Greensborough History

Greensborough was where my great grandfather, George Turner, settled sometime between 1911 and 1914 and where he farmed until his death in 1951

greensborough1 greensboro2 greensboro3
Fruit Store-Grimshaw St.Opposite Church St. ~1909 Greensboro's first bank, rings for horses,~1913 Main St. Main St.- Quirks tea rooms, nr Plenty bridge. ~1920
greensboro4 greensb-mainstreet greensboro5
Plenty River Bridge-Main St.Sam Quirk's tailor shop on right. St.Chapman's Marble Hall, est.1854, top left Main Street with the Methodidst Church Farmers Arms Hotel-Main St. Built by James Iredale~1862. Site of today's Greensborough Hotel
greensborough-hotel methodist-church
Eltham Road, Briar Hill, house built ~ 1913 Greensborough Hotel built early 1860s, later became tearooms, then burnt down in 1932. Not today's Greensborough Hotel Methodist Church
  greenb-1900s greensb-1956
  Greensborough township, early 1900s. Methodist Church, behind 2 storey Marble Hall, & Farmers Arms to the right visible

. Main Street 1956, Greensborough hotel on left.

Today's Greensborough Hotel was the Farmers Arms Hotel in its early years: this confirmed by a Greensborough resident in 2012.

History of the Greensborough Hotel - George's son, Harold Turner, born 1890, married Frances Virginia Smith, known as Gina, in 1938 and her 'parents' certainly owned the hotel 1927-1937 and then she was the co-licensee from 1951 onwards, along with her son John Ivor Smith. What I am not sure of is whether the ownership stayed with Gina 1937-1951 and oher people merely had the license, or whether it was sold after her mother's death in 1937 and then bought back in 1951.

Background of Frances Virginia Stewart/Smith/Turner: she was born 14/08/1898 in Wallan [30 miles N of Melbourne], Victoria, registered as Francis Virginia Stewart to parents Jno Stewart & Mary Molony. Her mother, Mary, was born in Bourke Street Melbourne & remarried A. John Holohan - before 1924 & I suspect much earlier as he seems to have adopted 'Gina'. Mary Maloney was a daughter of Bryan Maloney, of the penal department, and had a brother Patrick Joseph Maloney, who died in 1928, Kalgoorlie. Frances herself must have married 1915-1919, a Norman Smith, then she was widowed on 24/7/1924 [1938 m.c. mistakenly states 23/7/1922!] when Norman Smith, a garage owner in Tallangatta [& the son - this should read son-in-law - of the licensee of the Victoria Hotel Tallangatta] who also used to deliver parcels for the post office and also pick up people and take them to their farms or places of abode, died when the bridge he was driving across at Wagra creek, Upper Murray, gave way and he was pinned under the car and as consequence drowned in 2" of water. He was interred at Tallangatta - newspaper articles appear on [not a link].

Most of the following facts up to 1951 are from articles in the Advertiser - Trove:

1919. John Holohan obtained the license for the Vine Hotel, Wonguratta. Suspect Gina was a part of his family long before this.

1924. John and Mary Holohan were at the Victoria Hotel Tallangatta, he hotel keeper -electoral roll . Tallangatta several hundred miles N E of Greensborough!!

1924. Denis Joseph, Michael & Mary Monaghan are listed in 1924 Electoral Roll as hotel proprietors, Greensborough . Also an Alice Monaghan there, home duties. In 1919, this family are dairymen at South Yarra

1925 A new hotel in Eltham: "its erection should rival the fine building recently established at Greensborough" See photo of plaque on wall later on

1926. John Holohan transferred the licence of the Victoria Hotel to Joseph Loftus. A sale took place for £8500.

1926. Denis Monaghan still at Greensborough Hotel in December- was fined £1.

I have not found the purchase, nor a license transfer, cerca 1927, of the Greensborough Hotel by John Holohan. Michael Monaghan took over the Recreation Hotel Melbourne,30/7/1927. Denis Monaghan had died by July 1927

1929 Mr A J Holohan was licensee

1931 John Holohan, hotelkeeper, Greensborough Hotel. Mary Elizabeth Holohan, home duties, Greensborough Hotel - Electoral roll.

