Earlier Savills

The family might well have been in Little Dunmow in the early 1700s.


We seemingly have: James Saville c1680, to William Savil 1714, down to Benjamin Saville 1758, but, 2012, I am now doubtful of this due to 1758 Baptism for Benjamin Sable.


Correction. Anne Saville should read 1740-1788. Emma Savill 1834 married George Osborne in 1858, still alive in 1862.

On Seax: D/DCm Z19 _ Rough pedigree of SAVILL family, circa 1630-1763 ( just page 39) . .worth investigating

Some of this originally from IGI Data, but now all confirmed from Barnston, Great Dunmow & Little Dunmow registers - Seax

Several William Savill baptisms 1710-1720, presumably from IGI. . Only one of these is in immediate area: William Savil 6/6/1714 , parents James & Susannah, Lt.Dunmow.

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Susannah Saville maybe dies L.D. in 1750 . Only Savil marriage found 1696-1725 on Seax L.D. fiche was that of a James Savill to Jane Chignal in 1701! I found 2 other baptisms to these parents, James & Susanna: Benjamin 1710 & Joshua 1722 . No James /Susanna marriage found 1705-1710 in GD or Barnston either. . A Henry & Susannah Savill in L.D. also have 2 children: Henry 1707 & John 1716. A William Savill of Dunmow Magna married Mary Seabrook in Thaxted in 1691. Another William Savill of Dunmow Priory marries Martha Enyver of G.D. in G.D. in 1699 and a Martha is baptised to them there in 1701.

Searched for a James - Susannah marriage 1700 -1710 in surrounding parishes, Stebbing marriages only starting in 1712. Not in Felsted, G. Waltham, High Easter, Lindsell, G.Easton

1739. 9/10/1739. William Savil , of Dunmow Priory, married Anne Rost, of this parish, in Barnston [this only a mile from Lt. Dunmow].They had these children baptised in Lt.Dunmow: D/P 95/1/4


Anne 20/6/1740, William 3/01/1742, Mary 22/04/1744, James 27/04/1746, died 10/01/1767, Susannah 22/10/1748, died 8/11/1767, Elizabeth 21/04/1751, Sarah 2/06/1754 & Benjamin 19/11/1758. image 14, D/P 95/1/4, but actually both Sarah & Benjamin are baptised to William & Anne Sable; only realised this in 2012, so became worried that I might have the wrong person here - But one saving grace is that I failed to find a William & Anne Sable marriage in LD 1748-1858. The other saving grace is that the husband of Anne 1740, Thomas Abbott, was a witness at Benjamin's 1781 marriage - so reconvinced that Sarah & Benjamin do belong in this family. The other 5 baptisms are written as Savil/Savile/ Savill


I have searched D/P153/1/1 Barnston 1539-1774 Seax for a baptism of an Anne Rost 1710-1723: nothing found .[There are Rosts in Margaret Roding in 1749]

From Graham Starling,ESFH: "My 5xGGM was Anne Saville and she was baptised on 20 June 1740 at Little Dunmow, the daughter of William and Anne. She married Thomas Abbott on 14 January 1766 also at Little Dunmow. After that they seemed to have lived out their lives at Great Dunmow.
From your web site it seems my Anne Savil was the sister of your Benjamin Savil.
Anne Abbott: burial at Great Dunmow on 3 October 1808, aged 68, widow. But Graham has now- 2012 - discovered that AnneSavill/Abbott was actually buried 7/6/1782 in G.D. And that Thomas remarried an Ane Eve by license on 22/10/1782 at Great Dunmow: Thomas Abbott is described as ‘upwards of 40 years’, ‘a widower and miller’.  Anne Eve is described as a ‘spinster, aged 40 years’. The 1808 burial is that of his 2nd wife.".Thomas Abbott was a miller, a bit above the usual Ag Lab, and actually left a will of which I have a copy. I also noticed that a Thomas Abbott was one of the witnesses to the 1781 marriage of Benjamin Saville and Frances Rolfe.
After a few more generations, my branch of the Abbott family ended up in the East End of London around the mid 1800s which is where I was brought up. Abbott was my mother's maiden name.
Have you ever made contact with Viv Pitcher of the Essex FHS? She contacted me a few months ago and it turns out that she too is descended from Thomas and Anne (nee Saville) Abbott. I try to go to the Essex CRO on a Monday evening. Lately, I have been looking for the parents of Thomas Abbott, by coincidence, also Thomas and Anne. "

1781. 2/11/1781. Ben Saville, bachelor, married Frances Rolfe, both of G.D. parish, both put their mark on the alliance, and witnesses were Thomas Abbott [ the husband of Ben's sister, Anne,1740,] & John Gunn in G.D. Interesting that the marriage was by license - why?.. Now have the license and he is a labourer, age stated as 23, hers 24.


