Earlier Morrells & Poulters & Withams


Addition to above: Francis Morrill m. Susannah Scotcher in Barnston 1780. She born Barnston 1758 to Thomas & Susan Scotcher

1800. John Morrell married Susan Poulter in G.D.[ D/P 11/1/6 marriages 1784-1812] 23/5/1800, 'John Morrel., of this parish, batchelor, married Susannah Poulter, of same parish, spinster, by banns. Neither could sign, Witneses were John & Elizabeth Gunn' .


They seemingly had just one child, Susan Morrell 1806 in High Roothing. Yet 1821G.D. Census would imply 2/3 more, but could be relations and one a servant ??

1773. A Susanna Poulter was baptised, 18/4/1773, to Robert & Sarah Poulter in Barnston [just south of G.D.] - D/P153/1/1 . Also siblings Ann 1775, Hannah 1777, Frances 1779, Humphrey 1782, Sarah 1785, Josiah & James 1787 .

susan poulter 1773 birth

1772. Robert Poulter married Sarah Witham 29/5/1772 in Barnston - image 7


1739 Sarah Witham baptised to Daniel & Sarah Witham 30/12/1739 Barnston - image 16.


1738 Daniel Witham married Sarah Haseler 28/11/1738 in Barnston- image 25. More Barnston baptisms to this couple 1742-1755. No Daniel Witham baptism found in Barnston 1675-1720. No Sarah Haseler baptism found in Barnston 1708 -1722.. A Will. Haseler baptised G.D. 1761 to John & Sarah- a generation too late!!. Have not checked surrounding parishes, like G.D.,


1732 . Robert Poulter was baptised to Josias Poulter & Mary in 1732 in Barnston

Robert Poulter 1732

More baptisms to this couple there in 1705-1726, D/P153/1/1 .This a large year range- 1705-1732! But no Josias Poulter marriage in Barnston, although at least 3 female Poulters married here 1720/30.

1782. A John Morrell is baptised in High Roding 31/3/1782 to Francis & Susan Morrell.


This seems a trifle late for an 1800 marriage , but he could have been born for a year or so when baptised. No other baptisms found in H.R .But several Barnston baptisms to Francis & Susan Morrell 1789-1799 : Susannah, Elizabeth, James, Charles & Sarah.

No marriage of a Francis Morell 1760-81 in High Roding, nor in GD,.nor Canfield, nor High Easter. But

Francis Morrill married Susannah Scotcher in Barnston 22/10/1780. Both of Barnston parish & neither could write. .Witnesses were Susannah Gibson X & John Poulter, who could write : could he be John 1713, so aged 67??


1758 Susannah Scotcher was baptised to Thomas & Susan Scotcher in Barnston on 9/8/1758

Not found a baptism for Francis Morrill in Barnston nor G.D., but 3 baptisms of other Morrils in G.D. to Francis & Frances Morrill 1755-1758 - images 4-6.. Unfortunately, G.D marriages are waterstained & seem to peter out 1752-3. But a Francis Morrell, aged 75, died Barnston in 1820, thus born~1745- image 4.. He was not baptised in High Roding 1744-1755, images 69-72 . Nor in G.D. Nor in Barnston 1742-1760

. And a Frances Morrell, aged 70, of High Roding, widow of Francis , thus born ~ 1718, was buried G.D. 1788 - FMP .Also Seax -image 4 & 71 of another fiche? . So, her husband Francis , must die pre 1788,- looked in High Roding for their marriage 1738 onwards and ..for his death post 1758. Failed to find it on G.D images 55-71, 1758-1788.

Where could a Francis Morrell have married a Frances?? Not on IGI


Are there any Morells in the G.D. fiches? : I have searched Seax online fiches, marriages till ~1783 & also baptisms 1690-1805 & marriages 1761-1783 and seemingly no Morrells. Searched High Roding baptisms 1800-1812 D/P 226/1/2 - only the one child Susan Morrell 1806 found. One would have expected earlier births to be in GD where John Morrell married Susan Poulter.

In 18116 some Morrells were at Philpott End with very little rates to pay. In 1821 G.D. Rates Books, a John Morrell of proverbs Green pays £1. 2.6d. And in the 1821 G.D. Census John Morrell, 51-60, with a wife 31-40, & likely daughters 5-10, 16-20 and 2 11-15., this likely him, although he actually only ~39 whereas his wife is ~ 47. Their daughter Susannah would have been ~16, but I have not found any other children to him!!??

1824. Susannah Morrell marries William Saville , widower, in G.D., having had her first son by him before the marriage.

onslow green map


[1775. There was also a Susan Poulter baptised to William & Mary Poulter in G.D[ERO]. This was the only baptism I found for a Susan Polter ,1755-1780, actually in G.D., Also 1767 James baptised & 1776 William baptised, parents William & Mary Poulter. But, owing to names of children - daughters of her daughter, Susan Morrell/Saville ,1805-1880, are Sarah and Frances - I am fairly sure that the 1773 Barnston birth is our Susan Poulter. Also Barnston is near Onslow Green where the Savilles lived. ]

Susannah Morrell 1805