David Sullivan c.1828 - 1880


Correction: no death year known for David Sullivan 1805 nor for his wife Ann[e].

Born c.1828 in S. Lambeth[1851C], Lambeth [1861C], Clapham[1871C] to parents David and Anne[nee Walsh] Sullivan, both from Ireland. They must have come to England before 1826. Baptism would only be found in a Catholic Church.

Black Prince Road, Lambeth , photo 2008.

http://london1868.com/weller66.htm is a very good map of London 1868

1838. His parents & family living at 77, Princes Road, Lambeth, when sister, Katherine.Sullivan, was born, 2/12/1838. Her b.c. gives mother as Anne Walsh, father a plasterer. Birth Certificate.BS2


1841 Census.  Still living in Princes Road [renamed Black Prince Road], Lambeth

David  Sullivan   35   Plasterer     b. Ireland
Anne        35   b. Ireland
Joseph   15 born Surrey. Clapham from 1851C
David   13 born Surrey.
Ann      10 born Surrey.
John   6 born Surrey.
Dominick    4 born Surrey.
Catherine      2   born Surrey. Lambeth

Catherine actually registered as Katherine.


Wells Way Church, now disused. Map also shows Southampton Street

1850. Marries Jane Richards in the Parish Church of St. George, Camberwell [Wells Way] on 7/10/1850.  A protestant marriage[ though suspect he was raised a catholic]. Thousands of R.C. couples were married in the Cof E in those times as marriage in the R.C. church was not recognised by the State. He is given as a plasterer, as is his father, David, and her father, John Richards, is a carpenter. Witnesses are Michael James Hayes and Elizabeth Andrews, who is Jane’s elder sister. Residence is Southampton Street.This just south of Wells Way, which is called Wells Street on 1868 map. Marriage Certificate MS1


1851 Census.  Living in Doris Street, Lambeth [ think it still exists today]. This is the same street where Jane’s parents were living in this Census

David Sullivan  23  Plasterer      b. S. Lambeth
Jane   21     b. Lambeth

Cannot find any references to his mother, Anne, in this census.. So, Anne might have died in Lambeth in ‘Dec’, 1845, alongside a John? or in 1842, but can find no mention of a death for father, David, and he appears to be alive in Oct.,1850. His father is almost certainly the David Sulivan, plasterer, married, 45, lodger, b/ Waterford City, at 47, Paradise Street, Lambeth. And , in 1851C., his two brothers, John and Dominick, are in the House of Correction at Westminster. Joseph has married Mar 1850 , in St. George, Southwark,[ not in C of E] and is living with wife, Emma Smither, 3mth old son Joseph and sister, Kate, 12, in Alfred Place, Southwark. Cannot find death of a David Sullivan, senior.

 1853. First child, Jane Ann Sullivan, born 25-2-1853 baptised 21-6-1853 St. George's RCC, Jane Ann Sullivan, daughter of David & Jane Sullivan (Richards) God parent Annie Sullivan.  Rev. J. Danell.  Ref. 234-1853

1854. John Sullivan born 19/12/1854 at 14, Alfred Place, Newington Causeway, Southwark..Born 19-12-1854, baptised 15-4-1855 at St. George's RCC, John son of David & Jane Sullivan (Richards) God parents. Joseph Sullivan & Ann Teresa Sullivan.  Rev. J. Danell.Ref. 118-1854. From his b.c. BS1, father David Sullivan is a Builder - Master. David's brother Joseph was living in 14 Alfred Place in 1851. Alfred Place was in buildings to west side of Newington Causeway, just north of the Elephant & Castle- see map on Hannah Andrews page. This is a long way from Doris Street where David and Jane were living in 1851


After these 2 baptisms, 1853 & 1854, no more baptisms took place at St. George's RCC, nor at Our Salette. Could the other children, 1856-1865, have been baptised at St. Anne's Vauxhall? - no church was only founded much later!

1856 Clara Sullivan born Sep St. George, Southwark. - died Lambeth Mar1863

1857. ?Ann Sullivan born Jun 1857 St. George, Southwark? or Sep 1858?

1857. His brother Joseph Sullivan, born 1826, emigrates to Victoria with his family.

1859.   Catherine Sullivan born. Jun St. George, Southwark. - also an entry for Jun 1858

1860/1. David Sullivan registered born Lambeth Mar 1861 1d 339

1861 Census. Living at 19, Walcot Place East, [was part of Kennington Road-renamed] Lambeth. So family have returned to Lambeth, sometime after 'Jun' 1858.

