Frances Andrews 1849-1923


Correction: Martha Ladbury/Andrews died 1920.

Frances E Markham/Frampton died in 1958 and has a ggrandson Michael through her daughter Vesta Marion Frampton 1898-1960 .

Frances Rebecca Andrews . 1849 - 1923. Born at 2, Garden Row, Southwark Mar 1849. No baptism on London Ancestry records. Descendant Geoffrey Carder-Geddes does not yet have b.c.: 2012. Also a descendant Michael - Ruth Allen Ancestry tree

1851C. Living aged 3 with her parents & 3 older & 1 younger siblings at 2 Garden Row. The family is still living there in 1858


1861C. Living in Lodge Cottage, Worth , Sussex, with father and 3 of her 4 siblings.


By 1866, back in Southwark, aged 17, as she is the informant on her grandmother's d.c. and would seem to be living at 2 Union Street, Southwark

1868. Charles King was the occupier of 11 Hanover Street, so Elizabeth Andrews would have moved there 1869-1871

1870.  Her father. Charles Andrews, carpenter, dies,1/12/1870, aged 49, at 11, Hanover St.

1871C. .Living in 11, Hanover Street, Newington, unmarried, aged 22, Wool Toy Maker , with her widowed mother, Elizabeth, and sister Hannah. In the same house are 2 lodgers, William and Richard Markham, aged 18 & 21, b. Brompton, Mddx. and a family of 3 called Pau. A year later she marries William Markham, writer & house decorator.

1872. 3/4/1872 Frances Rebecca Andrews , aged 23, marries William Henry Markham, a sign writer, aged only 19, [born Sep 1852 Chelsea] [father Richard James Markham a Sign Writer. but previously,1861/71C?, a beer shop keeper in Chelsea], addresses given as Newington Causeway. Her father, Charles Andrews a carpenter, not recorded as deceased. Witnesses are Richard James Foster Markham. & George Alfred Markham

William & Frances Markham have 4 children:

1873. Frances Elizabeth Markham born 11/8/1873, baptised 16/2/1883. Dies 1953?

1878. Percival Clarence Markham born 18/12/1878, baptised 16/2/1883. Dies 1932

1879, William Henry Markham was the occupier of 72 Crampton Street, paying 6s.9d of 9s rent, having been allowed 2s.3d under Clause 3 of the Poor Rate. So the family already really poor before his 1883 death

1880. Edith Constance Markham born 13/10/1880, at 72 Crampton Street, baptised 2/3/1883. Dies 1955

1882.Isabel Gertrude Markham born 3/1/1882, baptised 30/3/1883. Dies 1978

All baptised at St. Marys, Newington: records on Ancestry. All 4 children were baptised between 16/2/1883 and 4/4/1883, probably all after William has died?? St. Marys Newington is very close to Crampton Street, and to Hanover Street where she lived prior to her marriage and to Draper Street where her mother was living in 1881.

From the Southwark Rates Books, I noted- 2014, that Frances Markham was at 72 Crampton Street between 1872 and that John Sullivan was there 1876-1880

1881C. Frances Markham, 32, and husband, William H., 29, Sign Writer, are at 72, Crampton Street, Newington. [see pictures on John Sullivan 1854 page], with their first 3 children :Frances E. 7, Percival C. 2 and Edith C. 5mths. Also, as a boarder with them is first cousin, John O'Sullivan, 24, who marries her sister Hannah Andrews in 1884: he was already living at this address when his father David Sullivan died 22/10/1880.

1883. Her husband William Markham dies,aged 30, Deaths Mar 1883 MARKHAM William Henry 30 Strand 1b 462 , very soon after the birth of their last child Isabella. Odd that he died in 'Strand' - at work??

1891C, Frances Markham, aged 43, widow, Toymaker, living at 30,York Street, [the same street as her mother Elizabeth and sister Hannah, now Sullivan,] Southwark, in 2 rooms, with just 2 of her 4 children, Frances E. Markham, 17, Relief Stamper Station, & Isabella G.Markham, 9.

