Alfred Parchment 1862 - 1934




Alfred Samuel Parchment 1862 Oct St. Luke probably the 10th child of Samuel & Charlotte, nee Fry, Parchment.

Alfred Parchment married, aged 25, Amelia Matilda Drake,aged 23 b.Dalston, London, 17/10/1887, county of York, Toronto, Canada. His parents Samuel & Charlotte Parchment, hers Henry Francis & Maria? Drake.

They had 7 children :

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Their marriage 1887 in Toronto. . . . 1891 Canadian census entry . . . . . . . .Birth Certificate,30/9/1891, of Theodora[that of Oswald not found]

. . . . . . . So Alfred must have emigrated ,1878 -1887, [ cannot find him in 1881C England and there is an Arthur Parchment 19 teamster in 1881C Canada Toronto who could be he - he, Alford Parchment, is a teamster in 1891C Canada Toronto - no passport application but a passport was probably not required then - lived there for at least 8 years and either got homesick or things were even tougher in Canada. He brought his family back from Portland Nova Scotia to Liverpool aboard the Mongolian, arriving there 9/3/1896, Alfred, labourer, then aged 35..


1901C. Alfred Parchment, 38, Tea Merchant Carman , living at 142 Blackwall Bldgs, Whitechapel - where they were also living October 1900.


1905 Probably living with his parents still, in Mile End, when his son Ernest Parchment was baptised .

1908. His mother, Charlotte Parchment, died, but neither he nor his older brother Arthur Parchment seemed to realise she had left a considerable sum of money.

1910 a carman ,- from m.c of his son Oswald.

1911C, Alfred Parchment, 48 coffee house keeper, Amelia 46, Theodora M 19 working at home, Eleanor 11., living at 30 Pedley Street B.G., 4 rooms plus shop. They had been married 22 yrs & had 7 children, 3 of whom had died.


Interestingly, an Alfred Parchment, aged 50 and thus born 1862, was on a ship, the Norcross, to Melbourne in 1912. He was given as Farm Labourer, but I still felt this must have been he, seeking out yet another new life, that failed to materialise, so he came home again. But, maybe a transcription error as Parchment is very unclear to me!

1913 a watchman, 362 Corfield St.- from m.c of his daughter Theodora.

1918 a nightwatchman , 107 Alfred Cottages ,Whitechapel - from m.c of his daughter Ruth to Guy Cothran

1932. . In 1932, an item appeared in a newspaper seeking claimants for the effects of Charlotte Parchment , and, Alfred Parchment, recognising his mother's details, claimed and received the money. It seems odd to me that Arthur Parchment, seemingy present at her death, was not recognised as a suitable heir between 26/5/1908 and his own death on 24/1/1910. The money she apparently left [probate record],probably came from what her husband, Samuel Parchment, was left by his uncle James Parchment, the turnkey who died in 1873. Alfred Parchment probably had to share it with other legatees [but all his siblings were by now dead] or pay large legal fees!, since he apparently left very little when he died 2 years later.

Charlotte Parchment had left effects of £750, but her 6th & only surviving son by 1932, Alfred Samuel Parchment had not realised this and only got Administration on 24/11/1932. Apparently, her effects were retained by Hillary's[ thought by G.L still to be in existence today] , pending the discovery of a suitable heir


1934 . Alfred S.Parchment, aged 72, died Jun 1934 Stepney: Amelia M. Parchment died Weston Super Mare 1943


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