Children Of Daniel Lehane & Nora Kelleher

Broderick Lyons Hawke Ancestry family tree has most of the below

Certificates for all these births are on Birth Certificates for children of Daniel & Honora


1. Bridget Lehane. Born 11/4/1870 at Derensagart to Daniel & Honora of Derreenalin. Birth registered 31/5/1870. Thus born before the marriage on 8/5/1870!!

2. Julia Lehane. 1873-1950. Born 7/3/1873 at Derreenalin. Parents given as living Derensagart. Married Thomas Murray, likely after emigrating? Had a daughter Anna Murray 1908-1980 - who gave me this info??

3. Catherine 1874. Born 22/11/1874 at Derreenalin, Ballyvourney, father labourer

4. Patrick Lehane or Patrick L Lehane??.1877-1947. Registered as Patrick Lyons born 3/3/1877 at Derreenaling . . Middle initial L appears only in 1930C and in City Directories 1943 onwards: not on other censuses nor on his naturalization form . Could it stand for Lucey?? IGI gives a baptism of a Patrick Lyons on 3/3/1877 to a Daniel Lyons and Honora Kelleher Lyons in Ballyvourney: thought unlikely them as Lyons and not Lehane like the 1882 bc below, but now convinced it is as his Naturalization gives 13/3/1877 for his birth . ??Another interesting point here is that IGI have no other baptisms for Patrick's siblings, but now have their registered birth certs

in 1901 Patrick Lehane, 23, from Macroom, emigrated to New York, arriving there 27/5/1901. But is this he??- naturalization says he entered April 1900 . He was going to a brother at 1135 Loonan? Ave San Francisco: only seemingly possible known brother this could be was James W Lehane : he seems to have left Ireland pre April 1901 . He married , as Patrick Lyons, 25, a Bridget Cassidy Gibbons,7/5/1902, b.1875, on 7/5/1902 in Brattleboro.. Had Daniel, James, John, David, William, Christopher, & Mary Lyons, she born 18/9/1914, died 13/12/2001 . She obviously had been married previously and had a son Francis, b.~1898 Died, Patrick Lyons, a retired truckman, 16/4/1947 Brattleboro.

Info from Jim:- "He settled in Hinsdale, New Hampshire USA and had several children among them were Mary (who married Ed Dubriski & had a child Edward Joseph Dubriski- email contact 6/9/2016 ), Christopher, David, William and Father Daniel Patrick Lyons, a Catholic priest, (Society of Saint Edmund) who later became president of Saint Michael’s College in Winooski, Vermont".: this founded 1904, no mention of him on its history page, 1904-1950 glossed over!

1910C in Brattleboro: Francis Fitzgibbons a stepson. married 8 years, 7 children, 6 still living

Patrick Lyons 34
Bridget Lyons 36
Francis Fitzgibbons 12
Daniel Lyons 8
James Lyons 6
John Lyons 4
David Lyons 2
William Lyons 0

1920C in Brattleboro:

Patrick Lyons 42
Bridget Lyons 44
John Lyons 14
David Lyon 11
William Lyon 9
Christopher Lyon 7
Mary Lyon 5

1930C in Brattleboro:

Patrick L Lyons 54
Bridget Lyons 57
John F Lyons 23
David J Lyons 22
William P Lyons 19
Christopher R Lyons 17
Mary A Lyons 15

1940C Brattleboro:

Patrick Lyons 63
Bridget Lyons 65
Christopher Lyons 26


Naturalization, 10/12/1942, presumably to be eligible for a pension. Gives his dofb as 13/3/1877 and that he entered US on 10/4/1900

Christopher R Lyons, born 13/10/1912, married to Florence McCulloch in 1942 by Patrick's brother, Father Daniel Lyons, died 2001 in Brattleboro. Married 58 years, no children. He was predeceased by four brothers, the Rev. Daniel P. Lyons, James E. Lyons, David F. Lyons and William P. Lyons.

5. James William Lehane 12/9/1880- 1950 .Registered as plain James, at Derreenaling .His life, gravestone photo- and his life history - on Jim Lehane page . Children: Daniel 1915, Catherine 1919-1982, Anna Barbara & Margaret??

6. Hannah Mary Lyons/Lehane . Born 9/9/1882 in Derreenauling. She married Lawrence Heaphy in Brattleboro, VT.  Most of her siblings came to the US and settled in Brattleboro.  Several of them did not have descendants. Betsy's Ancestry tree has other siblings: Julia 1873-1950, m. Thomas Murray, daughter Anna 1908-1980, Cath 1874, Patrick L 1875-1947, given as born Coolnacahara, Lisacreasig, Macroom - this half way between Macroom & Ballyvourney: this WRONG . He immigrated 1900 acc. to 1930AC, also Cornelius 1891. No Mary or Daniel~ 1889 - on this, Betsy's, Ancestry tree !- difficult to find!

7. Honora Lyhane 1884. Born 22/7/1894 at Dissynasgart . What happened to her?

8. John Lehane 1885. Born 28/8/1885 at Derrynasgart. Could do more work on him

9. Daniel Lehane 1889. Born 9/8/1889 at Derrynasagart. Present in Derreenaling in 1901C and 1911C.Witness to his mother's death in 1909 and to his father's death in 1913, both at Derreenaling . Did he then emigrate after his father died in 1913

10. Cornelius Lehane 1891. Born 26/12/1891at Derrynasagart. In 1901C in Derreenaling. Then emigrates - descendants connected to Erin Donohue Zamorro tree . Could do more work on him

An Erin Donohue/Zamorro has an Ancestry tree with all the dates of birth on: contacted her 2/9/2016. Also has a Bridget 1870 & Hanorah 23/7/1884 & John T 28/9/1885- has not replied to me!

In 2006, Betsey posted this on contains 2 more children, Hanora 1884 & John 1885

Daniel and Hanora's children were:

1. Bridget Lehane b.1870
2.J ulia Lehane, b. 1873, Ballyvourney, m. John Maroney??
3.Catherine Lehane, b. 1874
4. Patrick L. Lyons, b. 1875, m. Bridget C. Cassidy . . . Year should be 1877
5. James William Lyons, b. 1880, m. Margaret Mary Fitzgerald
6. HANNAH MARY LYONS (Betsey's line) , b. 1882 in Dirrunauling, Ballyvourney, Cork, m. Richard Leo HEAPHY in Brattleboro, VT
7. Hanora Lehane, b. 1884
8. John Lyons, b. 1885, of Springfield, MA
9. Daniel P. Lyons, b. 1889, m. Mary, of Springfield, MA
10. Cornelius Lyons, b. 1891, of Springfield, MA



Jim Lehane