John Stephen? Lehane ~1841 -1889

An interesting article appeared in the press in 1935, with a connection to Turtle Point: John Stephen Lane, from County Cork, died 1889 in Olean. Stephen and his family had settled by 1860 around Turtle Point . Olean just 5 k west of Allegany,

1841-1843, probably, John Stephen Lehane was born to Stephen Lehane and a Joanna in Ireland, likely County Cork. No baptism yet found. Known siblings were Dennis 1829, Daniel 1839-1842, Cornelius 1839-1850! & Kate ~1846

I am almost sure he is the John Stephen Lane referred to in the press cutting further on

1850. His father Stephen Lyhan arrives in New York

1852. 11/8/1852 John Lehan , 11, from Ireland, arrives on the ship New World in New York from Liverpool with Dennis 22, Cornelius 13 and Johana, 40 'wife'. The latter is presumably his mother, aged nearer to 50, and the other 2 his brothers.

1860C . John Lane is not living with his parents & Cornelius , who are in Lafayette, county McKean . Did he go to seek his fortune ~1858 onwards? Could be in Massachusetts, aged 18, but not a miner, seemingly 'shoe'

1870 C. There is a John Lehan, 28, b.Ireland, miner, in Silver Park, Nye, Nevada . This could be he.

The major discovery of silver in Nevada, known as the Comstock Lode, happened in 1859 and brought great changes to the area as miners rushed into the region and boom towns including Virginia City, Aurora, Unionville and Austin were born. Over the next 20 years, almost $1 billion of gold and silver were produced by Nevada mines. The wealth of Nevada mines, the population surge they created and the ongoing American Civil War prompted Abraham Lincoln to declare Nevada the 36th state in the Union on Oct. 31, 1864.

John Lane is not living in the 1870C with his parents and 3 siblings in Allegany, Cattaraugus, New York. Where is he? - maybe the above

A John Lane, 30, carpenter,with wife Ellen and son John, 3, in Allegheny in 1870C . Still around in 1880C, aged 40, a new wife, Barbara, John13, James 10 & 3 girls - so CANNOT BE Stephen's John, as a John Lane aged 36, was living with Stephen in 1880C.

1880C. John Lane, 36, unmarried, living with Cornelius,age 30??, Daniel, Katharine & John at Allegany, Cattaraugus, New York. No occupation given for Johannah, Stephen & John

Cornelius Lane farmer & bricklayer 30
Daniel Lane farmer & bricklayer 38
Katharine Lane keeping house 34
Johannah Lane 70
Stephen Lane 80
John Lane 36



The article is wrong about the 1849 Gold Rush!! The California Gold Rush lasted from 1848 to 1858. But 1859-1879 saw almost $1 billion of gold and silver found in Nevada. So he could indeed be the John 1844! living with his parents in Allegany in 1880C, but missing in 1860C and 1870C - so some truth in the article!

And who, in 1935, was Mrs F P Crowley - she was the wife of a daughter, Alice Ellen 1882, of Dennis Lehane, who had married Frank Peter Crowley.Turtle point Pa. is where Denis Lane settled and built a house. The fairly large brick house is still there today and is occupied by his descendents.  Frank Crowley married one of Denis Lanes daughters and she supplied the picture.   F P Crowley is on Waitalane Ancestry Family Tree - contacted 13/1/2015.  

1889. As shown below, 3/11/1889 John Lane dies, stated age 50 in Olean Review items . Thus the John Stephen Lane referred to in the article above MUST be he. Olean & Allegany just 5 k apart. Paul has obtained his d.c. in Allegany

1889. John S Lane, single, dies Nov 3 1889 . His d.c. gives him born Ireland, his age as 46, his parents as Stephen & Johanna, cause of death 'spinal difficulty'. He died in the city of Allegany, no address given . Informant was Cornelius Lane . Their is a name of an undertaker on the certificate - Blair McCorty? . He was buried on the 5/11/1889 in Allegeny - St Bonaventura. It also states that he has been in the US for 32 years - actually 37

jslane-dc shows

1889 Year in Review Items from the 

Vol XI  no 6. Thursday, Jan 2, 1890

Information extracted and submitted by Sue (Fairchild) Barry


1 – Death at Ellicottville of Robert H. Shankland, senior editor Cattaraugus Union. John O’Brien, Dan Daly and James Brennan arrested for passing counterfeit money.

3 – Death of John Lane at Allegany, aged 50 years. 


Facts from Kilnamartyra parish records, gleaned from RootsIreland

Stephen Lyhane m. Johanna Healy 1823

A Dennis Lyhane baptised to the couple 1832. Have failed to find a John, Cornelius, Stephen, Dan, Kate baptised to them - might just be due to different spellings, but I doubt it. No way I know of looking through Fiche 5003 of Kilnamartyra parish records other than sitting in the NLI in Dublin!!

There are marriages of a Timothy Lehan in 1815 & 1822 , And a Timothy Lyhan, father John, was baptised there in 1803. Another Timothy baptised 1807, father not a Stephen, Patrick, John, Tim . or Corn.!!

Also a Timothy Lehane baptised Ballyvourney to a John. And a Stephen & a Patrick Lehane, baptised 1827 & 1827 respectively, to a Patrick , Ballvourney

Griffiths has a Timothy Lehane in Ballyvourney, a nearby parish.


Children of Stephen Lehane

Stephen Lehane

*My understanding of the Ydna test that I had done was that  I matched John Lyons for all 37 markers with a genetic difference of  0.  This was my only march at 37 markers. My Haplogroup is R-DF21  according to the Tip info, John and I  have an 89 % chance of having a common relative within 5 generations 74% in 3 generations.  I believe I have found my ancestors in Ireland but I need a little more information to be sure I have the correct people in Ireland. The name in Ireland I am tracking is Lehane it appears to have been changed when my ggandfather was naturalized 1859.  I have found part of the family coming to the US in 1852.  If I have the correct people in Ireland my ggrandfather came from Kilnamartyra  Co Cork. I have  what I believe is the Marriage of my gggfather to a Healy but I would like to find the birth of 3 or more of the children to this couple to make sure they are indeed the correct people. I am like many people struggling with the Irish information. I would be interested in communicating with you on Irish records / research. I have not posted any of the information I have on line but I do use family tree maker soft software, so if we do find a common ancestor I can share the info.