Lionel Dudley Turner 1913-1985.


Born 27/8/1913 at 28 Gatacre Road, Ipswich , father a carpenter[ journeyman]. Parents William George Turner & Edith Mead. Ipswich district 'Dec' 1913


. His life up to ~1930 would have been with his parents.    He had an unhappy childhood  & never spoke of this in later life. Most of this was due to his parents' unhappy marriage and his father's propensity for drink. Apparently Lionel won or was given  a whole drum set as a small boy - see photo below - and his father, William George Turner, sold it for drink money. Lionel told his wife that he won a scholarship but, as his father ,who did not appreciate education, would not sign the necessary forms, his mother got the vicar to sign them instead. His son Ron was always told that "his grandfather allowed Joan, your mother, higher education but not Dad. I thought it was more to do with the costs rather than our grandfather not liking education. Yes, Dad did have a scholarship and excelled in math". But in fact Joan said she only stayed on at school in spite of her father - he thought education was a waste of time!!

Babe and her children thought that Nan, his mother was wonderful, an excellent seamstress[ Hazel has samples of her lace work], and an excellent pianist [ that, I had no idea about]

He met Vi, or Babe as she was always known, at Briggs Bodies in Dagenham. She worked in the office and one day he came in with an injured hand and Babe opened the door for him. Before meeting him, she had dated his cousin Eric Picton, who had been living with Auntie Pett & Uncle Billy; I believe he was Uncle Billy's brother's boy?? Eric's father was mayor of Swansea. I wonder if JK would know about this? During the war Lionel worked as an 'exempt engineer' designing large guns for the British military.

Married Violet [Babe] M Mannooch in 'Dec'1936 , Romford district. Lionel's mother, my Nan, made all the dresses for the wedding. Group Photo?


1939. Lionel -transcribed Liondl- D Turner, b. 27/8/1913, tool turner, is living 215 New Road, Dagenham , with Frederick G, 1882 and Agnes Mannooch

Violet M Turner, seems to be, born 17/5/1915, at Hazel Cottage, Woodlands,New Forest with William & Florence Monday!!. Likely pregnant with Jill

The family lived at 14 Hubert Road, Rainham, Essex until they emigrated. They had 3 children, Jill 1940, Robert [Bobby] May 1945 and Ronald [Ron] 1947.

1948. The family emigrated to Halifax, Canada on the Aquitania, leaving Southampton 20/5/1948. Jill says her father had wanted to emigrate to Australia, presumably in the footsteps of his grandfather, George Turner, and uncle, Harold Turner, and aunt, Dorothy Lily Turner, none of whom he had ever met [other than maybe Harold in 1918 when he was ~5 years old in Buchanan Gardens] & all 3 of who were still alive. . But her mother won the argument for America.


Just a month later- on 13/6/1948 they crossed to Detroit, Michigan, Daisy Maurer, sister in law, being given as a contact there. They settled on Heyden and Lionel worked for General Motors. While at General Motors he worked in the Manufacturing and Development Department at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. This department worked on advanced programs. He moved to Dearborn, on Madison , then on to Clawson from 53 to early 70s. He then moved to Royal Oak, Michigan. . After his retirement, Lionel & Babe returned to England at one stage, settling in the New Forest, but became disillusioned with England, mainly due to his inability to pass the British driving test?. On return from England he again lived in Royal Oak until his death in 1985.

Babe and the 3 children came back to England for a long visit, summer 1955/6. Insert Photos . As far as I know, he, Lionel, never came back, nor saw his parents again after 1948 .I took my Mum, his sister, Joan, to visit him & Babe in Michigan ~ 1971. He drove us, after much persuasion, to see Niagara Falls.

Jill Turner came back to live and marry in 1961 Malcolm Gray in Cadnam, New Forest, having 3 sons, Trevor 1962, Ian & Malcolm [ births of these last 2 elusive on Ancestry] : tragically her husband died young in 1978, and she went back to the States with the boys in 1982 and remarried widower George Halpin in 1983. George died 5/10/2011. I remember visiting the Mannooches, Babe's parents, at Cadnam in the New Forest as a young child, say ~1951? or maybe ~1955 when Babe was in England with the children, and of dancing round the Maypole on MayDay


. . .

.St.Martins Kensal Rise


Jill, George, Babe & Lionel

Jill & Lionel. . . . . Lionel & Babe


. .

Lionel. Bobby. Ronnie

Maybe one day one of his children or grandchildren will supply me with more details of his life??

Both Bobbie & Ronnie volunteered to fight in Vietnam and although they trained together they were then split up. Ronnie's story is told in a chapter of a book I have : WIA Corpsman Up . l. He & Sue had 2 sons, and one of these has a son, Jack Turner 2002 & daughter,Kathleen Turner 2007, thus carrying on our 'Turner' lineage. Do possess photos of them!

1985. Lionel Turner died , aged 72, on 17/1/1985 at Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan. Residence 48073 Royal Oak, Oakland.

2009. His wife, Violet Turner, died, aged 94.

William George Turner.