Charrington Document T/B 523/1


Calendar of documents on display at the offices of Charrington & Co. Ltd., brewers, at Anchor House, Mile End Road, London E1. Inc. deeds to parts of property called Cardfields and adjoining properties at Duton Hill, GREAT EASTON, 1587-1721. These properties, inc. a malt-house, were acquired in 1641 by John JESPER of EASTON, maltster.

Jespers are mentioned in Paragraphs 5, 7, 9 & 18 of this document.

5. John Jesper of Great Easton, carpenter, & Mary Judd junior of Shelley, Marriage Settlement 5/1/1721

. . . . .John conveys to Mary Judd senior of Shelley, widow, & Alexander Judd, yeoman, of Hatfield Broad Oak - in trust for Mary junior - a house at Great Easton in a hamlet called Duton Hill, abutting the road from Ilford Bridge to Blamster Hall to the south, an orchard late belonging Elizabeth Rowley [ but now to John Gunn] to the east, & lands formerly of John Mead, then of George Scott & now of the widow Collin] to the west & north. I need to look at this again, as 2 instances I recorded of 'not in 1641', which I now do not understand! There is a Will, D/AEW 36/1/1, of an Alexander Judd. yeoman, High Laver,~ 3miles from Shelley but a long way from G.E., in 1743.. Alexander Judd is buried High Laver, Nov.1742, followed by his widow in Sept. 1743 . There is a burial of a Mary Judd, widow of this parish , in High Laver 31/10/1763 - surely this must be Mary Judd senior??

7. Feoffment[ written in Latin] - Settlement??- 1641

Hammond, yeoman of G.E. conveys to John Jesper , G.E., mallster. a house in a hamlet .... to east & north, for £50.

9. Bond. In 1632, John Jesper had a 15 year lease on Duton Hill at an annual rent of £4.

18. Blamsters Hall, Eselford Bridge . House .Paid £50 for it. [ But I did not seem to note down the year or the name!!- but "Ilford Bridge & Blamster Hall" are mentioned in paragraph 5. ]

This written by J J Farrell, Tower Hamlets L.H. Library & Archivist in1980


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