabeth Anne 1865 Melbourne reg 23415.
Ellen Maria 1868 Melbourne reg 18217
Emily Theresa
Joseph and Emma lost three sons.
Emma Sullivan, nee Smither, aged 63, died Fitzroy Vic in 1891. No obvious death for Joseph. None for David ~1805 birth either

Arthur James Melbourne Sullivan was my great Grandfather 1852. He married Alice Sarah Soumprou, 1862-1944. Found marriage[ on] in Victoria in 1909 - have checked this too!- his name on the marriage was given as Jas Melbourne Arthur Sullivan- yet son Arthur Louis S Sullivan was born to these parents in 1882 in Glebe NSW!!?.- perhaps marriage record year is incorrectly indexed??? We do not know where he died; we think he came to a sticky end. Arthur became James Melbourne Sullivan . The upshot was he took to drink and became violent .He would come home and beat his wife Alice Sarah Soumprou Sullivan up.
he was also a gambling at the Chinese Lotteries.
I have spent a lot on trying to find him ,but do not know where in Australia his death might be recorded.
He did not leave Australia. so he must have been done in.
His wife took him to court and despite adverts in all news papers over several times nothing was ever heard of him again 1909, last seen in 1905.
Seemingly no death record for Alice Sarah Sullivan, but maybe she remarried.

His son Arthur Louis Sutherland, 1882-1944, changed his name from Sullivan to Sutherland and came to live in West Australia; he married Annie Mable McArthur in 1906. He had Dorothy Alice Sutherland,1911-1998, who married Henry William Montague in 1932. They had Wendy. . Info. from WENDY BERGENSSON. Norah Russell Ancestry Tree is hers. Photos below.

I worked on these riddles again in March 2012 and got nowhere!

John c 1835 - . . & Dominick 1836 - . .

Dominic Sullivan. Born 2-12- 1836. He was baptised 15-1-1837 in St. George's R.C. Church, Dominic Sullivan son of David & Ann Sullivan (nee Walsh). God parents Joseph Sullivan & Catherine Powers.  Rev. Thomas Doyle Ref. 4043 - 1837. Could this Joseph Sullivan be the above Joseph 1826?? - I doubt it. There is a Joseph Sullivan, 25, thus b. 1816 Ireland in 1841C. Then a Joseph, 30, thus b.1821 in 1851C, by now married to a Mary, 26, both born Waterford , with son John 1 & Honora Barnett 60, widow, mother-in-law . Marriage would thus seem to be to a Mary Barnett in Mar 1850 4 467 Geo St South, but no entry for her on Bmd marriages for this quarter.And cannot find any Honora Barnett or variation in 1841C. Joseph, 38, so now born 1823!, still in 1861C, with wife Mary, both born Waterford, John 11,Mary 9 and Ellisah 8. 1871C, Joseph, 54, thus born 1817!, just born Ireland, with same family, and younger children Derick? 10 and Bridget 6. Seemingly this Joseph has died by 1881- probably, aged 58, in Mar 1879 St Olaves : this would have him born ~1820!. Anyway, this Joseph, born 1817- 1822 , Waterford, is likely a younger brother of David~1805.

1851C. Dominick and brother, John, are prisoners in the House of Correction at Westminster, aged 16 & 14 respectively, both plasterers and born Lambeth.

Tothill Fields Bridewell (also known as Tothill Fields Prison and Westminster Bridewell) was a prison located in the Westminster area of central London between 1618 and 1884. It was named 'Bridewell' after the Bridewell Palace, which during the 16th century had become one of the City of London's most important prisons. Tothill Fields later became the Westminster House of Correction.

Like its City counterpart, the Westminster Bridewell was intended as a "house of correction" for the compulsory employment of able-bodied but indolent paupers. It was enlarged in 1655, and during the reign of Queen Anne, its regime was extended to cover the incarceration of criminals.

In 1834 the original Bridewell was replaced by a larger prison, on a different site, eight acres in area, south of Victoria Street and close to Vauxhall Bridge Road. The new prison, designed by Robert Abraham and costing £186,000, was circular in plan (following Jeremy Bentham's 'panopticon') so that warders could supervise prisoners from a central point, and had a capacity of 900 prisoners. After it was completed, the old prison was demolished. At the back of Middlesex Guildhall in Little Sanctuary is the 17th century 'The Stone Gateway', positioned there by the Greater London Council in 1969. This is the only visible remnant of the prison.

Originally the Bridewell comprised three separate gaols for untried male prisoners and debtors, male convicts, and women. Inmates were put to work oakum-picking and treading the treadmill, and it operated on a silent/separate system. However, due to poor management, the regime was changed in 1850 and the Bridewell then housed only women and convicted boys under the age of seventeen.

The second prison was closed in 1877, when prisoners were transferred to Millbank Prison, and was demolished in 1885. Westminster Cathedral started 1895 now stands on the site. The prison's foundations were re-used for the cathedral.

No positive further info. on them. No marriage or death or Census entry for Dominick[ the unusual name] 1854-1880. But there is a death, Chelsea in Dec 1861 of John Dominic Sullivan, which could well be he - so where in 1861C?.. Also, there is a John Sullivan, 27, bootmaker , b.Lambeth married to Ann 24, b. Ireland, with son John 1 in Harriet St. Lambeth in 1861C . This could be the Mar 1858 marriage of a John Sullivan to Ann Long in St Geo South. In 1871C, cordwainer, with second son a David, also a Mary, Anne & Ellen. And same John 45, bootmaker, is in 1881C, Union Street,Southwark, with wife Ann , b. Ireland, and son John 21, printer, David, Mary, Ann, Ellen, Edward, William. And in 1891C, aged 57, bootmaker, Ann 55, b. Cork, Edward 19 printer's assistant, William 11 errand boy, Ellen Waget 62 sister [ must be of his wife], married, b.Cork Ireland. Did not find him in 1901/1911C. Son John, 31, printer's storekeeper, married to Rosetta, 31, probably in St. Paul Deptford in 1891C, married, with 3 daughters, 0-7 and mother-in-law. Cannot be certain this is our John Sullivan, but have a feeling it is. Or did either of John or Dominick also emigrate? - but not recorded going to Victoria, which is where brother Joseph went in 1857. The House of Correction could well have taught boot making, but on the other hand John was a plasterer in 1851C

Ann c1830 - . . did not marry 1848 - on London marriages and this Ann a widow. Cannot find her on Findmypast in 1851C. Did she die 1841-1851? Jun 1842 - not her but a 2yr old, got this d.c looking for her mother, - & Dec 1843 Lambeth deaths are possibilities. Jumpin Ancestry tree has her as a 21 yr old house servant in Hart St St Olave in 1851C:

Katherine 1838 - . . Did not emigrate with her brother Joseph in 1857. So, had she married by then? No obvious marriage, nor death, 1851-1857. Catherine Sullivan 1854 marriage is not her[ from London Parish Register]. There is a marriage of a Kate Sullivan in Croydon in 1863/4.

Jumpin Ancestry tree has her marrying Charles J Varlet, a cook, 1/8/1858, in Boughton Aluph Kent in 1861 C then dies in 1861



. . .Arthur was the grandson of Joseph 1826, that is the ggrandson of David Sullivan ~1805.


Wedding of Dorothy A. Sutherland to William Montague 1932. Wedding of Wendy Montague to Malcolm Ambrose Bergersen 1960


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