1932.Gradually, by fire, decay, alterations or re-building, the old Greensborough landmarks are disappearing. On Sunday morning last, at about 5 o'clock, the old delicensed premises formerly known as the Hotel Greensborough, and since occupied and used as a store, refreshment rooms, etc., by two maiden ladies, Misses Milne, was destroyed by fire. On Sunday morning the local fire brigade was quickly on the scene and promptly had a stream of water from a full pressure playing on the burn ing building, which, however, being chiefly composed of dry seasoned timber, was doomed from the start. The timely arrival of contingents from Ivanhoe and Heidelberg enabled attention to be given to saving properties in the vicinity. The prompt and efficient work done prior to the arrival of the other brigades was the subject of outspoken approval of the visiting officials. As an object lesson concerning the ad vantage of having such adequate help at call and on the spot, should surely receive recognition by our local tradesmen and: all concerned by ren dering timely financial assistance to our local fire-fighters. The building just burned down was erected about 36 years ago - thus ~1896, on the site of an old hostelry built 60 odd years ago, thus ~ 1872, which was also destroyed by fire. The original building, in the late sixties and into the nineties, was the centre of a great deal of trade and industrial activity: The proprietor, Mr: F. Ellis,-a name at that time and place synonymous with business enterprise-was also in the forefront and identified with local sport and social affairs. The establishment was typical of the early days and comprised a public house (a general store in the widest sense), a butcher's shop (a sheep or bullock killed while you wait), a baker's shop (the old bakehouse is still there) and a hay and corn store, and as the time was prior to any early closing regu lations, commodities, including beer, could be purchased 20 hours out of the 24 on any day in the week. Included in his varied enterprises, Mr. Ellis contracted for firewood, hay and garden produce to several Government institutions, including Pentridge. The daily scene has been described by old identities as spectacular and illustrative of the palmy days of Greensborough. A coach and four coming through the toll gates, and then racing down "Jolley's" Hill at a gallop, and then pulled up amid a confusion of loads of. wood, farmers' spring carts, saddle horses and an odd bullock team. The free interchange of news during refreshments and the never-ceasing bustle of loading and unloading, is still a green spot in the memory of those of the old brigade who are still able to answer the roll call. This delicensed hotel, is not the same hotel as the Greensborough Hotel mentioned above in 1926 and which was subsequently linked to Harold Turner through his marriage

1932. Rebuilding after the "old historic Greensborough Hotel recently destroyed by fire": this is not the Greensborough Hotel there today, that was formerly called the Farmer's Arms.

1933 Fahle seemingly already there as licensee, but think not, maybe just working there

1934. A Jack Smith, son of Mr & Mrs Smith of the Greensborough Hotel had scarlet fever?? Thought this surely could not be Gina Smith as her husband dead by 1924, but must be and maybe Gina was living with someone and he was assumed to be Mr Smith

1936. 20/11/1936. John Holohan of the Greensborough Hotel is confined to his bed

1937. John Holohan, aged 73, dies 20/5/1937. In his residence in Alexandra Street, late of the Greensborough Hotel, husband of Mary, father of Jena- Mrs Norman Smith -, grandpa of Connie & Jackie. Pall bearers included A J Fahle and A Turner- almost certainly Harold, a misprint. An impressive funeral - 12 cars. Probate announced in the Argus for 8/6/1937. So A J Holohan born cerca 1864.

My supposition is that Gina's father, John Stewart, died when she was very young, her mother, Mary, remarried John Holohan and thus they regarded one another as father and daughter.

1937. Mrs Mary Holohan, aged 74, dies 3/12/1937. H. Turner was a pall bearer. She had lived 11 years in Greensborough, during which time her husband owned the Greensborough Hotel until just before his death in May 1937. She leaves a daughter, Mrs F V Smith and 2 grandchildren , Connie & Jack Smith. So, she and her husband owned the hotel ~ 1926-1937. Thus Gina's mother had been widowed or had divorced. Can we find her 2nd marriage or a death of her father John Stewart - before 1924, by which time she is Mrs John Holohan??

1937. Mr Holohan leases the hotel to Mr Albert John Fahle & wife - transfer of the License in February. .

1939 Mr & Mrs A. J. Fahle sold the hotel to Mr Win. Powell & Mrs L. M.Powell.. Maybe just the lease was sold on?

1941. Mrs Stella Stewart was the wife of the licensee, Mr A J Stewart, of the Greensborough 10/4/1941. Are these Stewarts related to Gina?? 2 articles

1942. The Stewarts leave the district and hotel is taken over by Mr & Mrs L A Clark. Article in the Advertiser -

1951. D Dimsey lived & died there.

Thus Gina herself was the joint licensee of the Greensborough Hotel only from 1951 when the license was transferred from F.H.Wregg to J.I.Smith - her son- and F V Turner, trading as Smith & Turner: Trove. Both Harold and she were working there 1956-9, from Carol's memory. Carol remembers Harold's widow, Gina with her daughter Connie : they not only attended the 1970 wedding of Carol to Russell Keam, but also made the Wedding Cake.



