Dorothy Lily Turner 1894 -1989


Above should read Dorothy Lily Turner - on their wedding day 1917.

1894. Born 9/10/1894 to George & Charlotte [nee Parchment] Turner at The Down, Stebbing. Father a farmer. Has 2 older brothers. Have b.c. BT6. Birth registered 16/11/1894 by her mother. Baptised 11/11/1894 in Stebbing, record in the Primitive Methodist Register Book of Baptisms at Braintree. Father again given as farmer. Have this baptism record.


The Primitive Methodists, built a church at Bran End in the mid-19th century, but by - or soon after? -the Second World War it had closed. The fabric of the building is now in an advanced state of decay. It is down Rosemary Lane, towards the brook. D/NM 5/32/2 is the Trustees Accounts 1896-1949 - look at these 2013

"A favourite place was down Rosemary Lane to “The Bridges” on Stebbing brook behind the now derelict Methodist chapel " - Rosemary Lane almost a continuation of Brick Kiln Road, so seems chapel is very near Tanners.

Aerial photo of the Down area and above the actual house called the Downs today- almost certainly a red herring!


Map showing where her father, George Turner, lived until age 6 at least, and the proximity of the Methodist Chapel where she and brother Harold were baptised . The Methodist Chapel was either at the main road end of Rosemary Lane, next to the cottages shown or on the opposite side of the road, as shown on Old Maps 1888, etc. The Down is to the south of the photo, Carters Farm to the east.

1897. Lillie Turner - but D. Lillian Turner in the index - was admitted to Stebbing Board School, admission number 644, father Geo., The Downs. She left on 18/9/1907. From E/MA 26/1.

Sometime between her birth and 1901 the family moved from the Down area and lived with her grandfather, William, at Carters Farm, past Duck End on the road to Lindsell. This might well have been on her grandmother's, Susan's, death, aged 58, on 1/6/1899.

1901 Census.[Stebbing Dist.2, p.14 of 19] Living at Duck End Farm, Stebbing. [just a different name for Carter’s Farm]. Photos on her father's page

William    Turner  60  widow, Farmer,  b. Stebbing
George  son    35 Horseman on farm  b. Stebbing
Charlotte C.  31 b. Bethnal Green.
William G.    11  b. Lindsell
Harold  11 b. Lindsell
Dorothy L b. Stebbing.


Attended Stebbing School .Photo taken 1907/1908., no doubt as a leaving photo. She seemingly left on 18/9/07.


Years 1907-1908

UNALTERABLE . . . . . Price 4d

Stebbing School

1908. Quite likely went into service at the age of just 13+.

1910. Her grandfather, William, dies and her parents soon decide to emigrate to Austalia.

1911C. She, 16, is living away from Stebbing, in 114 London Road, Chelmsford, in the household of James, 48, & Annie, 41, Hamilton and their 2 children, as a general servant.


1911. November. She, aged 17, and her parents board the SS Orama in London, bound for Victoria. Brother Harold has probably gone out there beforehand, but I do not know when or how.


briar-hill .

dlily -family

Dorothy with her parents outside their Briar Hill house. Future husband Harold Law is standing on the left

She was known as 'Dorrie' by her family in Australia.

1917. Marries Harold Job Duerden Law, b.2/08/1894 Bury, Lancashire, on 24/02/1917 in Greensborough Methodist Church, Greensborough, Victoria. His residence Middle Park, parents Enoch Law & Ada Duerden. Her residence just Greensborough, home duties, age 22. Her parents George Turner, farmer, & Charlotte Parchment. His parents Enoch Law, paper bag manufacturer, & Ada Duerden. Witnesses Lillian Kerr - most likely other, older, bridesmaid - & Fred Wright -bestman. Do not know who Lillian Kerr was.

Son, Arthur, of Harold Law & Dorothy and daughter, Marian, of Fred Wright & Annie Taylor went on to marry 29/3/1947. . . . Fred Wright married Annie Taylor in 1921.

Wedding Group maybe taken in the Turner garden- note the elegant chair!. Harold Job Duerden Law and Dorothy Lily Turner, her parents Charlotte & George Turner seated on right, his mother Ada,[ her husband Enoch died in 1912] seated on the left. Ada's father Job Duerden standing on the left with his second wife, Amy Wynne, beside him. Younger bridesmaid is Margaret- Madge- Law, Harold's sister. Elder bridesmaid probably Lillian Kerr who was a witness. Bestman, standing next to Harold, was Fred Wright, the other witness - and also Carol's other grandfather.



They had two children - Dorothy Margaret Law b. 28 Jan 1918 in Malvern and Arthur Duerden Law b. 26 Jan 1922. They lived at 15 Langridge Street, Middle Park from 1917 for many years before moving to 108 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North late 1930's. Harold's father, Enoch died in 1912 and consequently Harold's mother (Ada) lived with them from when they were first married.


Dorothy Law , aged 6 weeks, 1918


Arthur, Charlotte, Dorothy & Harold, ~1921, outside the back? of the Briar Hill house ?


Probably the Briar Hill house with an extension on the back- chimney looks in same position as in photo above. Could the girl be Dorothy Marg. Law??


Dorothy holding a monkey?


