Wilds Rents, Bermondsey


Photo taken 2008

Modern photo, 2008, of 7 Wilds Rents. Timothy Lyons & family are recorded as living at 9 Wilds Rents in 1901, had been there from 1898[Electoral Roll books] and they are still there until 1907-8.

1901 Census
Timothy S. 48 Labourer of 9 Wilds Rents
Elizabeth 45
Elizabeth 9,
Josephine 12
Helen 15
William J. 19 General Carman
David Tobin 30 Dock Labourer

Wilds Rents,near junction with Long Lane,Bermondsey,1935
Wilds Rents 1935 - same corner as modern photo?
10-11 Wilds Rents 1935




Charles Booth records "colour from pink to purple" for Wilds Rents. PURPLE: Mixed. Some comfortable others poor. PINK: Fairly comfortable. Good ordinary earnings.

Elim Street, where Stephen Lyons 1859 & Bernard Stephen Lyons 1894 were living in 1901C was close by.

Timothy Lyons, born 1852

William John Lyons, born 1880

Lyons family homes