Samuel Parchment 1824-1885


Samuel Parchment 1823/4 - 1885. Baptised in Bocking 29/2/1824 to Samuel, labourer, & Elizabeth Parchment, Bocking. from D/P 268/1/8.

Silkweaver in 1841C, living with parents in Black Notley.

1842. Married Charlotte Fry, [ incorrect entry on BMD- given as Charlotte Tery!] both given as Minors, 29/9/1842 at Black Notley. He was a Weaver. Fathers were Samuel Parchment & Nimrod Fry, both weavers, witnesses were William Ellingford & Caroline Parchment, his sister, who could write.


GL has seen the original entry in the church register at the ERO, with his grandfather's signature. There is indeed a Charlotte Fry 15 [1841C rounding?] ,silk weaver, born Essex, living in Braintree in the 1841C.

They had, in Braintree, for more detail Children of Samuel Parchment 1823

1851C. Samuel Parchment, 27, Hand & Loom Weaver Silk. living in Manor Road, Braintree, with wife, 2 children & brother William

~1856. Moved to Bethnal Green late 1855 to late 1856.

1861C.Samuel Parchment, 37, Silk Weaver, living at 28 South Conduit Street. Of his children, James,15, & Caroline, 12, were also Silkweavers as was his wife.

1862. A Resettlement Notice found for Samuel Parchment & his family. Presumably Bethnal Green has to take responsibility for them . Living 28 South Conduit Street, had been 3 years in Osmail?? Street and 1 year in East Street



1871C. Living at 55 Viaduct Street [this was a renaming of 28 South Conduit Street - from G.L ] and South Conduit Street was south of St.Judes and west of St.Johns.

. .Still there in 1876 when his son Henry Frederick married: he, Samuel, is described as a Silk Manufacturer on the m.c. And also still there when son Arthur marries . .in 1881, he given as Silk Manufacturer.

1881C. Living at 55 Viaduct St., aged 57, with wife Charlotte 55 & Arthur 29, unmarried, all silk weavers, & grandson Vincent Goodwin, son of their daughter Caroline, who married Henry Goodwin in 1866.

1885. Samuel Parchment dies 13/5/1885 aged 61 at 55 Viaduct Street, of Heart Disease Bronchs Pneumonia , informant being his widow Charlotte, still unable to write, present at the death .[VPC records seemingly only exist up to 1876]. Looked for Burial, but London coverage still sparse in Oct2009.


No probate record but he obviously left a considerable amount of his uncle's money - from 1873 will of James Parchment - to his wife Charlotte.

Of his 10 known children, 4 died in infancy, more than the statistical average for B.G., which was ~25 per 1000.. His widow,Charlotte,65, was living 55 Viaduct Street, B.G. in 1891C

but her place of birth here suddenly says Taunton!!,

& , aged 75, retired silk weaver, at 55 Viaduct Street in 1901C, with son [ census says law!] Arthur1852, aged 49, widower,and daughter Caroline Goodwin, married, aged 52, is visiting and living on her own means.

1908. Charlotte Parchment dies 26/5/1908 aged 82 , Viaduct Street . No burial found- as of Oct 2009. She died of ''Syncope Internal bleeding, Rupture of Aneurism of Aorta'. An inquest was held, 1/6/1908, as her death was so sudden: she was sitting in a chair whlst her then eldest son - seemingly, by then, Arthur Parchment 1851, [ James Parchment 1846 having emigrated & died in Canada in 1870]read to her when she suddenly became distressed and died within a minute - G.L.. DP6.


. She apparently left some money [probate record], this probably from what Samuel was left by his uncle James Parchment, the turnkey who died in 1873. This money remained dormant until 1932 when her son Alfred - grandfather of GL- learnt of its existence and claimed it: he probably had to share it with other legatees since he left very little when he died 2 years later.

She left effects of £750, but her 6th son, Alfred Samuel Parchment did not seem to realise this and only got Administration on 24/11/1932. Apparently, her effects were retained by Hillary's[ thought by G.L still to be in existence today] , pending the discovery of a suitable heir. In 1932, an item appeared in a newspaper seeking claimants and, Alfred Parchment, recognising his mother's details, claimed and received the money. It seems odd to me that Arthur Parchment, seemingy present at her death, was not recognised as a suitable heir between 26/5/1908 and his own death on 24/1/1910.

No burial place known or found for Charlotte Parchment.


The administration – this shows that there was no will - of Charlotte's money 24 years after her death probably means that Hillary's had delayed probate until after the January 1910 death of the then 'eldest' son, Arthur Parchment and that they were unaware of her other children. In fact, another son, Henry Frederick Parchment 1856, did not die until 1928. All sounds odd!.

Children of Samuel & Charlotte Parchment.


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