Lehane Cork Baptisms

Denis Lehane was thought to have been born 3/3/1829, to father Stephen and mother Joanna/Johanna - Kilnamartyra being a possibility for this couple .. This birth date, plus the name of Stephen as his father, are taken from his 1906 d.c. Parish records show a Dennis baptised to the couple above in 1832, but so far we have not found any of his other known children baptised to them in that parish, or in any other MHC parish, but there were a Catherine 1825, Daniel 1827, & Patrick 1829- all baptised to Stephen & Joan , not Johanna- but no problem with this!.!. Was Daniel the first son of this Stephen & Joana- if yes, then this Stephen's father likely to have been a Daniel . But if Denis, 1829, was the first son of this Stephen & Joanna, then we would expect Stephen's father to be a Denis

Only one Denis giving birth . Could Denis not actually know what year he was born

Interestingly a Patrick Leehane also married a Mary Golden in 1804 in Kilnamartyra. Also Patrick Leehane married Julia Leary there in 1805 and a Julia Casy there in 1810 . So early marriages do exist there cerca 1800, also early baptisms, but not one for a Denis 1795 - 1800.

        Father Mother Sponsors  
Daniel Leehane Kilnamartyra 1817 Timothy Ellen Sweeny Daniel & Ellen Leehane  
John Lyhane Kilnamartyra Cools 1813 Timothy Mary Mahony    
Stephen Leehane KilnamartyraGortanimil 1818 Timothy Mary Roddins Stephen Leehane Honora Buckly married1813
Timothy Leehane KilnamartyraCaherkereen 1818 Timothy Mary Golden    
Michael Leehane Kilnamartyra Dunderirke 1816 Timothy Mary Golden   married1815
Mary Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1821 Timothy Mary Golden    
Daniel Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1823 Timothy Mary Golden    
John Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1825 Timothy Mary Golden John Lyhane  
Honora Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1827 Timothy Mary Golden    
John Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1827 Timothy Julia Sheahan Cornelius Lyhane  
Mary Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1824 Timothy Julia Sheahan    
Cornelius Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1828 Daniel Margt Buckley    
Catherine* Lyhane Kilnamartyra 22/2/1825 Stephen Joan Healy Stephen Lyhane married1823
Daniel* Lyhane Kilnamartyra 24/4/1827 Stephen Joan Healy Patrick Lyhane  
Patrick* Lyhane Kilnamartyra 1/5/1829 Stephen Joan Lyhane John & Ellen Lyhane  
Denis * Lyhane Kilnamartyra 27/3/1832 Stephen Joan Healy John & Catherine Lyhane  
*Stephen Lyhane of Kilna.. m. Johanna Healy of Ballyvourney 2/12/1823 Kilnamartyra. Laurence Lyhane a witness. No other baptisms so far found to them in another parish
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 16/9/1838 Timothy Julia Casey    
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 28/5/1838 Cornelius Joan Lehane    
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 12/9/1839 Denis Mary Quill    
Daniel Lyhane Kilnamartyra 29/9/1840 James Margt Neil Daniel Lyhane  
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 15/7/1841 Daniel Julia Lehane    
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 22/2/1842 Daniel Margt Twomy    
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 22/5/1842 Patrick Cath Lucy Patrick Lehane  
Daniel Lehane Kilnamartyra 17/5/1843 Daniel Cath Botimer    
Denis Lyhane Kilnamartyra 5/5/1845 Patrick Abigail McCarty    
Denis Lyhane Kilnamartyra 16/5/1847 Daniel Julia Crowley Cornelius Honora Lyhane  
Cornelius Lyhane Kilnamartyra 20/5/1830 Daniel Joan Keleher    
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 22/6/1835 Daniel Cath Botimer    
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 1/10/1838 Jeremiah Joan Delaney    
