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Much of this info. originally came from Susan Andrews, whose husband,John , shares Joseph Wilkinson & Anne Perrey as common ggggggrandparents with me.[ John also related through the Turners]. Much now verified through Seax records . Names in bold are my direct ancestors. I have only found the parish entries for the children underlined .



Joseph Wilkinson, c.1737-1810, married Anne Perry on 1/11/1767 in Lindsell. D/P 110/1/2. image 5. He is given as a plowman, she as joined??? servant, both of Lindsell parish, he presumably working there. Neither could seemingly write.


Ann Perrey was baptised 25/01/1747 in Lindsell to Jonah & Susannah Perrey. Jonah Perrey married Susannah Pavitt 30 Sep 1746 at St Mary the Virgin, Lindsell.[they went on to have 5 more children].

No baptism found c1736-47 for Joseph Wilkinson in Lindsell, so he was probably born in a different parish. Also no obvious baptisms found for Jonah Perrey or Susannah Pavitt in Lindsell 1716-1728: Jonah ~1720 from his age at death in 1791. No death found in Lindsell for Susannah Perrey.

anperrey . perreymar

They had the following 10 children, all baptised in Lindsell:

Sarah 1768, Rhoda 1769 - 1794, Mary 1771, Joseph 1773, Elizabeth1775, John 1777, William 12/03/1780, Susan 1782, Ann 1785, Samuel 1788..

Joseph Wilkinson was buried 1/7/1810, age given as 74, Lindsell. Anne Wilkinson/Perrey was buried 6/05/1791, aged 44- this not on burial record- , Lindsell. Fiche D/P 110/1/1 now digitised and available on Seax. All Lindsell records 1576-1812 meant to be on the 80 images of this : also have list of everything found in my "Pooh book" at present, & hopefully anything relevant to Wilkinsons is now on these web pages .


Have left more on this entry of Joseph's 1810 death, as the Prances were the family at Simpkins farm, where Ezekiel Turner worked in 1841. And, Susannah Turner, 62, , was Susannah Smith/Turner who was my 5xggrandmother


Jonas Perry buried 5 days after Anne is probably her father, aged ~71, so born~1720

William Wilkinson 1780-1842, was bapt. in Lindsell 12/3/1780, & married Rebecca Chatters [1783 ] on 14/11/1803, Rayne. Both given as of Rayne parish. .D/P 126/1/4 - image 23. Rayne just 2/3 miles from Lindsell.

.wilwilk . . . ..rayne-church

Baptism of William Wilkinson 1780 in Lindsell . . . . Rayne Church where he married Rebecca Chatters in 1803


William & Rebecca Wilkinson had the following children, baptised at Lindsell:

Elizabeth 30/9/1804, Mary 7/05/1807, John 24/12/1809, Esther 18/08/1811, William 12/12/1813 [ father labourer], Rhoda 17/03/1816, Samuel 14/2/1818 [ father labourer], Joseph 11/11/1821 & John 7/07/1825 [ father labourer]. William Wilkinson was buried, aged 2 &1/2, in 1816


1841C.    William Wilkenson 65, with wife Rebecca, 60, 2 children & 2 illegitimate grandchildren, living at Duck End , Stebbing. Miswritten as WilkEnson.  [Duck End is equidistant from Lindsell & Stebbing Churches]


1842. D/P 110/11/5 .Rate Book for Lindsell. William Wilkinson has 28 perches [Maynard land ] held by a Will? & E.Wilkenson in Jan, & 30 p.by a Samuel Wilkinson & 20p. by a Will?& Eliz. in April , & just a Samuel Wilkinson [Bowles land]exists in the Sep listing. Who is Elizabeth Wilkinson?? - his daughter 1804 or his sister 1775??

1842. William Wilkinson, stated as dying in Stebbing, is buried 11/09/1842, stated age 65, in Lindsell, image 16. A Joseph Wilkinson, abode Lindsell, 2+ yrs, is buried 26/4/1842, same image

wilkinson-william -1842-dc

He died 7/9/1842, Stebbing, aged 65., labourer. Cause of death: Inflammation of the stomach. Informant: the mark of Rhoda Wilkinson, daughter, present, Stebbing.

Rebecca Wilkinson dies, as Rebecca Cowland, Jun 1858. Buried, aged 75, 21/1/1858 in Gt. Bardfield. D/P 67/1/26 image 51. Her age suggests a birth ~ 1783.



Map showing Lindsell, Duck End, Stebbing and Rayne


.ERO Wilkinson Data found August 2008 & Mar 2009 & 2011 - & slightly more found on Seax dig. fiche D/P 110/1/1


Rhoda Wilkinson 1816