David  Sullivan    32 Art. Flower maker    b. Lambeth
Jane 31 b. Lambeth
Jane    b. Southwark
John    6     b. Southwark
Clara     b. Southwark
Catherine   2        b. Southwark
David  5mths        b. Lambeth
Anne Richards  28 wife’s sister. Art Flower maker.  b. Lambeth
Emma/Evelina Fairbrother? 15 Visitor
Anne Sullivan daut. 3/2/8?? b.Southwark - listed on next page of census entry

With a general servant and a visitor. The change in occupation for David is odd, but maybe he was temporarily short of plastering work,or more likely that census entry is wrong and that was Jane's occupation. Family not destitute as they can afford a servant. Only discovered another daughter, Anne Sullivan, entered on next page of the census return, in 2012: who is she?; there are Bmd entries for Ann Sullivan in Jun 1857 and Sep 1858, but the latter cannot be her as Catherine was registered in Jun 1858/9. No Anne Sullivan born St. Georges Southwark 1850-1859. So, can only assume she was registered as Ann Sullivan in Jun 1857, remarkably soon after Clara's birth!

[Anne Richards, above, gave me the link of Jane with her sister Elizabeth as she  is  living, aged 19, with an  Elizabeth in the 1851C.  So, 2 of my   gggrandfathers, David Sullivan & Charles Andrews, married sisters]


Walcot Place,Lambeth

1863. Clara Sullivan, aged ~6, dies Lambeth Mar 1863

1864.    Henry Sullivan born.Jun Lambeth

1865.   Clara Sullivan born Sep Lambeth [her namesake 1856 likely died Lambeth Mar 1863]

1866. Jane Sullivan,13, dies Jun 1d.233 Lambeth

Understandably there are no baptisms in protestant London Baptisms for any of his children and only the first 2 are baptised at St. George's. Have just - May 2012 - asked Our Salette about the others.

Wife Jane is only ~ 35 at this stage, so possibly one or two more who died by 1871 [ there is one young Sullivan Lambeth death in 1868 & another 5 in 1869 .]

1866-1869. Moves from Lambeth to Islington - why? - change of profession?

1871 Census. Living at 367, Holloway Road, Islington. 5 of the definite children still living at home. Clara, aged 4 in 1861 has died in Mar 1863 Lambeth as has the eldest , Jane, in 1866. . Anne b.~1857 has also vanished, but could conceivably be a servant somewhere: but an Ann Sullivan,11, dies Islington Sep 1869

David  Sullivan    42  Bill Broker   b. Clapham
Jane    40  b. Lambeth
John   16 Clerk   b. Lambeth
Catherine    11    b. Lambeth 
David   10    b. Lambeth
Henry   7       b. Lambeth  
Clara   5  b.Lambeth [ the child called Clara in 1861C has prob.died as Honorah in 1861.]
A servant.     


He has changed jobs yet again and is now a Bill Broker- a considerable change from being a Plasterer, and which presumably led to an improvement in his finances.. This was a large move for the family, from Lambeth to Islington, between 1866 and 1871.

1872. Last child Louisa Sullivan is born Jun Islington. Only discovered her existence in 2012 when I did an 1881C Address search on 94 Englefield Road, where David died in October 1880

1875. Wife Jane Sullivan dies 9/7/1875, aged 44, at 367, Holloway Road, Islington. Cause of death: Brights Disease of Kidneys. Fatty degeneration of Heart?. Uromia Convulsions. Exhaustion 9 hours. Informant J. Sullivan, son, present at the death, of 367 Holloway Road Islington. He, David, given as a Bill Discounter. Son John then aged 21.Youngest child, Louisa, was only 3.

The essential distinction between a "Banker" and a bill discounter was that a banker always buys Bills with his Credit, and a bill discounter with cash. Hence when a Bill discounter has invested all the cash in his possession, either his own, or what others have placed with him, in this way, he is at the end of his resources. But a Banker always buys Commercial Debts with his own Credit, or with his promise to pay: and experience shows that his Credit may exceed several times the cash in his possession.

1870-1880. Does not appear in London Electoral Rolls- Ancestry - in Islington. ? Think he is at Holloway Road in 1876

1877-1880. Moves from Holloway Road to Englefield Road - 2.4 miles away

1880. David Sullivan dies aged 50 , Dec Islington, 1b.204. Have not got his d.c. He died 22/10/1880 at 94 Englefield Road, Islington. Probate was granted on 10/1/1881. David Sullivan was given as gentleman and Administration of his personal estate, under £100, was given to his son, John Sullivan, of 72 Crampton Road.  [Ancestry Wills & Probates 1861-1941] . Wonder where he was buried?. Seemingly not City of London and Tower Hamlets- like his son in 1892 , nor in Islington Cemetery

probate david Sullivan

Applied for this Probate but didnot get any extra information as he died intestate. The said John Sullivan was the natural and lawful son and one of the next of kin. Personal Estate under £100 and No Leaseholds

david-sullivan-will. . . . englefield-road

94 Englefield Road - photo 2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1881C. His youngest daighter Louisa 9 is still living in 94 Englefield Road with her aunt, Annie Richards,45, single, annuitant. This is Anne Richards 1836 She might have received some of his money, as an annuity, to provide for orphan Louisa . They are the only 2 people living in this rather nice house. [ Number 106 which looks similar to 94 is now -2012- on the market for £1,500,000!. Unfortunately the local library was closed on the Wednesday I reconoitred, so have yet to ascertain when the houses were built]

Summary of places where he lived & of his occupations. All these found at http://london1868.com/weller66.htm


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