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 24/3/1839 Michael Mary Hely    
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 23/4/1837 James Margt ONeil Daniel Lehane  
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 19/12/1841 Peter Margt Buckly    
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 14/5/1843 Patrick Julia Corkery    
Cornelius Lehane Kilnamartyra 1844 Daniel Ann Riordan Daniel Lehane  
N.B.   Not interested now in Banteer          
Daniel Lyhane Banteer Corrough 1836 Denis Mary Sheehen Joan Lyhane  
Denis Lehane Banteer Lyre   John Johanna Neagle    
Denis Lehane Banteer Killavoy 1840 Daniel Elizabeth Hefferman Catherine Lehane Married 1815 Ballyclogh
Denis Lyhane Banteer laglawn 1842 Daniel Margt Callaghan    
Denis Lyhane BanteerW.Corrough 1845 Denis Mary Sheehan    
Cornelius Lehane Banteer Nadmore 1838 Patrick Ellen Callaghan    
Cornelius Lehane Banteer 1832 Denis Ellen Sheehan    
Cornelius Lihane Banteer Charlesfield 1847 Francis Mary Horgan Daniel & Joan Lihane  
Catharine Lyhane Banteer Nad 1844 Patrick Ellen Callaghan    
John Lehane Banteer 1833 Daniel Mary callaghan Patrick lehane  
John Lehane Banteer 1833 Daniel Mary Sheehan    
John Lehane Banteer 1834 Daniel Johanna neagh    
John Lehane Banteer Coolroe 1835 Daniel Ellen callaghan    
John Lihane Banteer Glinn 1835 John Margaret callaghan    
John Lehane Banteer Knuckinatudir 1838 John Johanna Gunia    
John Lyhane Banteer Killavoy 1839 Denis Ellen Sheehan    
John Lehane Banteer Lyre 1841 John Johanna Nagle    
John Lyhane Banteer Cringalloe 1842 Cornelius Honora Buckley    
John Lyhane Banteer 1844 Daniel Mary Sheehan    
John Lyhane Banteer Killavoy 1844 John Ellen Conors    
N.B.   Not interested now in Clondrohid          
Daniel Lehane Clondrohid Carigapoka 1839 Peter Ellen Whelan Michael Lehane  
Daniel Lehane Clondrohid Liscarrigane 1842 Patrick Johanna McArthy    
Cornelius Lehane Clondrohid 1834 Jeremiah Johanna Creane    
Cornelius Lehane Clondrohid 1828 John Mary Sheehan    
    Am interested in Ballyvourney          
Stephen Lyhane Ballyvourney 1826 Patrick Margt Lynch Stephen Lyhane Honora Lynch- or Lehane?? witnesses - Pauls gggps???
Mary Lyhane Ballyvourney 1827 Patrick Margt Lynch   married Kilnam. in 1821
Margt Lyhane Ballyvourney 1832 Patrick Margt Lynch    
Patrick Lyhane Ballyvourney 1836 Patrick Margt Lynch    
Catherine Lyhane Ballyvourney 1839 Patrick Margt Lynch    
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1841 Patrick Margt Linch    
Johanna Lyhane Ballyvourney 1844 Patrick Margt Lynch NootherLyhanesponsors  
Patrick Lyhane of Kilna.. m. Margt Lynch of Iveleary in Kilnamartyra in 1821 . Daniel Lyhane a witness .In NLI, I found a Stephen Lyhane & Ellen Connel sponsors at Iveleary baptism of Michael to Patrick Lyhane & Mary Kelly.Pos4794. Iveleary must be out of MHC area, but on Irishgen..ie. A Stephen Leehane in Milleeny Ballyvourney in Griffiths in 1837- likely the Stephen married to Bridget Finegan below
Cornelius Lehane Ballyvourney 1829 Patrick Joan Hartnett    
Mary Lyhane Ballyvourney 1831 Stephen NR seemingly eldest son was Patrick no mc on MHC site
Patrick Lyhane Ballyvourney 1833 Stephen Bridget Finegan    
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1835 Stephen Bridget Finegan Honora Healy  
? Lyhane   1837 ? Biddy Finnigan Danl ? italics OKief entry
Joan Lyhane Ballyvourney 1839 Stephen Bridget Finegan    
Margaret Lyhane Ballyvourney 1842 Stephen Bridget Finegan    
Nelly/Ellen Lyhane Ballyvourney 1844 Stephen Bridget Finegan this from FS: same as Ellen on MHC!  
Stephen Lyhane Ballyvourney 1847 Stephen Bridget? or Mary Finegan Stephen Lyhane  
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1835 Daniel Ellen Twomey    
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1835 Cornelius Margt Twomey    
