Descendents of Florence Helena Mead 1888-1959


Florence & W.G.Turner, married in 1916, had two children - Dorothy Odette Turner, born Dunmow 22/9/1917 and William[Billy] Turner, probably born in Canada circa 1927??. Dorothy was baptised in G.D. church, father given as Munitions worker, address 36 Suffolk Road, Ponders End, on 29/12/1918 with her cousin, Marjorie Davies, who was almost exactly one year younger . Neither Dorothy's birth certificate nor her christening record included a second name- so when was Odette incorporated! The Turner family emigrated to Canada soon after WWI, in 1920

1920. There is a passenger list entry for the family departing from Liverpool on the Corsican on 2 Jul 1920 and arriving in Quebec on 12 Jul 1920. On the outgoing passenger list at Find My Past they are listed as W. Turner (30), Mrs. F. Turner (29) and Dorothy (2) while on the Canadian passenger list they are William Geo. Turner,31, machinist, intending to farm, Mrs. William George Turner and Dora. Here is a link to the passenger list at Library and Archives Canada:


In Jan 2011 I was contacted by their granddaughter, Nancy Kingdon, 1941.


Nancy's story, partly in pictures .

dorturner2 .dorturner2a .dorturner3 .dortur5

Dorothy Turner, aged 1-4, 1919 -1922, maybe the earliest 2 taken in Dunmow?. Right hand photo probably her daughter, Nancy

toppfamily. toppfamily2

Photos of Topp & her husband Will & children Dorothy & Billy c.1931 & 1937?

Grandad worked for a well-to-do employer of his and went up to their summer home (very large) in Roches Point on Lake Simcoe every summer.  Their names were Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.  Grandad was a groom for them and looked after their horses.  I do remember my mom telling me a story about one of their horses.  They had a little girl who had epilepsy.  And one day she had a seizure out in the field.  Apparently this horse stood over her until the seizure subsided to protect her.  My mom named me after this little girl

I know that because grandma was VERY meticulous mom, Dorothy, was not allowed to bring her friends into the apartment.  When mom and dad started courting they used to go for walks through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery (which is beautiful) and that's why mom chose that cemetery versus one near Thornhill where we lived to bury dad.  When Cin - 1957, her sister - and I go down to put flowers on their graves I always envision them walking down the path.  Mom was much closer to her mom than her dad.  Mom told me many stories about how mean he had been during her childhood.  Once she ran to him screaming that she hurt her thumb somehow and put her hand under his arm so she couldn't see what he was doing and he grabbed horse linament on it.  Mom said it was terribly painful.  Then he wrapped it up and told her to go play.  Maybe he couldn't take her to the doctor at the time but she felt he treated her pretty rough.  When she was 79 she showed me how she couldn't bend her thumb because of the treatment she received.  She definitely portrayed a dim picture of how he treated her.  I also remember mom saying that she was ten I think  when Uncle Bill was born and grandma made mom look after him.....she had to take him everywhere she went and she was not allowed to say no.[Topp probably suffering from depression?, but she also worked]  However, I loved grandad and he treated my brother and I okay even though I was a little afraid of him.   I would say mom and dad lived a happy life - very much in love.  But it sounded to me that growing up with grandma and grandad was not all that much fun.   Grandma never mentioned to me about growing up in a pub but Cin knew that story from mom.   Mom gave me a embroidery piece that apparently grandma had been doing and never finished - little pieces of embroidered flags that she was going to sew onto a bigger piece of material I guess to make a pillow case.  I never saw her doing it or any other needlework.  She was a beautiful pianist by ear.  Mom also had that ability.   I did not know that Edie-1889, sister of Florence & my gran - had married a William George Turner and you would have thought grandma would have mentioned it.  I'm sorry but I don't think the Detroit Turners stayed long and the only memory I have of them is going to meet them in grandma's kitchen.   Grandad never talked to me about anything of the war.  I only knew about him being in India from my mom and I remember he had many artifacts from there.  He had 2 or 3 beautiful pictures of leopards on the wall.  Unfortunately, when grandma died and he moved back to Toronto he auctioned off everything they had.  Mom was annoyed with him because he never told her he was doing that until it was finished and she wanted some of those items.  Gone forever!!


1936.24/10/1936 Dorothy Turner married Ernest Kingdon at St. Clements church, photos below. She had been living with her parents at 2419 1/2 Yonge Street. In 1939 they were living at 96 Erskine Avenue, Topp & Billy [& probably not Will?] also living with them.


dortureng . .dorchurch .dorturwedd.

Frank Kingdon & Joyce Brown behind Ernie & Dorothy

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The above notice is the first reference I have seen to the name Odette.

