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1867. David Tobin born,   St. Olaves, ‘Dec’, 1d.40. Last child of parents David Tobin & Margaret Buckley Baptism not at La Salette nor St.Georges RCC. - have asked Dockhead - 2012, no reply. Surviving siblings: Elizabeth Tobin 1854, Margaret Tobin 1864.

1871C. David Tobin , aged 4, living 18 Queen Elizabeth Street, Bermondsey, with mother Margaret Tobin, 40, & elder sister Margaret Tobin 9: his father probably just omitted by the Enumerator.


1876. His eldest sister, Elizabeth Tobin, marries Timothy Lyons 30/09/1876. I think the Lyonses and the Tobins probably lived together from this date.

1877. His mother, Margaret Tobin, dies of Cancer, aged 44, wife of David Tobin, a carpenter, 30/10/1877 at 8 Black Swan Yard. Informant on 31/10/1877 : E. Lyons, daughter. Buried in St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, 3/11/1877, body brought from Black Swan Yard, which is where his now married sister, Elizabeth Lyons, was living with her family 4/8/1878: her son Stephen Lyons born that date at 8 Black Swan Yard.

1880. His father, David Tobin, dies in the St. Olave Union Infirmary, 26/12/1880, aged 49, at The St. Olaves Union Infirmary. Cause of death Phthisis Pulmonalis. Informant Elizabeth Lyons, daughter, in attendance, 1 Swan Mead, Bermondsey - he was buried 1/1/1881 in St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery Leytonstone, body brought from Swan Mead.

1881C David Tobin living at 1 Swan Mead, with his sister, Elizabeth Lyons, after both his parents have died [ in 1877 & 1880], working as a travellers boy, aged 14.


1891C. David Tobin living, aged 23, single, barman, at 11 Kinross Street, as a visitor, in same household as his newly married sister, Margaret Rixon. [he mistranscribed as Daniel Tobin] .

David tobin 1891C


1901C. David Tobin is living , aged 30, married, wharf labourer, at 9 Wilds Rents , given as brother-in-law[to Timothy Lyons] .


Although given as married, there is no wife.. There is a marriage of a David Matthew Tobin in St. Olave 1d.533 Jun 1890 to Margaret Carney. This marriage, to Margaret Carney, is not him, as a David & Margaret Tobin appear as a unit in both the 1891C and the 1901C. Also a marriage Dec 1890 Tobin David Holborn 1b 1287. This is also not him; wife here is Rhoda Sheppard and in 1901C a David & Rhoda Tobin appear together as a unit. Only marriage of a David Tobin 1891-1901 is in Chorlton in 1892: this David was born in the East Indies, from the 1901C entry for Manchester

1911C . David Tobin living , aged 43, single, given as a Packer & Sorter, b.Bermondsey, in Belmont Workhouse, Brighton Road, Sutton . Thus feel 1901C entry giving him as married is a mistake. Our David probably appears again in 1920, for 1 year only, described as David Dobin, in 3 Marcia Road, the house where his sister, Elizabeth, and husband Timothy Lyons, are living, as a voter in the Electoral Roll Book. He, nor the other 2 David Tobins, seem to die before 1929. LMA contains records for Admissions to Belmont 1908-1911: also seems to have been a Mental home around this time, but maybe dual purpose.

1936. David Tobin dies Mar 1936 Bermondsey, 1d.165, aged 68: only 3 David Tobins born in England 1855-1885, 1 in 1857, ours in 1867 and 1 in 1869 Bristol, who dies, aged 3, in 1872 Clifton. But.... 1901C has a David Tobin, b~1869 Surrey, living 7 Camelot St, Southwark, married with 5 children - where does he come from? Also he does not have a child William, ancestor of Patricia on Genes!. Also in 1891C, 22, b.St. George the Martyr, just married , thus the David Matthew Tobin whose marriage is given above: obviously this birth was not registered. David M Tobin dies 1940 Lambeth, aged 70 . The death in 1936 thus certainly ours. Now have the d.c. David Tobin, 68, Waterside labourer, of 1 Carib Cottages Earl Road Bermondsey, dies 31/3/1936 in St. Olaves Hospital. Cause of death: Senile, arteris scherosis. Informant was M. Towns, sister, of 74 Glengall Road, Peckham - she his elder sister Margaret Tobin born in 1864. He was buried on 4/4/1936 in a common grave at Nunhead, number 39060, square 134, depth 5ft.

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