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Jessie ,now Lyons, , reading in Blankenberghe, 1936?or much earlier, as early as 1925?

1883 Born as Jessie Andrews, 28/06/1883, in the Union Workhouse, Marlboro Street, St. Saviour, Surrey. No father is given. Mother was Hannah Andrews, domestic servant, living at 50 Bermondsey Square, Bermondsey. Hannah was admitted to the workhouse on 27/06/1883, and she also used an alias of Anne Anderson, as well as her own name! She and Jessie were discharged 3 weeks later, again using the alias!. - 50, Bermondsey Square did not actually exist in 1891, nor in 1871C nor 1881C, so suspect address was just invented by Hannah. I possess these entry and discharge papers and her b.c. : they can be seen on Hannah's page . Birth certificate BA2. Hannah already had one child, Maud Marion Andrews - b. 19/10/1873, - again without a father, born 11, Hanover Street, Newington.  birth certificate BA1. Also, found 2014 in Southwark Archives, Jessie Andrews was vaccinated against smallpox on 23/7/1883- day of discharge? - in the Union Workhouse, mother given as Hannah Andrews of 50 Bermondsey Square.

Christ Church, Marlboro Street,[off The Cut] Workhouse where Jessie was born

1884. 17 months later, on 18/11/1884, Jessie's mother, Hannah Andrews, 30[ actually 34] , married John Sullivan , 29, a first cousin, at St. Saviour Register Office, Southwark. His father is David Sullivan, [1828-1880] deceased, builder. Her father is Charles Andrews,[1820-1870] deceased, carpenter. marriage certificate MS2 . Witnesses are J.A.Wells & Robert Roberts. Both their residences given as 16, Draper Street, Newington. Draper Street disappeared in 1958 with the redevelopment of Elephant and Castle interchange.


After this, Jessie Andrews took the name Sullivan, although her elder sister, Maud, stayed as Maud Andrews until she married.

1891 Census. Living at 12,York St., Southwark. [this run parallel & to W.of Newington Causeway -no longer exists.]

John  Sullivan 35 P. House Decorator
Hannah       40  
Jessie   7   daut. b. Southwark
Elizabeth Andrew  wid.  69 Toy Maker     b.Lambeth
Maud Marion Andrew 17  Toy Maker,    niece,  b.Newington,Lambeth  

Actual image on John Sullivan's page

1892. Her ‘father’, John Sullivan, dies, aged 36, 13/1/1892, at 12 Skipton [ old York] Street .

1894. Half sister Maud Andrews marries George White in St. George the Martyr church, Dec 2 1894 - ’Dec’1894, ref.1d.173.   Her address given as 12 Skipton Street.

1895. Her grandmother Elizabeth Andrews dies 2/2/1894 at 12, Skipton Street. Her newborn niece and its parents Maud & George White are still living at 12 Skipton Street in April when Maud Hilda White is baptised, 14/4/1895.

1901 Census. Living at 12, Skipton St.[same place as 1891, road renamed], Southwark, with mother Hannah, Frances Markham (Hannah Andrews's sister), and 3 Markham cousins, aged 19-21.  There are 3 families and a total of 12 people living in the 4 roomed house

Frances Markham  52  wid.  
Hannah  Sullivan 50 wid.  Fur toy maker
Jessie   Sullivan   17    Paper Packer
Percival M. Markham 21  
Edith M. Markham  20  
Isabella Markham 19  

1909. St. Valentines Day, 14/02/1909. Marries William John Lyons. At St. Philips Church, Bethnal Green. But both have always lived in Southwark, so why a wedding here? Witnesses are Clara Hayter and Wilfred Alfred Laurence Hayter. Address for both School House Mount Street. Marriage Certificate M5. Her father given as John Sullivan, Builder, deceased.


Mount Street was in a dire state in 1880s/1890s. Classified in Charles Booth's 1889 Poverty Map as Class A: the lower grade/occasional labourers, loafers and semi-criminals. 1.25% of East Londoners [11000 people]. Not sure how much it had improved by 1909.

The rest of her life is given on William John Lyons


No date for the above letter. But she wrote a postcard to her daughter, Eva, on the eve of her death - its postmark was10.30am 28/6/1944 - 2 hours after her death.

1944. Dies ~ 8.30am 28/6/1944, as do her husband and youngest daughter. .

jessie lyons dc

I possess an original d.c. D8


Ethel White's & Robert Poole's Wedding 1935

William John Lyons is not in this photo. Lady between Maud & George White is Jessie Maffey, his sister. Gertie White is the small lady beside Arthur. Lady labelled Hilda Lyons is not her but her cousin Hilda White: remarkable ressemblance!


Hannah Andrews

William John Lyons

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