Meanwhile, her daughter Edith C.Markham, aged 10, is in a home for waifs and strays in Mirfield ,Yorkshire! And Percival [Percy] Markham, aged 11, born 18/12/1879 , is an inmate in a similar home: All Saints Home, 62 Rectory Lane, Ashdon, Saffron Waldon, Essex. The family had obviously fallen on really hard times upon the 1883 death of William - this confirmed by Edith's son, Reginald Carder Geddes . Maybe she had the children baptised after her husband's death with the thought of getting some help with them?

1893. Still living at 30 York Street from the Electoral Registers

1894. Living at 16 Skipton Street, late 16 York Street

1895. Her mother, Elizabeth Andrews, dies at 12 York Street.

1896 Seems to be at 20/30? Skipton Street in August 1896 when her eldest daughter, Frances, marries.

1898 Living at 23 Skipton Street from the Electoral Registers

1900 Living at 12 Skipton Street, the house where her mother had died in 1895 and in which her sister, Hannah Sullivan, had presumably continued to live 1896-1900.

What is surprising is that with all this moving she still appears on the Electoral Register.

In 1901C, aged 52, living at 12 Skipton [York renamed] Street, Southwark, in 4 rooms, Fur Toy Maker, with her sister Hannah Sullivan, niece Jessie Sullivan 17, & 3 of her children, Percival C. Markham 21, Edith C.Markham 20 & Isabella G.Markham 19.

In 1911C, Frances Rebecca Marsham, aged 62, is living in 6 rooms at 65 Lower Street,Southwark, with her eldest, married, daughter, Frances Frampton, and her family- see below ; have also traced the other 2 married daughters but where is Percy?.


1911-1915. Moves to Belvedere, Kent, probably to live with her daughter, Edith Carder Geddes.

1915. Living in Belvedere, Kent- named as next of kin on Army Record of son, Percival Markham.

She, Frances R.Markham, dies in 1923 Mar 1923 Dartford 2a 733, aged '74', no will : this is near Belvedere[probably it's registration district] where her daughter Edith Constance Geddes was living.

The 4 Children of Frances Andrews/Markham:

1. . . Frances Elizabeth Markham 1873-1958

Born 18/8/1873 baptised 16/2/1883 St Marys Newington.

1883. Her father dies and family is split up.

1891. A Relief Stamper station?, living 30 York Street, with mother & brother

1896 . She, 22, marries William John Frampton, 27, tobacconist, in 1896 in St.George the Martyr, Southwark.[the church where her grandfather, Charles Andrews, was christened in 1822]. Her address still Skipton Street, number 20??. 1/2 children baptised 9/7/1905.

1901C. Living at 27 Lower Street, Rotherhithe. 2 Children & her husband a Tobacconist.


1911C shows her living in 6 rooms at 65 Lower Street, Rotherhithe, 37, married 14 years, 4 children 1 dead, assisting in the business, with her husband, William John, 41, tobacconist, children Nesta Manai[ actually Vesta Marion], 12, Constance, 10, Colin William 10mths,, MaryAnn, 74, & mother Frances Marsham, 62, occupation Nil. . All these 3 children were born in Lower Street and another has died. ..

She, Frances E. Frampton, dies Norwich Jun 1958, aged 84. W J Frampton probably died Lambeth Jun 1942 aged 73, correct age.

. . . . & Children of Frances E Frampton.

Vesta M. Frampton, 1898-1960, married Thomas Charles Rivers Dec 1922 Lambeth. They had 2 daughters, one of whom was Marion Constance Rivers 1924-2006: She married Donald Carman & their offspring has an Ancestry tree- descendant Michael - Ruth Allen Ancestry tree

Constance Frampton married Donald V Rivers Jun 1923 Lambeth. Have these 2 Frampton girls married brothers?

Colin W Frampton may have married Eva L Gardner in1935 Hendon

2. . . Percival Clarence Markham 1878-1932.

Born 18/12/1878. Baptised 16/2/1883 St. Mary's Newington - probably just after his father's death: maybe in order to receive Church aid.

1881C, aged 2, with parents at 72 Crampton Street.

Probably accepted by All Saints Home between 1885 & 1887. At that time boys were taken in under the age of 8.

