John Stephen Lehane/Lane ~1800 - 1889

Paul Lane, who has an all 37 marker Dna match with my South African cousin, John Lyons, is the great grandson of Dennis Lehane, whose father was a Stephen Lehane,

Could this person, John Stephen Lane, in the US by 1849, dying 1889 in Orlean, be a brother of our Stephen Lyhane??


An interesting article appeared in the press in 1935, with a connection to Turtle Point: could John Stephen Lane, who died 1889 in Olean, be a brother of Stephen Lyhane 1800??. Stephen and son family had settled by 1860 around Turtle Point . Olean just 5 k west of Allegany,

More likely: Could he indeed be John 1841 and the article is wrong about the 1849 Gold Rush!! The California Gold Rush lasted from 1848 to 1858, so he could have gone west aged just 15 say, around 1855 maybe- Feasible. If he is John 1841 then he is living with his parents in Allegany in 1880C, but missing in 1860C and 1870C - so could have gone looking for Gold!!.

1870C. There is a John Lehan, 28, miner, in Nevada

And can he be found in the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses?? . Need to Look

And who, in 1935, was Mrs F P Crowley?? Had a brief look at the 1930 & 1940 Cs , but did not find her



1889. John Stephen Lane dies Nov 3 1889

*My understanding of the Ydna test that I had done was that  I matched John Lyons for all 37 markers with a genetic difference of  0.  This was my only march at 37 markers. My Haplogroup is R-DF21  according to the Tip info, John and I  have an 89 % chance of having a common relative within 5 generations 74% in 3 generations.  I believe I have found my ancestors in Ireland but I need a little more information to be sure I have the correct people in Ireland. The name in Ireland I am tracking is Lehane it appears to have been changed when my ggandfather was naturalized 1859.  I have found part of the family coming to the US in 1852.  If I have the correct people in Ireland my ggrandfather came from Kilnamartyra  Co Cork. I have  what I believe is the Marriage of my gggfather to a Healy but I would like to find the birth of 3 or more of the children to this couple to make sure they are indeed the correct people. I am like many people struggling with the Irish information. I would be interested in communicating with you on Irish records / research. I have not posted any of the information I have on line but I do use family tree maker soft software, so if we do find a common ancestor I can share the info.


Facts from Kilnamartyra parish records, gleaned from RootsIreland

Stephen Lyhane m. Johanna Healy 1823

A Dennis Lyhane baptised to the couple 1832. Have failed to find a John, Cornelius, Stephen, Dan, Kate baptised to them - might just be due to different spellings, but I doubt it. No way I know of looking through Fiche 5003 of Kilnamartyra parish records other than sitting in the NLI in Dublin!!

There are marriages of a Timothy Lehan in 1815 & 1822 , And a Timothy Lyhan, father John, was baptised there in 1803. Another Timothy baptised 1807, father not a Stephen, Patrick, John, Tim . or Corn.!!

Also a Timothy Lehane baptised Ballyvourney to a John. And a Stephen & a Patrick Lehane, baptised 1827 & 1827 respectively, to a Patrick , Ballvourney

Griffiths has a Timothy Lehane in Ballyvourney, a nearby parish.


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