Children of Joseph Bennett 1801



1. Martha Bennett 1822- 1871? & Joseph Samuel Bennett 1822- . . . On 24/4/1822, these twins are baptised to Jos., silkweaver, & Mary Bennett, Braintree. Not found in 1841C - do they die as children? Marriage of a Martha Bennett 19, 21/8/1837 Braintree image 3/10 of D/P 264/1/36 to Barcus Cowell 19 bricklayer - cannot find her as such in 1841C. Unfortunately her father is not given and no Bennett witnesses. But they are in the 1861C in Braintree: both b. Bocking & given as aged 44, so here again her age is too high for a 1822 birth, but maybe she was born around 1818/9 and not baptised for a few years. Also in the 1871C, now just 47, a silk weaver. Martha Cowell dies Dec 1871 aged 52, but Braintree graveyard was closed at this time!. No Joseph Bennet is buried in Braintree 1822-1837.. The Bmd entry of a Joseph Bennett who dies Braintree 25/9/1847 is only 6 yrs old

3. Mary Ann Bennett1826-..... 8/2/1826 baptised to Mary & Joseph. Bennett, silk weaver, Braintree.D/P 264/1/23. Image 55. In D/P 2641/19, found that her mother Mary Bennett was churched 8/2/1826 . Witness on 8/5/1848 to her brother's, Samuel's, wedding. Not found in 1841C, maybe a servant in Toppesfield in 1851C. Has an illegitimate daughter, Esther, born New Road Braintree 19/06/1850, who is baptised, Hester Bennett, illegitimate, Braintree, 12/3/1852, D/P 264/1/24, image 72 & who then lives with the grandparents, Joseph & Mary, for at least 20 years. 1871C, Esther working at a factory in Braintree, aged 20. 'Ester' Bennett is a witness at the marriage of her cousin, George Parchment, in March 1872 in Bethnal Green. .An Esther, but not ours, marries 2/12/1872- Robert Spencer in St. James the Great, Bethnal Green ; her father is given as John Bennett, deceased: do not think this is our Esther as in 1881C it says she was b.Huntingdonshire/ Hertfordshire and several Esther Bennett births 1850-1852.!!. Have not tracked down Mary from 1841 onwards. Does not seem to marry 1850-1864.


4. Elizabeth Bennett 1827- . . .20/6/1827 baptised to Mary & Joseph Bennett, silkweaver, Braintree. D/P 264/1/23. Image 60. Working as a silk factor, aged 15, using the name of Betsey, living with her parents in 1841C. No bmd marriage 1841-1860 . Eliza Bennett marriage to a James Clark in Mar 1842 was not in Braintree church! Have searched for her on Findmypast.

5. Samuel Bennett 1830 - 1914. . . .5/11/1830 baptised to Mary & Joseph Bennett, silkweaver, Braintree. D/P 264/1/23 .Image 75. Samuel Bennet 20 labourer [ father Joseph Bennet labourer, witness Mary Ann Bennet x ] marries Maria Handley 20 8/5/1848 Braintree image 113 of D/P 264/1/36. 1851C Samuel Bennet 21 bricklayer, Maria 22 & 2 children, Drury Lane Braintree . Maybe a daughter Louisa Bennett who was buried, aged 2, on 2/12/1853, in Braintree Church? 1861C. Have not found him. 1871C, Gt. Baddow Chelmsford, Samuel Bennett, 41, bricklayer, wife Maria 41, George 21 bricklayer, Samuel 17 bricklayer, Maria 15, Walter,12, Alfred 10, Harry 4, all b. Braintree except for the 2 youngest, b.Chelmsford. Still in great baddow in 1881C, 51, bricklayer, with Maria 51 & 3 children, maria 24, unemployed domestic servant ,Alfred 19 tailor, Harry 13 scholar. Son George, 30, bricklayer, married to Sarah Terry 40, who has a child, 22, of her own and Sarah's father, are living nearby: George Bennett married Sarah Terry, 1872 West Ham. 1901C. Still in Great Baddow, Samuel Bennett 71 bricklayer - retired?, Maria 71. 1911C. Samuel Bennett 80, no occupation, Maria 82, married 62 years 10 children, 3 dead, living in 6 rooms, 6 Retreat, Great Baddow. Samuel Bennett dies, aged 84, Chelmsford 1914. Who is Samuel Barker Bennett dying in 1888 West Ham, aged 64 - 5 yrs out: could he be Joseph Samuel 1822??. Where does Barker come from??

6. Charlotte Bennett c.1832-1874

7. Barber/Barker/Barkus Bennett 1836 - 1879. . No baptism found. Marries Eliza Potter, b.Coggleshall Dec 1857 Witham, he mistranscribed as Barkes.. In 1861C, is living, aged 24, bricklayer, wife 23, in Moulsham Street Chelmsford , with 3 children, Eliza Bennett 3 [maybe registered as Maria,1857], b.Coggleshall, George Bennett 2 [Mar 1859 Braintree] and Selina Elizabeth Bennett [Sep 1860] , aged 8mths, last 2 b.Bocking. Eliza Bennett, 1857, dies, aged 11 in 1869. Other children: Harriet Bennett 1863, maybe Albert George Bennett, b.1865 who died in 1867, and maybe? a William Bennett , b.1868, died 1876, **Ernest Barker Bennett 1872, Herbert Bennett 1874 & Henry Bennett 1878.