1891C , aged 11 is an inmate in All Saints Home, 62 Rectory Lane, Ashdon, Saffron Waldon, Essex. . Times were obviously very hard for his widowed mother - another of her children, Edith, was in a home in Yorkshire,

1901C, aged 21, ? station messenger, with mother, aunt, 2 siblings & cousin Jessie Sullivan, my gran, at 12, Skipton St.

1911C. I thought he might be living in Paddington, mistranscribed as Marcham, but this Percy was born Paddington and is married with children. Another Percival of the right age . . . . is living in Spalding, probably married?? - very dubious! & this Lincolnshire Percy killed in WW1. . Percy is not thought to have married[ so not marriage of Dec 1907 Sculcoates 9d 389]. . . . . . . . ...Geoffrey Geddes, descendant of Percy's sister Edith, has obtained his WW1 record. . .Francis R. Markham, his mother, is listed as next of kin on Percy's enlistment document, into the Labour Corps, and address then, 1915, was Belvedere, Kent. In 1920, on discharge/ receipt of his 1914/15 Star, rank still a Private, his address was 28 Picardy Hill, Belvedere, Kent: this was the home of Edith Constance and her husband, William .C. Geddes, where Geoffrey's father grew up. Also from the tapes recorded by his father Reginald, it is suggested that ' Percy's behaviour was rather erratic and that perhaps he suffered from shell shock.' A service record in WW1 gives his address on 2 July 1915 as New Road, Shepperton.

1932. Died aged 52 Uxbridge Mar 1932. Star & Garter Home Richmond - source Geoffrey Geddes

3. . Edith Constance Markham 1880-1958.

. . . .Born 13/10/1880 at 72 Crampton Street.

. . . 1881C, aged 5 mths living with parents at 72, Crampton Street.

. . .She was baptised, in St.Mary's Newington, on 2/3/1883, having been born 13/10/1880. Her other 3 siblings were also baptised in the same church within a month either side of this.: her father also died in the same quarter, certainly before at least one of these baptisms!!

. . . . 1891C, aged 10, is in a Home for Waifs and Strays in Mirfield ,Yorkshire .This only opened in 1890, but likely that Edith was at Meanfield House, Yorkshire before this date. Am not sure if records exist for its entries, or Newington Poor Records of help given to the family.

. . . 1901C, aged 20, book folder binder, at 12 Skipton Street with mother, aunt, 2 siblings & cousin Jessie Sullivan, my grandmother. .


. . 1903. .Marries William Henry Carder-Geddes, a joiner, on 25/12/1903 in All Saints Church Rotherhithe. Address 27 Lower Road.[ although it looks like Tower Road] 27 Lower Road was where her elder sister, Frances Frampton lived from 1901-1903 at least. .And William John Frampton, her brother-in-law, is one of the witnesses, the other being her sister Isabel Gertrude Markham.

. . . . 1911C, Constance Carder, 30 , married 7 years, 2 children, is living with William, 31, carpenter & joiner, for Lift Manufacturers, Reggie 6 & Ralph 5, at 4 Picardy New Cottages, Picardy Hill, Belvedere Dartford Kent in 5 rooms

1958. Edith Constance Carder-Geddes, nee Markham, dies , Deptford, Kent

. . . . & Carder-Geddes children.

. . . . . . . .Reginald Carder-Geddes Dec Southwark 1904-2002 [married Sybil Barnett 1930, son Geoffrey Carder-Geddes, source of much of above info.]...., Ralph Carder-Geddes, 1906 - , & Elsie N Carder 1913 Dec London City [ N stands for Naomi], also registered, as a handwritten addition , as Elsie N Geddes!!

Descendant , Geoffrey Geddes ,1931, son of Reginald, in turn son of Edith, has an Ancestry tree. Email contact.

The Church of England Society Homes in which Percival & Edith Markham spent some of their childhoods: they were there in 1891. .

St Agnes' Home For Girls, Mirfield West Riding, Yorkshire (1890 - 1927), where Edith was provided for after the 1883 death of her father.

