David Tobin c1831 - 1880.


1831 circa. Born in Ireland, Cork, and came over to England 1851/2 as he cannot be found in English 1851 Census. Parents John & ?? Tobin. Although he gives his age on m.c. in Oct.1852 as 25, in 1861C, he is 28 , missing in 1871C, and on his d.c.26/12/1880 it has 49, so he was probably nearer 21 when he married. .

http://www.irishgenealogy.ie/news.html [no link!!] might help for his baptism ,once completed in Dec 2010?? - still not done 14/10/2011! - but better in Mar 2012: searched briefly for Tobin baptisms & marriages without finding anything new. 2019. No David Tobin recorded as baptised Cork 1828-1835 to a father John Tobin

But 1825 a David Toben was baptised to John & Eliza Toben in Milleen, Cork , Also an 1837 baptism of a David to a John Toben & Eliza Whorley in Iveleary - seemingly too late. And no baptism on Roots ireland 1826-1836 in all Cork to a John

1852. 4/10/1852.David Tobin, aged 25, marries Margaret Buckley, 22, in St. George’s Catholic Church, St. George the Martyr, Southwark. Given as a carpenter, as is his deceased father, John.Tobin. Margaret’s father, John Buckley, also deceased, is a farmer. His address is given as12, Baker Street, hers as 5, Clarendon Place. He signed, she put her mark.Witnesses Catherine & Jeremiah Kellard. [Bernard Cullen, archivist 2009 at the cathedral, gives Rellard for the witnesses, but a BMD search confirms that it must be Kellard]. Could the Catherine Kellard be a married sister of David or Margaret?. Baker Street: this later maybe became the now extinct Elephant Road , Newington??: it was south of Kennington Oval, just N. of Vassall Rd., on a horizontal level on a map with Clarendon Place and about half a mile to its west. Clarendon Place: Cantire Place by 1929?, was just south of present Wyndham Road, locality of Councillor Street??, Camberwell?].

Have done a Census and a marriage search for the Kellards with no success. There is a Jeremiah Kellard, 48, b.Ireland in 1851C, wife Ellen, 30, also b. Ireland, Daniel, 13 b.Lambeth, living Lambeth. And same couple in 1861C, living Islington, 68 & 60, just gives Ireland for birthplace! And just Ellen Kellard, 70, widow, in 1871C, just b. Ireland! And a Catherine Kellard, 19, servant, b. Cork, living Lambeth - she could be a daughter of Jeremiah. But Jeremiah Kellard & family, different wife Honorah?, are in 1841C and no Catherine there. She likely marries Jun 1851, but, if she does, then she is not our 1852 witness!!, unless still using her maiden name. Catherine Kellard , 28, b.Ireland, a cook in Kensington in 1861C. Catherine Kellard vanishes 1861-1871, no marriage, no death.

And David & Margaret do not call any of their 3 daughters Catherine, so Margaret probably not related to the Catherine Buckley who married Stephen Lyons 1851..


1854. Elizabeth Tobin born on 25/02/1854 and baptised 12/03/1854 in Our Lady of Salette, Melior Street, godparents James & Elizabeth Murray : I have seen the entry there. .’I thought the likely state registration might be Bridget, Jun 1854 St.Saviour 1d.34, but having got this b.c. it is not: Bridget, 22/5/1854, is the daughter of a Michael & Julia[ nee Brisinh??] Tobin of 47 Ewer St.,Southwark. . [Elizabeth Margaret Tobin 1855 Dec’, ref.1d.22.St. Saviour is also not her - her parents are Thomas & Margaret [nee Welch] Tobin of 7 Gt. Guildford Street Southwark]]. So feel that David & Margaret Tobin forgot to register her. Searched for the Murrays 1851 & 1861Cs - far too many! but a James 37, labourer, & Elizabeth Murray 36 at 22 Queen Elizabeth St in 1861C, both born Surrey. There is an Elizabeth Tobin born Liverpool sep 1854

1856. Mary Tobin born 20/04/1856, and baptised 18/05/1856 in Our Lady of Salette, Melior Street, godparents David Shea & Mary Tobin. State registration Jun 1856 , St.Olave S 1d.48 - guess! as to the 48. Speculation: the only Mary Tobin, godmother, would seem to be the 27 yr old wife of a Michael Tobin in 1861C. In 1871C he[Michel] is said to come from Killarney, she from Dublin. But then in 1881C, he[ now known as Martin!] from Kilkenney, she from Dublin. Their first [ of at least 9] child was born Dec 1857, so a chance that they[as Michael Tobin & Mary Ann Dempsey?] married in Jun 1856 in Clerkenwell: I had thought that he could be a brother of David, but this m.c.[filed] gives him as 22,[ b.~ 1834] , the son of a Thomas Tobin, deceased, farmer. I suppose they could be cousins, and that Thomas and John were brothers?

