George Parchment . First child of William & Charlotte, nee Bennett, Parchment. He is born 17/12/1852 in Braintree. He is baptised 25/3/1853, to William & Charlotte, he silk weaver, D/P 264/1/24 image 76. This is a quick birth! -6.5 mths after the marriage.

1856-7. His parents move from Braintree to continue their weaving in Bethnal Green. They first live in South Conduit St [renamed Viaduct Street by 1868], alongside his uncle, Samuel Parchment 1823.

1861C George Parchment , aged 8, living Pleasant Place, Bethnal Green, with his parents and 2 younger siblings Another sister, Louisa was born 1855 but died in 1857 in Bethnal Green..



1871C. George Parchment , aged 18, broad silk weaver, still living with his parents at 7, East Street, Bethnal Green..


1872. George Parchment married 30/03/1872, aged 19 Mary Stebbing, 18, in St.Judes, B.G. His father, William Parchment, a weaver, hers, Edward Stebbing ,a ship builder. Witnesses were Samuel Parchment, his uncle? & Ester Bennett [she a niece of his mother Charlotte].His address was 28 Moss Street. Mary Stebbing is in 1871C, aged 17, a seamstress, born Mile End Old Town, so born in 1854?, father Edward born Whitechapel is 54 in 1871C

1872. From London baptism records, on 22/12/1872 , Emma Elizabeth Parchment was baptised, - some doubt as to whether 1/2 children here: death in at All Saints, Mile End Road, born 17/11/1872, father George Parchment given as a weaver of 12, Elmer/Elanor Road, Old Ford, [Mile End, which was Mary Stebbing's home] mother Mary Ann.. This event also on IGI, saying All Saints, Stepney, but IGI has listed the one child as 2, giving baptisms fo an Emma and for an Elizabeth- baptism below does look as though it contains an &!


1873. . Emma Elizabeth Parchment of 38 Moss Street, aged 10 mth, is buried on 13/10/1873 in V.Park cemetery, death recorded Dec 1873 on BMD. Could her mother have died in childbirth? -although there is also a BMD death for a Mary Parchment Sep 1873 - this a 1yr old & not her mother, have checked the transcription too, this not a mistake as a Mary Parchment is born the previous year. I have proved that the Stebbing family did not emigrate en masse : found them on 1881C : Edward & Sarah Stebbings and children John 35 & Emma 24 are in Luke Street, BG, .Younger brother Frederick Stebbing is in 1891C, had married ~1880- not on London marriages. Also Emma marries Dec1881 -London marriages]. But there is a marriage of a Mary Parchment 27/8/1877 to George Henry Dale: but this a spinster, father William Parchment, labourer, so obviously not George's wife.

1881C George Parchment, 28, silk weaver, living 20 Moss Street, is 'married' to a Louisa, 25, b. Blackfriars[ this is very odd; no death of a Mary Parchment 1872-1881 ?? & no remarriage of a George 1872-1881, so thought Mary must have decided to call herself Louisa, although Mary was born Mile End!, and cannot find her birth in BMD!]. They also seem to have 3 sons, George William Parchment 27/9/1876, Thomas Jesse W.Parchment 24/7/1879 and Albert Parchment 'Dec' 1880. None of these births on BMD as Parchments, but, all 3 exist, B.G., with the surname Gillard!!!!! . So suspect that these were just sons of Louisa Gillard, and that she had only moved in with George after Albert's birth late 1880. Curious fact is that a Louisa Gillard ,17, had married in Feb 1874 - to Edward Henry Harrington: he could have died Whitechapel in Sep 1874. Cannot find her on any Ancestry Public tree. But Louisa Gillard not a unique name.

So, the 1876, 1879 and 1880 births could have been out of wedlock and just registered in her maiden name. One of the b.c would be interesting! - to see if a father is mentioned on it.

But, what happened to George's first wife, Mary Ann, before April 1881, census day?? [ no death with 'similar' name/surname in BMD 1872-1881??] . I can only surmise that she also has moved in with someone as a 'wife' by the 1881 - a Charles Hodges a possibility?? . The first two sons were baptised in St. Mary's Rotherhithe 11/5/1888, after their father's death as George William Parchment & Thomas Jesse Parchment: mother given as Louisa [ these 1888 baptisms from Ancestry - shown below]

1881. July-Sep Albert Parchment, born Dec 1880 as Albert Gillard, died Sep 1881, aged 0.

1881. August, George Parchment is still living at 20 Moss Street when his father dies and he is the informant.

1883. George Parchment died, aged 31, Dec 1883 Bethnal Green 1c 176.


May 1888 Baptisms of reputed sons of the dead George Parchment in St. Mary’s Rotherhithe

1885. But, even stranger!, meanwhile Louisa Parchment, widow, 30, father William Gillard, has re married John Haines on 29/9/1885 in Bow.

louisa Parchment-m 1895

and is pregnant with Eliza Haines, born 1/12/1888, when she baptises her first 2 sons in May 1888. Eliza Haines is also baptised in St. Mary’s Rotherhithe in 1889.

1891C This family , John 44, Louisa 35 , George W 14, Thomas11 & Eliza 2 , all with surname Haines, mistranscibed Kanis in FMP, living 9 Clarence Street, Rotherhithe.   I am still convinced  that Louisa Gillard had never actually married George Parchment 1852, but she still used the Parchment name to marry John Haines - to back up the lie I suppose..      I also think she gave birth to Louisa Haines on 28/4/1886 [St. Olave] baptised 28/5/1886 St Marys Rotherhithe to John & Louisa, he a labourer, of 10 Clarence Street - this Louisa Haines dying St. Olave Sep 1887 aged 1

1901C. Can find no clue to where Louisa Haines and her still unmarried 'son' Thomas Jesse Parchment were in this census.     

Neither of his 2 surviving 'sons' had male descendants who survived infancy.      

Thomas Parchment married for 5 yrs in 1911C with 4 yr old daughter.    He married Florence Elizabeth Fraser in St. Marys Rotherhithe 26/12/1905, his address 9 Clarence Street, labourer, father George William Parchment, silkweaver, one witness George William Parchment, presumably his 1876 brother.                     


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