Jim Lyons jlyons975@gmail.com & Betsey bwolsen@comcast.net

2011. Jim has a 12 marker DNA match with ours. His grandfather was James William Lyons, 1880, Derreenaling , sister Hannah 1882 is grandmother to Betsy . Her tree has Daniel, bapt.1843, Derreenaling, Ballyvourney, as father of above 2, Hanorah Kelleher their mother, a James Lyhane <1823 their grandfather

James W Lyons, mason, appears in 1910AC, immigrated to the US in 1901, living with sister, Johannah/Hannah who had just married, Richard Heaphy. 1920AC he is a carpenter: 1930AC a contractor, 1940AC a contractor

Ancestry family tree - Bruce, Pierce, Rollins Family

2015. Jim Lyons has an all 37 marker match with ours . Hoped, when NLI went online 2015 summer, to discover more on James Lehane <=~1823: this seems impossible as baptism only start- and these only in O'Kief - in 1810 , also many years missing after that, and I think James was likely married by 1824/1828, & thus born before 1810. Also there are no known Ballyvourney marriages before~1870!!

Lehane Cork Baptisms -recorded, concentrating on Kilnamartyra and its surrounding parishes, late Dec 2014 from a subscription to the MHC site . . . . . . . .. . .In Nov 2015 - I have also included some baptisms found for Ballyvourney in OKief Vol 11 SOG- these Ballyvourney 1810-1868 but, with gaps!

But I cannot find a definite baptism of Daniel to James - there are 4 baptisms 1838-1845 to James Lyhane & Biddy Reeny/Ring[ male, Biddy, Bridget & Julia]: also 7/8 baptisms to James Lyhane & Mary Lucey 1824-1843, including a Daniel but 1826!: these I found on MHC site which I subscribed to over Xmas 2014/5 . NLI - now online Aug 2015. NLI registers only have baptisms 1825-1829, others destroyed in a fire . O'Kief Vol 11 has Ballyvourney baptisms 1813-1868?, think these might also exist in a book/ register of St Marys in Cork Library too. So sent JL to SOG to look at O'Kief Vol 11 Oct 2015.

There is a baptism, name of child and father not recorded but with mother Mary Lucey in July-Sep 1843 in OKief: this could be our Daniel, the 1826 one having died . Could go back through OKief records to see whether any other Mary Lucey giving birth 1835-1842. But, no need to do this as have entered Mary Lucey as mother, 1830-1845 Ballyvourney in FS and there are indeed several Mary Luceys giving birth [with Patrick Buckley, Morty Kelliher & John Creedon, plus the odd other] . So my surmise that the 1843 baptism to Mary Lucey could be our Daniel Lyhane is weakened!

A mere Surmise: 2nd union- of a James to Mary Lucey is the more likely one: Daniel a family name, also a daughter Mary was meant to have gone to the States The 8 certain baptisms are: Catherine 1824, Daniel 1826, John 1831, male 1833, Julia/Jude 1835, Ellen 1838, male 1840, Patrick 1843, plus ,a very hypothetical Daniel ~1843 . Daniel gives 3 of these names to his children: namely Catherine, Patrick, & Julia- also James & Daniel [as would be expected] and Johanna & Cornelius

Now looks as though Paul Lane's ancestors- another all 37 marker match - might indeed have been Stephen Lehane and Joana Healy who married 1823 in Kilnamartyra, the adjacent parish - although baptisms to them do not support the fact!

What I have confirmed of Betsy's ancestors.

