Children of William Wilkinson.


Correction: Rebecca unknown is Rebecca Chatters who remarries John Cowlen/Cowland in 1846.

1. Elizabeth Wilkinson. Baptised Lindsell 30/9/1804[ image available on D/P 110/1/1 Seax online-page 59].

2. Mary Wilkinson, baptised Lindsell 7/6/1807,[ image available on D/P 110/1/1 Seax online- page 69] married William Clark .

3. John Wilkinson ,baptised Lindsell 24/12/1809,[ image available on D/P 110/1/1 Seax online- page 70]

4. Esther Wilkinson, baptised Lindsell 17/8/1811,[ image available on D/P 110/1/1 Seax online- page 70]

5. Samuel Wilkinson,1819-1888. Gggrandfather of Arthur Jacob. Possibly in 1841C , 20-24, working as an ag.lab. in Beauchamp Roding, some 10 miles from Stebbing. He is living in Mountnessing, 1851C, having married Mary Gray in Greenstead district Jun 1846, aged 31, ag.lab., with wife Mary, 34, John,4, & Rebecca 2 mths.Wife, Mary, dies in 1853 Chelmsford. In 1861C , he is in Ingatestone, aged 38 , milkman, widower, with John, 13, stockboy,.b.Mountnessing. Meanwhile, his daughter Rebecca,10, is living with the rector of Fryerning and is described as an orphan!. Later,1863, he, Samuel, remarries Clara Pullen and has another daughter, Frances,1864. In 1871C, he, Clara, Rebecca 22 & Frances 7 are living in Mountnessing. In 1881C, aged 63, milkman, living in Shenfield, widower, with daughter Frances 16. By 1886 he is Licensee of the Walnut Tree, Mountnessing. Arthur Jacob, Genes, St. Austell is descended from his eldest son,John Wilkinson, 1847: see tree at top of page . He was in the military, stationed at Plymouth, which is where his son Arthur Wilkinson,1893, was born.

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John Wilkinson,1847, stationed in Plymouth. John Wilkinson, Maria and Arthur John,~1896 . Arthur & Pearl Wilkinson, married 1917, with grandsons Arthur 1941 & Colin 1946


margeret. mildred-etc. wilkinson-mar

Margaret & Mildred Wilkinson . Mildred & Arthur Jacob,sons Arthur 1941 & Colin 1946 . Wedding 1863 Samuel Wilkinson to Clara Pullen ,a Catholic marriage.


Wedding: Dec1917 of Arthur John Wilkinson and Pearl Bunt. John Wilkinson,1847 and his wife,Maria, are seated. St.Austell 5c.1917

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Sam and Nance McKay (the lady on the left is unknown). Sam was the son of Rebecca 1850 nee Wilkinson. I remember Uncle Sam and Aunty Nance (as we called them) staying with my grandparents[from Arthur Jacob]. . .Constance Clara King: daughter of Frances 1863 nee Wilkinson .Walnut Tree Pub list.: work needed to find who these owners were: Alex Mckay[army pensioner by 1891] married Rebecca Wilkinson, Samuel Wilkinson's daughter, and would have taken it over after Samuel's death in 1888. But who was Charles Wilkinson who is listed 1867-1882.[ in 1871C, a wheelwright, born Writtle, aged 44, wife Mary, son George 18, thus born ~1853. Father was George,b.1797, living in Writtle with son Charles in 1841C. Maybe George was a much younger brother of William 1780: No, have listed his siblings on Earlier Wilkinsons - next visit to ERO might shed light on this or George descendant Mike Merrick might find out . Neither George nor Charles occur as names in 'our' family!! Charles seems to have had younger brothers George & James ]. Arthur has a photo of Mountnessing with the Walnut Tree in it (from a book in the records office in Chelmsford); it has long been demolished..

Joseph Wilkinson,1821-1874, is probably in Berners Roothing ,29, a farm servant , in 1851C.. In S.Weald in 1861C, aged 37, ag.lab.,b.Lindsell with a wife Elizabeth Ann, 31,b.Stebbing.. He would have married Elizabeth Ann Butler in 1860, Billericay. Two children, Alice 1867 and Ellen 1869. Dies, Joseph William Wilkinson, aged 53, Sep 1874 Billericay

John Wilkinson , 1825-1895, might marry Dec 1849. Probably to a MaryAnn Whips.There was a Mary Whips b.1825 Essex, in Bardfield Saling in 1841C.. No entry in 1851C[ no censuses survive for Stebbing,Dunmow] .Obtained a 1859 death cert for a Rebecca Wilkinson: it is that of a 3yr.old, father John, mother prob. dead, living in Roxwell. Trying to decide if she were a daughter of John 1825. He was probably living in Roxwell, 5km ENE of Chelmsford in 1859 and the 3yr.old Rebecca who died there was his. In 1861C, at Duck End Stebbing, John Wilkinson, 34, labourer, MaryAnn 31, b.Lindsell[ an error?], Rachael 10 and Julia[Susan?] 1 both b. Stebbing . In 1871C, under Wilkenson, John 45, MaryAnn 42, Rachel 20 & Susan 11, living in Bran End, all b. Stebbing, except MaryAnn ,b.Little Saling.. In 1881C, John 56, labourer, MaryAnn , 52, b.Bardfield Saling, Rachel, 30, living in Bran End, Stebbing, right next door to William, Susan & George Turner! A widow, John Wilkenson, aged 65, living alone, Bran End[ near Green Man] in 1891C. Dies 1895 Mar aged 69 Dunmow 4a 462

I find it surprising how few Lindsell born Wilkinsons were living in Essex in 1851 & 1861.

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