Lounge Room at 108 Balaclava Road, Caulfield. From left: sitting, Dorothy L Law, Ada Law, Florrie Briggs and standing, Harold Law, maybe ~ 1936. Ada remarried 8/10/1926, Lancaster , to John Henry Law, a brother of her first husband, Enoch, and lived until 27/10/1945. John Henry Law died 1940- maybe aged 85 Manchester or aged 72 Spen Valley?? ?? He came out to Australia with her & her daughter after the 1926 marriage, but apparently returned to England within 10 years, without her .His great granddaughter Ruth Clampitt Clampitt contacted me July 2015 -
Neither Malvern nor Middle Park are any where near Briar Hill.
Harold Law's occupation was the owner of Southern Cross Paper Bag Manufacturing Company.

Arthur also went on to work in the factory and became the Assistant Manager. He was able to turn his hand to anything engineering and fix the bag machines and stringers.

1918. 28/01/1918 Dorothy Margaret Law born at Eastham, Elizabeth Street, Malvern, Victoria. . . .Dorothy dies 13/07/1994.

1922. 26/01/1922 Arthur Duerden Law born at Middle Park, Victoria. . . . Arthur dies 7/07/2008. . . I am in touch with his 3 children: Carol 1948, Yvonne1951 & Andrew 1953.

turdl4 .turdl5 .dorothyturner

Middle Park: Dorothy Lily Law. Dorothy Lily with her 2 children ~1928 & with children & husband~1924

1954. Living at 108 Balaclava Road, home duties, with husband Harold & daughter Dorothy Margaret, machinist, in Electoral Roll . Her son Arthur, assistant factory manager, with wife Marian is at 215 Alma Road. Both these addresses in Caulfield West.

george Turner .dorothy Turner

George Turner1865 with daughter Dorothy Lily 1894 and grandson Arthur 1922 . . . . . .Dorothy Lily 1894 at Arthur's wedding, 29/3/1947.

tur4gen .turdl3

4 generations ~1949: George 1865, Dorothy 1894, Arthur Law & Carol. .Dorothy in her kitchen in Balaclava Road- house below

turdl1 . balaclava road

England Visit 1953. Harold Law, wife Dorothy and Florrie Briggs [co companion!, born 1901], given as aged 51, clerk, [ on the return ship's manifest], on board ship leaving Australia.They returned on the 24/9/1953, address given that of a Strand bank. Harold had also visited his birth town of Bury in 1947.

1953 ship's manifest

dorothy Turner .dorothy & Gina

1969 From left: Florence Briggs, Frances Turner , Dorothy Margaret Law, Dorothy Lily & Constance Burkett, married daughter of Frances Smith/ Turner

1988. Harold Law (as children [the Laws born 1948-1953] we knew him as Joby) died 11 Dec 1988 at 87 Chapel Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia from Myocardial infarction and congestive cardiac failure and general debility (sounds like a heart attack and old age).

1989. Dorothy Lily Law died 28 May 1989, aged 95, at the same address. They were both in a Nursing Home at this time. She died with dementia, pneumonia and frailty associated with age.

Children of Harold Law and Dorothy Lily Turner.

Dorothy Margaret Law.1918 -1994. Her father was the owner of Southern Cross Paper Bag Manufacturing Company. Both Dorothy and her brother Arthur worked there. Dorothy Margaret Law wanted to be a tailoress but was made to work at the factory where she was a clerk/machinist until ~1974 when her mother needed looking after. She gave up work and ended up looking after both mother and father until she could manage no longer and her parents had to go into a home in St. Kilda, probably around 1987. Dorothy Margaret died of Leukemia which she had for over 15 years. She never married, although there had been a boyfriend. Had an interest in the family history/family back in England and corresponded with Florrie Fedden/Mirams,1902-1993, & Chrissie Stone & probably Queenie Brigden.


Arthur Duerden Law 1922 - 2008

Married Marian Taylor Wright [b.29/7/1922] on 29/3/1947.

Arthur Law with his first cousin, Joan [Turner] and her husband Frank Lyons. . . .Marian Law with the Lyons at Boughton Northampton c 1991.

Quote from his daughter Carol: "The reason they were married, when they were, was because George Turner offered them accommodation once they were married which is how come I was born. I lived at Eltham Road, Briar Hill. I also think that George worked it out well because Dad was able to help with the heavy work of cutting firewood and Mum would have been able to cook and clean for him , considering his wife, Charlotte, had passed away a few years earlier. I am not sure when Mum and Dad moved out of Briar Hill. Yvonne was born in April 1951 and they were not at Briar Hill at this time. " In 1954- electoral roll - Arthur was assistant factory manager, living at 215 Alma Road, West Caulfield .

His wife, Marian, died 19/6/1992.

He died 7/07/2008 at Amity, Edithvale, Melbourne. Unfortunately he suffered from dementia at the end and was unable to help Carol and me with his family's history once we started investigating it in March 2008.


keam-law-wedding1 .keam-law-wedding2

Wedding 1971? of Dorothy's granddaughter Carol. .Russell's parents, Russell, Carol, Arthur & Marion Law. . . . Harold & Dorothy Law on the left

George Turner 1865