Ann Walsh c1805-1810 – 1845

Born in Ireland c 1805-1810.

Married David Sullivan~1824-6, place unknown. I have searched Waterford City, where David was born, parishes - fiches 2444, 2446 & 2447 - and have failed to find the marriage. Could it have been in St. Georges R.C. Church, Southwark?, where baptisms have been found for 5 of their 6 children.

There is some doubt as to whether she was Anne or Ann: 1838 of daughter Katherine says Ann as do the 5 baptism records found for her children in St, Georges R.C. Church, Southwark. Only the 1841C has her as Anne.

A lesser doubt exists on Walsh: 2 of the baptisms state Welsh, but b.c.of Katherine states Walsh as do 3 of the 5 baptism records.

William & James Walsh are godparents to her children in 1831 & 1834. I suspect these were her brothers. I found them in the 1841C, still single, aged 30 & 25 respectively, living with a Gerrrald Walsh, 30, Margaret wife 30 & 2 yr old Catherine, all born Ireland apart from Catherine. Gerrald Walsh, 44, railway guard, b. Ireland, is living Lambeth with wife Margaret, 40, b. Ireland and 3 children, 2, 4, & 6 all born Lambeth, in 1851C. Gerrald would also seem to be a brother. No English marriage for Gerrald Walsh Sep 1837-1839 . A James Walsh marries Lambeth Dec1843. I cannot find James or William in 1851C or 1861C. A James dies Lambeth Dec 1843 and a William dies 1859 St Saviour. I cannot find Gerrald after the 1851C, nor a death for him up to 1880. So my aim to find whether these hypothetical brothers came from Waterford has failed!. There were a great many Walshes in St. Johns parish Waterford, but then Walsh was a very common Irish name!. Could these 3 Walshes have emigrated?

On RI, an Ann 1807 and a William 1809 are baptised to Edmund Walsh & Mary Gibson in Kill. But no baptisms for a James and a Gerrald to this couple, and in fact no Gerrald baptism at all 1797-1817 in all Ireland !!

1841 Census. David Sullivan, 35, plasterer, living in Princes Rd., Lambeth, with his wife and 6 children.

David Sullivan 35 plasterer b. Ireland. Waterford City in 1851C.
Anne 35 b. Ireland.
Joseph 15 born Surrey Clapham from 1851C
David 13 born Surrey . Lambeth in 1851& 1861Cs, Clapham in 1871C
Ann 10 born Surrey
John 6 born Surrey . Lambeth 1851C
Dominick 4 born Surrey . Lambeth 1851C
Catherine 2 born Surrey registered as Katherine, b. Lambeth

Children of David & Ann Sullivan

Anne might have died in Lambeth in ‘Dec’, 1845,4.209[ there is a burial for this at St.Johns Waterloo,- on London Parish Records - Ann Sullivan, buried 5 Oct, given as 35, abode Baker Street; felt this age too low to be her- given as 35 in 1841C, but this could be rounded down, i.e. she could have been 35-39!!, and also surely she would not have had a protestant burial( but then likely no Catholic burials existed!) or, I thought more likely, in Jun, 1842,4.208 or Dec 1843 4.206. The Jun 1842 d.c is not her [ but 2yr old daughter of a Francis Sullivan , labourer, in 14, Hooper St, Lambeth]. The Dec 1843 d.c also is not her, but that of a 13mth. pauper in Lambeth Workhouse,19/11/1843. The death of Anna Sullivan Sep 1849 Lambeth 4.542 is also not her, but that of a 2yr old, from cholera, even though no Anna Sullivan born Surrey 1845 -1849!

So, 1845. Anne Sullivan, 35,of Baker Street, Lambeth, was buried 5/10/1845 - almost certainly she


The Ancestry tree of the descendants of her son Loseph, had obtained this d.c.


What is known of her life and her 6 children is on her husband’s page.


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