1847. http://www.libraryireland.com/articles/FamineBallyvourneyFriends/ . . . - makes grim reading

In 1852, James Leehane is one of 26 people listed at Derreenaling in Griffiths Valuation. Mary Leehane, Daniel Riordan, Johanna Kelliher, Michael Lucy are 4 of the others. From Griffiths I have been able to ascertain that he lived at 3d on the map of Derreenaling: this right at the West end of Derreenaling, almost on the Kerry border. Land here very poor, mountainous



On my August 2016 visit to the area, I made the acquaintance of local historian Dan McSweeney & his nephew Fred. Fred has since told me:

I met an old lady from Dereenaling and asked her did she ever hear of Dan Lehane and she said they were known as Lyon's & he came from the house she lived in. This house happens to be the same house that my great grandfather & grandfather lived in. I marked it on your map as Dennis & Humphrey lynch. (when talking to you i mistakenly thought that the Humphrey Lynch head of household from census 1911 was my grandfather but when i checked census i realized that was another Humphrey as my grandfather was the son of Dennis and he was only 5 years old at the time). It seems that this house was in two parts in 1911 and is possible that there was only two to three rooms in total as people were very poor at the time. Daniel said it was not uncommon for two families to live so close together in those days. Nellie Kelliher nee Murphy is the old lady who lives in the house now ( she came from the house that had the dog) & is in her 80s. She said she does not know any more about the Lyon's as she never met them. However she did say that a Lyon's girl called to her about 25 years ago to find her roots. She said this girl was in her 30s at the time. Nellie said she cant remember her 1st name or where she was from but the girl told her that she stayed in the house when she was very young and forgot her shoes under the bed when she left and never saw them again- see photos at end of page

This would imply that Lyons lived there up to the 1960s!! So, could Daniel Lyhane 1889 have married and continued living there after his father died 1920/1930?? But NLI online has no Ballyvourney marriages - destroyed by fire . 10/9/2016: State marriage records now online at https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/

I think James Lehane died in 1872 , aged 66, Macroom - on irishgenealogy.ie site, but no image yet! ( and in April 2022 I cannot find this at all!) Thus born ~ 1806

Daniel Lehane 27 labourer, married Hanora Kelleher 25, servant, both of Derreenaling, on 8/5/1870 in Ballyvourney Macroom, witness a John Lyhane . Vol 10, p.299-FS. Daniel's father is James Lyhane, labourer - this comes from this cert.


Daniel & Honora had 10 children: Bridget Lehane 1870: Julia Lehane 8/3/1873-1950, m. Thomas Murray, daughter Anna 1908-1980, Catherine Lehane 23/11/1874, Patrick L?? Lehane 13/3/1877-1947, James W Lehane 1880-1950,[ registered on Civil register, this on IGI, as James Leehane, no middle initial ] : Hannah Lehane 1880: Johanna Lehane 9/9/1882-1958: John Lehane 1885: Daniel P Lehane 31/7/1889- dying, no date, Springfield MA , Cornelius Lehane 1891 .



An Erin Donohue/Zamorro has an ancestry tree with all the dates of birth on: contacted her 2/9/2016. Also has a Bridget 1870 & Hanorah 23/7/1884 & John T 28/9/1885



James W Lehane/Lyons 1880 and his wife Margaret Fitzpatrick- married 1905, certificate below - had 3 children Barbara, Daniel [father of Jim] & Margaret. Barbara sent this letter once to Jim. It states James arrived in the US in the early 1900 with Hannah: I am not convinced Hannah travelled out with James in 1900, as she still seems to be in Derreenaling in 1901C. But they might both have travelled post April 1901. Betsey also says

My grandmother was Hannah Mary Lyons/Lehane (f. Daniel Lehane of Dereenaling, Macroom, Cork; gf James Lehane) who m. Lawrence Heaphy in Brattleboro, VT.  Most of her siblings came to the US and settled in Brattleboro.  Several of them did not have descendants. Betsy's Ancestry tree has other siblings: Julia 1873-1950, m. Thomas Murray, daughter Anna 1908-1980, Cath 1874, Patrick L 1875-1947, given as born Coolnacahara, Lisacreasig, Macroom - this half way between Macroom & Ballyvourney. He immigrated 1900 acc. to 1930AC, also Cornelius 1891. No Mary or Daniel~ 1889 - on this, Betsy's, Ancestry tree !, which seems to have vanished by 2016!!