St Agnes' Home for Girls was established in 1890 "for the purpose of drawing off about twelve children", from the nearby Beckett Home for Girls when it became too full. All ten children (aged 3-10) were transferred from the recently closed Meanwood Home for Girls. On January 17th 1890, St Agnes' Home was officially opened and dedicated by the Bishop of Wakefield.

St Agnes' became successful and worked in tandem with the Beckett Home for many years, even sharing a Lady Superintendent called Miss Barter. Apart from the youngest all the girls were educated in the local day and Sunday school.

St Agnes' Home for Girls moved in 1895 to a more spacious building called Dunbottle House, which could accommodate eighteen girls. A new washhouse was installed in 1904 and a new wing was started on January 1st 1910. This was quite an adventure for the girls, as they were temporary lodged in the Presbytery at St Anne's Convalescent Home, Bridlington. The new wing was opened on 30th June 1910, with a dedication service by the Canon Walsham How. Although the weather was forecast as sunny, the rain forced everyone to reconvene indoors.

The Home closed in 1927, when the building was converted into a babies home (also called St Agnes'), which was used as a war nursery between 1941 and 1945. After the War this Nursery closed.


All Saints' House, Rectory Lane, Ashdon, Saffron Walden, Essex (1885 - 1961), where Percy was being looked after in 1891C.

All Saints' Home was founded in 1885 by the Rector of Ashdon, Reverend Henry Barclay Swete, as the Society's first boys' home. The Rector donated two thatched cottages to the Society, and even paid for most of the furnishings. The buildings also came with an extensive garden that included a small playground, and plenty of flowerbeds for the boys to look after. The Home could accommodate only six boys (aged 3-7).

After just a few years it became clear that the cottages were too small to meet the demand for places at the Home. Reverend Swete, now Professor of Pastoral Theology at Kings College, Cambridge, paid for a new building to be constructed on land rented from Gonville and Caius College. This was opened on St Michael and All Angels' Day in 1890 (September 29th). After a service at the parish church, the clergy and congregation formed a procession led by a cross-bearer. They made their way to the Home, where Reverend Swete conduction a Benediction Service (a type of blessing). The new building was double the size of the original home, with space for twelve boys.

The most notable member of staff during these years was Miss Ellen Whitehead who was appointed as Matron in October 1895 at the age of 29. She stayed at the Home for 37 years, retiring in 1933 - the same year Edward Rudolph died. Upon her retirement, she was described in the Society's newsletter Our Waifs and Strays as 'the excellent mother of a happy family'.

Problems with the water supply meant that the Home depended upon a nearby well. When this ran dry, water had to be carried up the steep hill from the village. This carried on for 48 years, until a mains supply was eventually installed in 1938.

All Saints' Home for Boys carried on as a 'small and happy family' who 'enjoyed the sympathy and good will of various local friends' for many years. The Home finally closed in 1961.

Edith Constance Markham/Geddes, maybe c.1940.

taken at 28 Picardy Road, Belverdere, Kent in 1936. In the backrow from left to right are Ralph, Naiomi and
Reginald Carder-Geddes[ born 1904]; seated are Mabel nee Mouland, Ralph's wife, Edith
. . . . ..Constance Carder-Geddes nee Markham, Emma nee Dolly Geddes, who was the mother of William Henry Carder-Geddes, and
Sybil nee Barnett, Reg's wife, with Gillian on her lap.Geoffrey is in the rocking chair.



4. . . .Isabella Gertrude Markham 3/1/1882-1978.

1891C, aged 9, living at 30 York Street, with her mother and eldest sister, Frances.

1901C, aged 19, paper ? folder, living at 12 Skipton Street with mother, aunt, Percy & Edith.

15/08/1909, aged 27, she marries William John Newton in All Saints, Hatcham Park.

1911C; living , aged 29, at 53 Hunsdon Rd, New Cross, Greenwich in 3 rooms with William John, 25, motorman with L C C, and son William Patrick Newton,1. Other children were, probably, Arthur J Newton Sep 1916 , Roland A J Newton in 1919. - all 3 births Greenwich.

Isobel Gertrude Newton died Camberwell 1978


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