In 1871C, at 31,Upper Bridge Row, Moulsham, is calling himself Charles Bennett, 34, bricklayer, with Eliza 34, George 12, Selina 11 and Harriet 8, b.Moulsham. . . . . In 1881C, Barber/Charles Bennett has died. At 35, Upper Bridge Row, Eliza 44, widow, needlewoman, Selina 20 & Harriet 17, both silk factory hands, Ernest 8, Herbert 7, & Henry 3. Barber died in 1879: Jun 1879 Bennett Barkus 46 Chelmsford 4a 147. He is described as a labourer, deceased, on 1887 marriage cert. of his son George.

. .. . . George Bennett 1859 , waiter, aged 28, married Jane Millard, aged 23,  2/5/1887, St.Geo. in the East: His sister Selina was one of the witnesses. Father, Barker Bennett, given as labourer, deceased. In 1901C, George Bennett, 41, caretaker, at home, b.Braintree, Jane 37 , Mabel 6, Ethel 4, last 3 born London. In 1911C, Jane Bennett, widow,  caretaker offices, at home. 6 children ,3 died, Mabel 17 envelope folder, Ethel 14 at home, Percy 6 at 33 Nicholas Lane  living in 3 rooms. Both Ethel & Percy baptised at St.Edmund the King & Martyr, 24/1/1896 & 18/9/1904 respectively. Margaret Merrill-email- is Percy's daughter. Another Ancestry Tree with same Bennett lineage . Percy died 1972, his mother Jane Bennett~1946.

** Ernest Barker Bennett 1872 married Lucy Miller in 1899. Among their children were Ernest Alfred Barcus Bennett, 1900 Chelmsford, & Rose Bennett, Chelmsford 1909-1973 who married Terence Jolly  & they had Robert Jolly in 1943 who married Mary Ann Gun. They in turn had Angela Jolly in 1964 and she married  Lewis . Contact with her via email & Genes . "Ernest Barker Bennett apparantly was a very lovely man.   His wife Lucy, however, was not so pleasant, especially to my grandmother Rose.  Lucy was apparantly an alcoholic and got worse as she got older.  I must admit, she does look a bit sour-faced in the wedding photo!!" Ernest Alfred Barcus Bennet married Daisy Knight in 1925 Chelmsford -photo of wedding

bennett-rose . . . . . . . . . . . .wedding-1925

Rose Bennett 1909-1973,ggranddaugher of Joseph. . . . . . . . . . .1925 Wedding of Ernest A B Bennett 1900, ggrandson of Joseph. On left his father, Ernest Barker Bennett 1872 with wife Lucy & children, Rose far left & Ivy 1907, seated, bridesmaid. Herbert Bennett 1901 is just to the right of the bride

8. Eliza Bennett 1837 - 1911. . . marries a John Cowell in Braintree 16/12/1855. Dies in West Ham, aged 72, Mar 1911.I am in contact with her gggranddaughter, Sylvia Aston, Genes.

Grandchildren of Joseph Bennett.

One of the daughters of Joseph 'married' a Clarke/Clark and her son, W R Clarke , was the informant on the 1886 d.c of his grandmother, Mary Bennett [ Frost]. Possibilties for this daughter would seem to be one of Martha 1822, Mary Ann 1825 & Elizabeth/Betsey 1827. But - Nov 2011 - I cannot solve this puzzle despite several hours of research. And even with Braintree fiches 1840 onwards - Jan 2012 - I have not found the answer. In 1871 & 1881 censuses, a William Robert Clark , b. 1864, Braintree, is living a few doors away from Joseph & Mary Bennett, at 223 Manor Road ; his father, Robert, b~1840 is a Bricklayer and his mother, Mary Ann, b~1841, a Silkweaver. Occupations and closeness of homes seemed almost proof of relationship, BUT, ages of parents are WRONG & Mary Ann is born Halstead in both censuses: and indeed a Robert Clarke married a Mary Ann Beckwith Mar 1864, but not in Braintree church!, and she born Mar 1841 in Halstead!- no baptism in St Andrews Halstead 1840 and cannot find her in 1841C!. She does exist ,aged 10, in 1851C, parents John Beckwith 41 & Matilda 39 b. Coggeshall [ but no marriage in Essex>1837 for these 2!] - obviously not a child of Joseph & Mary. So, this seems to disprove this William Rob. Clark being our grandson!!! Could he possibly have been a ggrandson, and John Beckwith was previously 'married to a daughter of Joseph's.??' No RWClarke baptism for the 15 mths following his Sep 1864 birth . Martha certainly did not marry a Clark, but probably Barcus Cowell..

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