Rebecca Chatters 1783-1858



1783. Rebecca Chatters was baptised to John & Eliza Chatters in Sible Hedingham on 21/3/1783. She was the second of at least 8 children  


1803. Rebecca Chatters [c1781 ] married William Wilkinson 1780-1842 on 14/11/1803, in Rayne .D/P 126/1/5 image 23 .


Witness John Chatters was likely her father.

Her life from 1803 to 1842 given on her husband's page : William Wilkinson . See also Rhoda Wilkinson, her 1816 daughter.

1842. Her husband dies. She presumably continues living in Stebbing with son, Joseph, aged 21, and daughter, Rhoda, 25, and Rhoda's 2 illegitimate children. Rhoda marries late 1844. Joseph does not appear to marry in the Dunmow area.

1846. 15/12/1846 Rebecca Wilkinson, widow, marries William Cowlen, widower, in Gt. Bardfield.


1858 Rebecca Cowland dies, Mar 1858. Buried, aged 75, 21/1/1858 in Gt. Bardfield. D/P 67/1/26 image 51. Her age suggests a birth ~ 1783

Thanks to Brian Chatters for the information below. Some of it now updated with further finds.

March 2011: A Brian Chatters contacted me with the suggestion that Rebecca Chatters might have been born & married William Wilkinson in Rayne[ to east of Stebbing] 1800-1804. D/P 126/1/4 Rayne marriages 1751-1834. [ Gt. Saling, Bardfield Saling & Felsted - , none of these last 3 with baptisms online - Felsted Burials online , no Chatters 1781-1785 , all around here] . 2011 this was found by me, William Wilkinson m.Rebecca Chatters 14/11/1803, so Brian can maybe provide me with more info. on her family: a John Chatters 1756 m. Eliz. Ward, c.1752, in G. Saling 31/1/1781, he signed, she mark. Sarah Ward was a witness, from D/P 311/1/2 Great Saling marriages 1754-1812 . Banns were read on Dec31 1780, & Jan 7 & 14 1781, both of this parish. I found no Chatters baptisms in Great Saling 1781-1799, D/P 311/1/1. . John & Elizabeth Chatters had Elizabeth 1781, Rebecca 1783 in Sible Hedingham, then in Rayne, D/P 126/1/4, Sarah 20/3/1785, Jane 17/12/1786, John 15/1/1789, Francis 1791, Rachel 1793, Amelia 20/7/1795. I also found that in 1792, Elizabeth Chatters, an infant/10years!, was buried 11/1/1792 and that in 1802, Sarah Chatters aged 17 years was buried 3/12/1802, both in Rayne.

June 2012:

I've found the missing baptism record for Rebecca Chatters, quite by chance! I rechecked FamilySearch to see what was new and there was a reference to an Eliza Chatters born in Sible Hedingham. I checked out the baptism records for Sible Hedingham on Seax::
21st Sept 1781 Eliza, daughter of John and Eliza Chatters
21st March 1783 Rebecca, daughter of John and Eliza Chatters
Brian is descended from the third son of Henry Chatters c1694? of Belchamp Otten, Francis who was born 15th April 1723. I can let you have more details if you wish but it is probably not relevant to your research. so, our common ancestor seems to be Henry 1660 - Chris' 8x ggrandfather. All details on Earlier Chatters.



Toppesfield ~9 miles to the north of Great Saling. Sible Hedingham ~ 4 miles to the north of Gosfield, ~3 miles to the SE of Toppesfield.

Another map on Earlier Chatters

William Wilkinson

Rhoda Wilkinson