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1841 Patrick Margt Twomey    
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1844 Michael Margt Murphy John Lyhane  
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1844 Daniel Abigail Kelly    
Denis Lyhane Ballyvourney 1842 Cornelius Julia Buckley Timothy Lyhane  
Denis Lyhane Ballyvourney 1842 Cornelius Mary Corkery Timothy Lyhane  
Denis Leehane Ballyvourney? Ballyclogh 1843 Cornelius Catherine Brown   Married 1828 Ballyclogh
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1835 Michael Margt Lyhane Michael Lyhane  
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1838 Daniel Mary Murray    
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1840 James Bridget Ring John Lyhane  
male Lyhane Ballyvourney 1838 James Bridget Ring all from FS  
Biddy Lyhane Ballyvourney 1838 James Bridget Ring    
Bridget Lyhane Ballyvourney 1843 James Bridget Ring    
Julia Lyhane Ballyvourney 1845 James Bridget Ring    
Catherine Lyhane Ballyvourney 1824 James Mary Lucy all 8 in OKief not on FS
Daniel Lyhane Ballyvourney 1826 James Mary Lucy all below on FS  
John Lyhane Ballyvourney 1831 James Mary Lucy    
male Lyhane Ballyvourney 1833 James Mary Lucy    
Julia/Jude Lyhane Ballyvourney 1835 James Mary Lucy    
Ellen Lyhane Ballyvourney 1838 James Mary Lucy    
male Lyhane Ballyvourney 1840 James Mary Lucy    
Patrick Lyhane Ballyvourney 1843 James Mary Lucy    
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1842 Michael Abigail Dineen    
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1833 Daniel Cath Keleher Cornelius Lyhane  
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1832 Patrick Margt Twomey Cornelius Lyhane  
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1830 Daniel Ellen Twomey Abagail Lyhane  
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1836 Cornelius Margt Sweeney    
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1847 Cornelius Margt Sweeney    
Cornelius Lyhane Ballyvourney 1848 John Margt Kelleher    
    Not now interested in parishes below          
Daniel Lehane Donoughmore 1838 William Cath Looney    
Denis Lehane Donoughmore 1840 Patrick Ann Cody    
Daniel Lehane Donoughmore 1845 John Mary Murphy    
Denis Lehane Donoughmore 1845 Patrick Nancy Codd    
Cornelius Lehane Donoughmore 1837 Jeremiah Bridget Callaghan Cornelius Lehane  
Daniel Lehane Newmarket 1836 Pierce Nancy Browne    
Daniel Lehane Newmarket 1838 Pierce Nancy Browne    
Denis Leehane Newmarket 1838 Denis Mary Connors    
Catherine Lehane Newmarket 1844 Denis Cath Callaghan    
Catherine Leehane Newmarket 1844 David Ellen McAuliffe    
Daniel Lehane Macroom 1844 John Mary Lehane Margeret Lehane  
Denis Lehane Macroom 1844 Daniel Mary Sweeney    
Cornelius Lyhane Macroom Massytown 1834 John Mary Meany Cornelius Lyhane  
Cornelius Lyhane Macroom Coodrom 1839 John Ellen Buckley    
Daniel Lehane Ballyclough 1836 ? Mary Stanton    
Daniel Lehane Ballyclough 1836 Daniel Mary Fitzgerald    
Daniel Lehane Ballyclough 1835 Daniel Mary Mahony    
Denis Lehane Ballyclough 1845 Timothy Mary Sheahan    
Denis Leihane Ballyclough 1843 Cornelius Cath Brown  

Married 1828 ?1843 birth Ballyvourney

Cornelius Lehane Coachford 1832 Jeremiah Mary Ahern    
Denis Lehane Coachford 1835 John Margt Regan    
Cornelius Lihane Coachford 1847 Timothy Mary Murphy    
Cornelius Lyhane Inniscara 1845 Timothy Ellen Mahoney    
Denis Lehane Mourne Abbey 1844 Daniel Ellen Brien    
Denis Lehane Mallow 1828 Daniel Mary Mahony Francis Lehane  
Denis Lehane Kanturk 1830 David Mary Donoghue    
Denis Lehane Youghal 1841 William Ellen Christian    
Denis Lihane Castlemagner Asolas 1838 John Mary callaghan    
john Lyons Banteer 1830 Peter Bridget Fitzgerald    


-found on RootsIreland Dec 2014

Stephen Lehane

Jim Lehane