1859. John Tobin born 30/04/1859, baptised 8/05/1859, Our Lady of Salette, godparents Patrick & Margaret Sculley.: [registered as John Torbin, Bermondsey 1d111 Jun1859 & there is a death in St. Olave in 1863]. In 1861C a Patrick, 24, & Margaret Scully, 45/16, mother & daughter, all b. Ireland in St Olaves,

1860. Mary Tobin dies Jun/ Sep 1860 St.Olave , 1b 27 / 1d 47. Aged about 4.

1861 Census. Living at 9, Victoria Cott [no longer exists: Cott. stands for cottages, and I think Our Salette priest said they were in Snowsfield, very close to his church], St. Olave, Southwark. Recorded under name of Jobin.!

David Jobin 28 Carpenter b. Ireland, Cork.
Margaret 27 wife b. Ireland, Cork.
Eliza 7 daut. b. St. Olaves
John 2 son b. Bermondsey



1863 John Tobin dies St. Olave Sep 1d 42. Aged about 4.

1864. Margaret Tobin born, 9/1/1864 [Nicola has b.c.] St. Olaves. ‘Mar’, ref. 1d.43. - Baptism not at La Salette nor St.Georges RCC. - Try Dockhead one day

1867. David Tobin born, St. Olaves,’Dec’, ref. 1d.40 .- Baptism not at La Salette nor St.Georges RCC. - Have asked Dockhead 2012 - but no reply

Thus 5 children born 1854-1867, of whom 3 survived.

1871 Census. Living at 18, Queen Elizabeth St., St. John, Southwark.

Margaret Tobin 40 wife married b. Ireland, Kilnakle
Margaret 9 b. St. Johns
David 4 b. St. Johns


If Margaret had been born May-Sep 1831, then her age at marriage would have been 21

Think the Censor must have omitted David from his list, as entry for Margaret gives wife, but would have stated Head, had he not been present. Their daughter, Elizabeth Tobin,17, is found as a general servant, living in Borough [a Southwark area]..
Kilnakle doesnot exist. Should it read Kilmichael?

1876. Daughter, Elizabeth Tobin, marries Timothy Lyons. He, David Tobin, is given as carpenter on the m.c. and seemingly alive still.

1877. Wife, Margaret Tobin, dies, aged 44, 30/10/1877 of Cancer at 8, Black Swan Yard, Bermondsey. Buried in St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, 3/11/1877, body brought from Black Swan Yard, which is where her daughter Elizabeth Lyons was living with her family in 1878.



Thus seems that Timothy & Elizabeth Lyons were sharing accomodation with David & Margaret Tobin, probably from the time they married in 1876.

1880. He, David Tobin, carpenter, dies, aged 49, 26/12/1880, at The St. Olaves Union Infirmary. Cause of death Phthisis Pulmonalis. Informant Elizabeth Lyons, daughter, in attendance, 1 Swan Mead, Bermondsey. Buried 1/1/1881 in St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery Leytonstone, body brought from Swan Mead. In 2011, looking through H3/OLA/11/1/2, St. Olave Union Admission & Discharge Book for the Infirmary, which only starts in October 1880 - there seems to be a gap Mar 1877 until Oct 1880 - I found a David Tobin dying on 26/12/1880. He must have been admitted prior to October 1880. I felt certain this was he - no other BMD death around this time - and got his d.c., which proved it was.





IGI References

Only one census return for him.
So, his year of birth is a bit uncertain: m.c.would indicate ~1827, 1861C would suggest 1832 & d.c.[often inaccurate] 1831.

Griffiths. 4 David Tobins.1. Kilgullane, union of Mitchelstown, 2. Kilworth, 3. Macroney, union of Fermoy, 4. Templemartin,union of Bandon.

Mallow Heritage Centre, covering records for North & East Cork. Their baptism records contain only one David Tobin, b.1830 [1823-1831 period], Mitchelstown , but his father is Michael. So, if David were baptised and the parish records have survived, then he did not come from this area of Cork. BUT, Kilworth baptisms only start in 1829.! A total of 19 Davids born in this area 1822-1879. And 6 marriages,1823 Mitchelstown, 1834 Banteer Mitchelstown & Youghal, 1845 Kilnamartyra, 1865 Mitchelstown. Also, in diocese of Cork & Ross, Templemartin[Murragh] records only start in 1834. So feel there is little possibility of finding our David's baptism recorded , nor the wedding of his parents. On the other hand, Inchigeelah records do seem to exist and IGI /Casey has Tobins.

Children of David Tobin,1831

Received this email May 2015: from shane.music@gmail.com

My name is Shane Murphy and I am interested in information you wrote about your Tobin ancestors on you Lyon family genealogy. My great grandfather wrote a booklet about his parents. In it he writes that his father, John Murphy, was born in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1848 and lived there in his youth on his father's farm. John's parents were Phillip Murphy and Catherine Tobin. In 1861, he writes, John was sent to London to work in the store of his uncle, Patrick Tobin. I believe Patrick is the same as the owner of the Antigallican, discussed here (http://pubshistory.com/LondonPubs/SouthwarkStJohn/Antigallican.shtml). I cannot find another Patrick Tobin owning a store in London during this time period. The Antigallican is located in St Olave Parish, Southwark, London, seemingly close to your own Tobin ancestors. I would like to ask if you know if these two families are related, and if you know anything more about Patrick Tobin? I am asking entirely out of curiosity.

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