These are definitely our parents as 1782 William's last born, 1842, was baptised Thomas Rolfe Saville & there is a Mary Rolfe, 54, living in his household in 1841C. I have now found 2 other children baptised to them: Thomas Saville 1784 & James Saville 1786, and have found the Barnston burials in 1826 and 1828 of a Thomas and a Sarah Rolfe, who I suspected to be the parents of Frances Rolfe [due to1. the naming of their second son Thomas in 1784 & 2. the naming of ggrandson Thomas Rolfe Savill in 1842.] , but now feel her father was Thomas' brother Robert Rolfe . - see Earlier Rolfe page. . I have found the burial of Benjamin Saville in Barnston in 1833, which I take to be he. .Frances Saville died in 1797, buried in Barnston 30/1/1797 .

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Frances Saville [wife of Benjamin] Barnston 30/1/1797
George Saville  abode Barnston 18/6/1823 aged 60 - thus born ~ 1763
A*re* Saville abode Barnston 10/3/1824 aged 54 . b.c1770 . ..... any baptisms for these 2?
Mary Ann Saville abode Barnston  30/12/1830 aged 4 . b~1826, daughter of William & Susannah
Benjamin Saville abode Barnston 30/8/1833 . almost certainly Benjamin 1758
Jonathan Saville abode Barnston  25/9/1833 aged 12- he is the son of James Savill /Martha Lewsey:they had John Savill baptised1822
Thomas Saviile abode Great Dunmow 23/3/1839 aged 26 . .so born~1813 . . . . who is he?
William Saville abode Great Dunmow 27/9/1843 aged 62 ....so born c.1781. Is this my William? -YES
Charlotte Saville abode Barnston  13/4/1865 aged 43 . . . Charlotte Turnidge, first wife of John Savill 1824
John Saville abode Ounslow Green 12/7/1878 aged 24 . . .son of John & Charlotte, born 1854
John Savill abode Ounslow Green, Barnston 3/8/1889 aged 68 . .b~1821, he is John 1824, eldest son of William
Anna Francis Sevill abode Barnston 16/4/1904 aged 75 b~1829 think there were also Sevills in Barnston
Frances Anne Savill abode Barnston 19/11/1904 aged 7 months - who were her parents???
Eliza Savill abode Shoulder Hall 9/1/1905 aged 80 . . . . second wife, Eliza Hammond, of John 1824.

Other Barnston Savill entries:

William Savil of Dunmow Priory
married 9/10/1739
Anne Rost


The baptism for William 1782 son of Benjamin & Frances was in G.Dunmow. So family seem to have moved to Barnston c.1783.

Thomas Saville son of Benjamin & Frances 7/3/1784
James Saville son of Benjamin & Frances 26/2/1786

Elizabeth Savill daughter of James & Martha 16/2/1812 . . James 1786 brother of William?

John Searle
married 9/7/1774
Elizabeth Saville . . . . . .so she born~1750? probably older sister of Benjamin
wit:- William Young & John Poulter

James Bowles of Linsell
married 22/11/1810
Mary Saville . . . . . . . . . .so she born ~1790/
wit:- J. Wilkinson, Mary Saville & Joseph Purkiss

James Savill
married 23/4/1811
Martha Lewsey
wit:- Joseph Purkiss & Elizabeth Lewsey
John Poulter & Joseph Purkiss witnessed a lot of marriages, I would assume that they could have possibly been church clerks or maybe had some sort of standing in the community . Also only 129 people living in Barnson in 1801. So not many witnesses to choose from!!

G.D. Burials D/P 11/1/4.

1787 John Saville buried aged 1+. & 1788 Sarah Saville buried aged 85. . . thus born ~ 1703



William Savill 1782