Greensborough Hotel- corner of Grimshaw Street & Church Street: built early 1860s, later became tearooms, then burnt down in 1932- info. from G.H.Society. This is not the same as the hotel shown below, which had started life as The Farmer's Arms- a photo of the Farmer's Arms is at the start of this page.


Photos of the Greensborough Hotel , taken ~2009. Denis Joseph, Michael & Mary Monaghan are listed in 1924 Electoral Roll as hotel proprietors, Greensborough. And their hotel was definitely known as The Greensborough Hotel by 1926: see 1926 press cutting above

Frances Virginia Smith shows in the following rolls:

1931 - Greensborough Hotel, Greensborough - Home Duties
1936/7 - Greensborough Hotel, Greensborough - Home Duties. No other Smiths shown there. But her mother, Mary Holohan, was the licensee

But Gina did not become the licensee[ jointly with her son] until 1951. She does not show on the electoral rolls for Victoria prior to 1931. Her first husband Norman Smith died in 1924 and she would have married him ~1916-1921.

There were 2 children by her first marriage: Constance Rose Smith, a hairdresser & John Ivor Smith. Her family[ mother & step father] had owned/ leased the Greensborough Hotel 1926-1937 and then again from 1951[ she & her son Jack] .- maybe they owned it throughout and let out the license? . Gina seems to have participated in the running of it for a long while, 1931 until retirement or her1986 death.

1943. Harold Turner, baker, and wife, Frances Virginia, home duties, were at Were St., Montmorency in Electoral Roll.

1949. Harold Turner, baker, and wife, Frances Virginia, home duties, were at Were St., Montmorency in Electoral Roll.

1954 & 1963. Harold Turner, nil occupation, and wife, Frances Virginia, home duties, were at 18 Alexandra St. Greensborough in Electoral Roll.[ this just to south of Main St]. Was he, then aged 64, suffering from Thrombosis by this time and unable to work? This at odds with Carol's memories that they were still at the Greenborough Hotel, but obviously they still worked there quite often. Frances Virginia Turner at the same address, Alexandra Street, in 1968, yet on Harold's 1967 d.c she states Main Street!. Then, Frances Virginie Turner, at 5 Ridge Road Greensborough in 1972, 1977 & 1980. Her son, John Ivor Smith, is listed as Hotelkeeper, Greensborough Hotel. in 1954,1963, 1968, 1972, 1977 & 1980 - address 75 Main Street rather than hotel name -1980 is the last entry as Electoral Rolls stop then..


In 2008, in the Mount Elizabeth Campsite, Gibb River Road Australia, I spoke with someone who grew up in Arthur Street Greensborough and remembered the Smiths [ this would be Gina's son John Ivor Smith] of the Greensborough Hotel. He was somewhat in awe of them, the Smiths!

Harold & Frances Virginia Turner 1955.

Harold Turner, aged 72, with his niece, Dorothy Law


1967. Harold Turner dies 7/01/1967 in Richmond. Aged 76. His usual address was Main Street Greensborough. But he had been in Alexandra Street in 1963. The address of the Greensborough Hotel is 75 Main Street. He was buried 10/1/1967 back in Preston . Causes of death include haematomesis - minutes, mesenteric thrombosis - 3 days, arteriosclerosis - years, & diabetes mellitus- months


1986. His wife, Gina Turner, aged ~88, dies 11/07/1986 -we know this from her headstone. Felt we must be able to buy her d.c., as have Harold's in 1967, but state records end in 1985! - ! . If ever available would give names & ages of her children and maybe her first marriage. She was not buried with Harold in Preston Cemetery - their records available, nor in Greensborough Cemetery as this was closed in 1978. She is buried in the Lower Templestowe Cemetery and in the same grave as her daughter Constance Burkett.  Row N, Grave 39.  Constance Burkett was buried in October, 1982 at the age of 63 and Francis in 1986.  Constance' death place is registered as Fitzroy, Victoria  Registration # 26108 which shows both father's and mother's name . No mention made on Gina Turner's plaque of her second husband, Harold! Did her children not like him?

2013. I visited the Greensborough Hotel whilst staying with Carol & Russell. The inside was full of Pokies!; took photos but my camera was stolen at Barcelona Airport!! They had no old photos of it as far as they knew.

Harold Turner 1890

George Turner 1865

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