Roger James Kingdon was born at the Toronto General Hospital in Toronto in January 1940.  I was born (Nancy Carol Kingdon) at the same place in 1941.  We lived in a rented house on Montgomery Avenue until my father bought our first home on Lawrence Avenue.  My dad worked very hard as a Lithographer but money was very tight and they lost their home.There is a photo of his unemployment card below.  We moved into an apartment over a drug store at 3439 Yonge Street where we lived until I was 11 years old.  This was 2 doors up from my grandma and grandad's apartment (3431).  I loved living there because I played on the street with my chinese friend Linda and we walked to Bedford Park Public School which was 10 blocks away.  We had a great time growing up there.  Lots to see and because grandma was so close she babysat a lot while mom and dad worked.  Mom worked at an ice cream parlour. 


I remember grandma and I went downtown (Toronto) to meet her friend Jack Cutler, photos on Topp's page .  All 3 of us went into a pub type hotel where they had a drink together.  I remember because I felt out of place being the only child in the room.  I was around 6 or 7 years old.  I also remember grandma telling me not to mention it to my mom.  I thought that was strange at the time.  He was a very nice, loving man that had hired grandma to clean his house every week.  I often went with her.   Now he did attend grandma's funeral and grandad was there.  I was 17 at that time and I didn't notice any friction between the two men but I do remember it seemed Jack was more upset than my grandad.  Yes, they[Topp & Will] had been separated before I can remember but not since I was born and Jack came into the picture when I was around 6 or 7 (as far as I knew)

Dad managed to save enough money to buy a small piece of property up at Wasaga Beach and when I was around 6 , ~1947, & he built a little, tiny cottage (I thought it was big back then).  We went up every Friday night in the hot weather and sometimes grandma and grandad would come too.  It was great to get away from the city and we looked forward to going to the cottage and I tell you Mom, Dad, grandma and grandad were a lot of fun....always fooling around.   Next to our cottage was 3 other cottages built by dad's friends - one of which was our neighbour when Rog and I were babies.  I remember the block our apartments were in was infested with cockroaches...(I absolutely hate them).  Dad sold our cottage (which was a very sad time) in order to get enough money to buy a piece of property in Thornhill and began to build our home.  Mom and Dad built it all with their own hands and worked day and night on the weekends.  We moved in just before my 12th birthday,1953.  Again, we had a wonderful teenage upbringing.  We were poor but very happy.  Sister Cynthia was born 1957.

3gens .billroger.billroger2.

Topp, Billy & Roger, Dorothy's back porch. . . . . . Billy & Roger . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billy & Roger all photos ~1941

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Roger & banjo . . . . . .Topp with grandchildren Roger & Nancy . . . Dorothy with son Roger

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dorothy, Billy, Nancy & Roger . . . Topp & Jack Cutler

I met Bob when I was 15 and he also lived in Thornhill. Uncle Bill (William) married Doreen around 1953 I think.  They had a boy Carl and a girl Marilyn.  I will find out the dates  later for you. Approx. 1957 Florence & Bill moved from Toronto to Orillia - they rented a house from Uncle Bill and Aunt Doreen . My grandma (Florence Helena Turner) died from bowel cancer on June 21, 1959.. Her daughter, Dorothy Turner/Kingdon  wrote a letter to her Aunt Pett in October 1959, not knowing that Ernie was ill. Then , very suddenly ,on January 4, 1960 my Dad, [Ernest Kingdon] died of bowel cancer; the doctor called it 'galloping cancer'.  A very hard time for my mom losing her mom and Dad so closely.  I was 17 at the tiime and never got over my Dad's death.  He was a wonderful man.  Mom and I were not getting along as well at that time.  Bob and I were married in 1961 - I was 19 at the time.  We've had a wonderful marriage - not much money but happy nevertheless.  Bob worked at Eatons department store and I worked in an office of an Insurance Company.  It wasn't long after Dad's death that mom went into a deep depression and drank to heal her wounds.  She met Bill (my step-father) at the beer store.  They married on March 4, 1961.  I moved out 3 months later when I got married and had 3 step-sisters one of whom my 'aunt'[ not a biological one] adopted.  Bob and I lived with his mother (his dad had died 3 years earlier) for a year then moved to an apartment.  When Bill married mom he sold his home in Richmond Hill to us.  Our son, David , was born in 1966 and our daughter, Tracey , was born 1968.  They are both happily married and we have 5 beautiful, healthy grandchildren - Mackenzie is 11 and Aidan is 8 (our son's children) and Alexandro is 16, Sarah is 13 and Lucas is 10 (our daughter's children).


Dorothy & Ernest Kingdon with their 3 children, ~1959

1960 Ernest Kingdon died 4/1/1960, from bowel cancer, aged 45 . His daughter Cynthia only aged 2.. . In 1961 his widow Dorothy remarried Bill Hunt who had 3 daughters, Bonnie, Lesley & ?, this last probably adopted by a friend when young..

His son, Roger, married and had children Michelle & Scott.

His daughter Cynthia is also married with children..

1997. Dorothy Turner/Kingdon died 17/1/1997, aged 79. She and her first husband are buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery . Her son, Roger Kingdon, died the same year.

dortur-death .death


William- Billy - Turner married Doreen ~1953. They had 2 children, Carl & Marilyn. He married a second time, wife Llewelyn. He died in 2005 at Orillia.

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