NB. The correct Patrick, reg. as Patrick Lyons, was born 3/3/1877 in Derreenaling

Children of Daniel Lehane

No baptisms on IGI for any of these 1870 -1895 children ( but have all the State birth Certs) , nor a baptism for James 1810-1824- although he could have been born as early as 1790!

letter .1905-mc .1950-grave .james-w-lyons-dc

Grave of James W Lyons 1880-1950. Daughter Catherine 1919--1982 also on this . Death Certificate for J. W.Lyons

This Daniel Lyhane is in the 1901C & 1911C: with a d of b of 1841 & 1837: 2 alternative deaths , 1920/1930, indicate d of b as 1842-1844

In 1893, Guys Directory of Munste- online-, Owen Sullivan, Peter Kelleher, & Daniel, Denis & Jeremiah Riordan were farmers at Derreenaling

& there was a Cornelius Lyhane at Lissacreasig . No Daniel , nor Stephen/Timothy, is listed- obviously labourers are not included. & no Lehane in the area

1901C. Daniel Lyhane, 60, Gamekeeper, R.C., cannot read, speaks Irish & English, living in Derreenaling Slievereagh in 1 room. Landholder Tim. Kelleher Hannah a general dom. servant .Neither Daniel nor Norah could read or write. All spoke Irish & English . Norah's age wrong, but certainly the original reads 50!

Daniel Lyhane Head of Family Married 60 1841 Cork  
Norah Lyhane Wife Married 50 1851 Cork  
Daniel Lyhane Son Single 12 1889 Cork  
Cornelius Lyhane Son Single 10 1891 Cork  
Hannah Lyhane Daughter Single 18 1883 Cork

Daughter Hannah Lyhane emigrates to Brattleboro in the 'early 1900'.

1909. Hanorah Lehane, 66, wife of labourer, dies Derreenaling on 11/12/1909 . Cause of death: Constipation 2 weeks. Son Daniel was the informant, and for some reason the death was not entered in the Register until 1914! Several trees give Jun 1911!!


1911C. Daniel Lehane,, 74, Ag.lab., R.C., speaks Irish & English, living in Derreenaling Slievereagh , house 17. . Landholder James D Kelleher. Son also an ag.lab.

Daniel Lehane Head of Family Widowed 74 1837 Co Cork
Daniel Lehane Son Single 22 1889 Co Cork

1913. Daniel Leehane, aged 81,labourer, dies Derreenaling on 13/12/1913 . His son Daniel Leehane was present at the death, informant on 24/2/1914. Cause of death was acute obstruction of the bowels, n days


Betsy has him dying aged 77 Macroom Sep 1920 Vol 5, p.80, aged 77!!

What then happened to son Daniel 1889??

He, railway porter, residence Macroom, father Daniel Lehane, labourer, dead, could marry a Johanna Lehane, residence Clohina, father Patrick Lehane, postman, in Ballyvoig Church, Macroom on 11/2/1915. Witnesses James & Julia Lehane. Ballyvoig/Ballyvogu church likely just SE of Kilnamartyra; Clohina is central Macroom


If this the correct Danel Lehane, did he and Johanna have children?? Seemingly not in Macroom: no Lehane birth 1915-1925 with mother Lehane- with spelling variations. And no death of roughly the correct age 1915-1965 Macroom- but could well live to over 76!

https://familysearch.org/search/record/results?count=20&query=%2Bbatch_number%3AC700761 gives some Ballyvourney baptisms ~1824-1860. C700761. . Looked - late 2015 - at O'Keef Vol 11 pages 1316-1389, Ballyvourney baptisms 1810-1868 : some gaps, also many names never deciphered when the list was written

Griffiths 1837 has a James Leehane in Derreenaling , a Stephen Leehane in Milleeny - this less than 2k S of Derreenaling . But this Stephen could not be my gggrandfather b.~1827 & doubtful whether he my ggggrandfather as he is, hypothetically, a Timothy





Photos August 2016 of the area 3a,b & c on the 1852 Griffiths map: James Leehane in unmarked dwelling 3d in 1852 . Old Daniel Lyhane was about here, in the smallest, poorest dwelling, in 1901C and 1911C

Also from Betsey : Think this all unconnected!!- so ignore, but does say oral information! Pursue it if Betsey ever becomes interested again.

LDS IGI for Dan Lehane:  Christened Sept. 1844, Dromtarriff, Roman Catholic, Cork, Ireland
Parents:  Denis Lehane and Han Keleher Dromtariffe just W of Banteer. THIS NOT HIM
Timothy Lehane possibly had a sister named Minnie Lehane.  This provides a family connection through the Lynch family also.  Timothy Lehane would be a brother to Daniel Lehane and his wife Margaret is a sister of Hanora Kelleher???? 
1911 Census, Coolknoohil, Co. Kerry, Timothy Lehane 48 is listed as a farmer, married 17 years, 9 children born alive, 7 still living (2 deceased by 1911).  Timothy's father Michael Lehane 73 lived with them in 1911, was a retired farmer, widower, and was born in Kerry Co.  Brother Michael 39 also living with them
Coolknoghit (also Coolnootil) Co. Kerry was on the name of a 1911 census which listed Timothy. This is a line of a cousin - oral information. He does connect to me somehow but perhaps through a different name.  The location of the family is Coolknoohil, Co Kerry which is on the border with Cork. Various spellings are used according to the person writing this down. I believe the last spelling is the most recent usage. 

Coolknoohil only just over the Kerry/Cork boundary. Less than 7 k S W of Derreenaling, 10 k W of Kilnamartyra.

Betsey- unsure why you think a Timothy Lehane could be a brother of Daniel?? Baptism records show no Timothy born to a James during the yearspan 1820-1850. But am willing to be convinced that his could be one of the missing ones if you know this for sure

Betsey has Patrick Lehane born at Coolnacahara in 1875 ; this 8 kESE of Ballyvourney, only 2 k N of Kilnamartyra. Derreenaling is 7 k w of Ballyvourney, so Daniel seemingly moved quite a distance, 15k, from his birthplace of ~1843 & his marriage place of 1870, by 1875, but was back in Derreenaling by 1882 for Johanna's birth . This strikes me as ODD.

PLEASE, Betsey or Jim, send me any more information you have on Daniel & Honora's children 1873-1891. Do you know what the L in Patrick L Lehane stands for?- could it have have been Lucy? & was there a Mary?


Marriage certificate 18/1/1915 of James W Lyons, 35, mason, parents Daniel Lyons and Nora Kelleher, to Margaret Fitzgerald , in Brattleboro

Death, retired mason, born 12/9/1880, parents Daniel Lyons and Nora Kelleher, on 10/7/1950 at 5 Baldwin Street Brattleboro- from Broderick Lyons Hawke Ancestry family tree : contacted them on 6/9/2016- seem to be related to a daughter, Margaret?, of James W Lyons 1880 [ but he has old James Lyons having a sister Katherine 1825 born in Galway- very suspicious!!]

Also contacted, 3/9/2016, an Erin/Donohue tree owner - descended from Cornelius Lyons 1891

There is also a Hafay tree: descendents of a daughter of Hannah Lyons 1882, who married Richard Heaphy- thus more closely related to Betsey: cannot see that they might have any more info.

Children: Daniel Francis Lyons 7/12/1915-1987: this James' father , Catherine Lyons Thompson 21/10/1919-1982, Anna Barbara Lyons Galvin 1923. Also a Margaret- she private on the Broderick Lyons Hawke Ancestry family tree

Gravestone exists for James W Lyons, wife Margaret Lyons, daughter Catherine Lyons and son Daniel F Lyons

A Barbara Lyons Galvin letter exists